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2-Meeting With Vibheeshan


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2-Meeting With Vibheeshan

As Hanumaan Jee entered Lankaa, he started searching for Seetaa in all palaces. There he saw many warriors. Then he entered Raavan's palace. He saw Raavan sleeping in it but he couldn't see Seetaa anywhere. Then he saw a palace where a temple was built separately. There were many pictures of Shree Raam's bow and arrows and several Tulasee plants were growing there. Hanumaan Jee got very happy to see this and thought, "this place is full of Raakshas, how come that a saint is living here."

At the same time Vibheeshan woke up and pronounced Raam's name. Hanumaan Jee thought that "I should introduce myself to him. He seems to be a saint and there cannot be any harm in greeting a saint."

He took the form of a Braahman and called him. Vibheeshan came there and asked Hanumaan's welfare and said - "Hey Braahman Dev, Tell me about yourself. Are you a devotee of Hari or you yourself are Hari who has come to oblige me?" Then Hanumaan Jee told his story, name and his purpose of coming there.

Vibheeshan said - "Hey Pavan Putra, now you listen to my living here. I live here as tongue lives between teeth. Will Raghunaath be kind to me anytime? Being Raakshas I cannot do much, but after meeting you I believe that He is indeed kind on me because without His favor one cannot see saints." Then Vibheeshan told the whole story of Seetaa Jee as how She was living there.

Hanumaan Jee said - "I wish to see Her." Vibheeshan told him the way as how to see Her. Hanumaan Jee again converted himself into a fly and arrived in Ashok Vaatikaa. He greeted Seetaa Jee in his heart. She passes the whole night sitting there under the Ashok tree. Hanumaan Jee was hiding among leaves and was thinking that how to introduce himself to Her that he saw Raavan coming there with many women.

He explained Seetaa Jee very well - "Hey beautiful faced, I will make my Mandodaree etc all queens your slaves, this is my vow, but you look at me at least once." Seetaa spoke behind a straw - "Hey Dashmukh, You should remember Avadh-pati (Raam). A lotus flower cannot bloom in glowworm's light, you should consider yourself a glowworm. You don't know about Raghuveer's arrow. You are shameless who has abducted me from a lonely place."

When Raavan heard himself as a glowworm, and Raam as the Sun, he got very angry and spoke - "Seetaa, You have insulted me. I will cut your head with this sword otherwise you agree with me and you will not die." Seetaa Jee said - "O Dashgreev, Now I will have either Shree Raam's arms on my neck or this sword. This is my vow." Hearing this Raavan ran to cut Her head, that Mandodaree calmed him down by saying some ethical words.

Then Raavan told Raakshas women to scare Seetaa in various ways. He told Seetaa that if She did not obey him within a month he would kill Her with his sword and went home.

Now there was a Trijataa Raakshasee among those Raakshasee [who were taking care of Seetaa]. She was a great devotee of Shree Raam and was very knowledgeable. She called all other Raakshasee and said to them - "I have dreamed that a monkey has burned Lankaa and killed many Raakshas. Raavan is riding on a donkey naked. His head is shaved and his all arms are cut and he is heading towards South. And Vibheeshan has become the King of Lankaa. I am certain that my dream will come true in a few days time." Hearing this all Raakshasee got frightened and fell on Seetaa's feet. After that they went away here and there.

Seetaa Jee thought, "Now it is only one month remaining, after that Raavan will come and kill me." So She said to Trijataa - "Hey Maa, You have always been helpful to me, now you do something for me so that I can leave this body. Bring some wood and prepare a pyre for me and then set fire in it for me." Trijataa told Her the glory of Prabhu and said - "Fire is not available in the night." and went home.

SeetaaJee thought, "What I should do now. Vidhaataa is unfavorable to me now. There are so many stars in the sky, every star has fire in it but none falls down on the Earth to give me fire. The Moon also contains fire but it also doesn't give me fire. Hey Ashok tree, at least you listen to my prayer and act according to your name. [Ashok means without sorrow. It is said that sitting under this tree removes all grieves]"



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