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4-Fight With Akshaya and Meghnaad

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4-Fight With Akshaya and Meghnaad

Hanumaan Jee was now free to do whatever he wished/liked to do, so he started eating fruits and uprooting and digging out trees. Thus he destroyed all trees of Ashok Vaatikaa. Now there were some guards of that garden, he killed some of them and others went to Raavan's court to complain - "Swaamee, There has come a monkey who has destroyed Ashok Gardens." Hearing this, Raavan sent many brave mighty soldiers [to stop that monkey] but Hanumaan Jee beat all of them. Some died, some got wounded. The wounded ones came back to Raavan.

Seeing them in trouble Raavan sent his youngest son Akshaya Kumaar to fight with the monkey. Akshaya Kumaar went with his army but Hanumaan Jee killed Akshaya Kumaar and beat his army. Again many Raakshas died and some came back complaining to Raavan. Hearing the killing of his son, Raavan got very angry and sent his eldest mighty son, Meghnaad (Indrajeet), to deal with that monkey. Meghnaad was also very angry hearing the killing of his younger brother.

So he also went with many mighty Raakshas to fight with the monkey. Hanumaan Jee caught those Raakshas and killed them by rubbing them together. Meghnaad played various kinds of Maayaa also but the son of Prabhanjan could not be won. Then he used Brahmaastra at him. Hanumaan Jee thought that if he did not regard the weapon then it will be an insult to Brahmaa Jee, so he pretended to became unconscious only by seeing it. Meghnaad happily tied him with Naag Paash and took him to Raavan. [Here Tulasee Daas Jee writes - "Shiv Jee says to Bhavaanee - "Hey Bhavaanee, by chanting whose name people get across the world sea, His messenger has got caught himself only to do his master's work.] Hearing that the monkey has been tied and brought into the court, many Raakshas rushed to the court to see him 

When Hanumaan Jee was brought o Raavan's court, he saw his court. It was glorious, gorgeous, splendid. Devtaa were standing there with their hands joined together. Hanumaan Jee had no doubt now about the glory of Raavan's court.



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