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3-Meeting With Seetaa

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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3-Meeting With Seetaa

Hearing all this from Seetaa Jee Hanuman Jee got very sad. Considering it the right moment to introduce himself to Seetaa, he dropped Raam's ring in front of Her. Seetaa Jee thought perhaps Ashok tree has heard Her prayers and dropped fire for Her, She got very happy to see it and got up to pick it up. But instead of fire She found the Raam's ring. She saw Raam's name carved on it so She got very happy to see it. She thought "Raghunaath is infallible, who can win Him? And His ring cannot be created from Maayaa [then how come it is here?]".

She was still thinking, that Hanumaan Jee started singing Raam's glory. Hearing this Seetaa got convinced and listened to it from the bottom of Her heart. Hanumaan Jee told everything from the beginning and how Raam became friend of monkeys. Seetaa Jee asked - "Whoever has told me this story, why doesn't he appear before me?" Then Hanumaan Jee jumped down from the tree and greeted Her saying - "Hey Maa, I am the messenger of Raam, I swear this on Raam. Raam has sent you this ring as His identification."

Then She got more convinced that he was the true servant of Raam. Seetaa Jee asked - "How is Shree Raam along with His younger brother? He is very kind and soft-hearted then why has He become so unkind to Me that He does not remember Me, does He?" She could speak no more and Her eyes got filled with tears. Hanumaan Jee said very softly - "Hey Maa, Prabhu is all right with His younger brother and He loves you very much. Now You listen to Raam's message." Hanumaan Jee also started crying while delivering Raam's message to Seetaa.

Hanumaan Jee said -"Raam has said , "In your separation all things seem bad to Me. Moon looks like Sun and nights are very long. Gardens look dry and rains seem like hot oil. Whatever gave Me happiness before [when you were there], they all make Me sad now.I have only one heart and it is always with you." Seetaa Jee felt very relieved hearing this.

Hanumaan Jee said again - "Hey Maa, Keep patience and remember Shree Raam. Remembering Him leaving cowardice and be happy. These Raakshas are just like insects for Shree Raam's arrows. In fact now you should consider all Raakshas dead. He did not know your whereabouts till now otherwise He could have come to free you. Prabhu has not permitted me to take you otherwise I would have taken you. Now you just wait for a few days. Raghuveer will come and take you from here."

Seetaa Jee asked - "Hey Putra, Are all monkeys like you? So mighty? I have doubts in My mind." Hearing this Hanumaan Jee showed up his very large golden body which looked very frightening, to Her. Seeing his body Seetaa Jee got convinced with his might. Hanumaan Jee then again changed himself to his tiny form and said - "Maa, there is nothing mine in this. It is all glory of Prabhu that even a small Garud (large eagle) can eat a large snake.

Hanumaan Jee repeatedly bowed to Seetaa's feet and said - "Hey Maa, If you permit me I wish to eat these fruits as I feel hungry now and after seeing these beautiful trees laden with fruits I feel like starving." Seetaa Jee said - "Putra, I am afraid many mighty Raakshas guard this garden." Hanumaan Jee said - "If you feel comfortable then I am not afraid of them." Seeing Hanumaan's might and powers Seetaa Jee gave him permission to eat those sweet fruits.



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