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1-Hanumaan Goes to Lankaa

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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1-Hanumaan Goes to Lankaa

When Jaambvaan advised Hanumaan Jee like this, Hanumaan Jee got very happy and said to all - "Now you wait for me. I cross this sea and come back after doing Raam's work." and climbed up on a mountain near the sea shore. He remembered Shree Raam and jumped from that mountain to fly. As he jumped from the mountain to fly, that mountain went inside the Earth - Paataal Lok.

Considering him Raam's messenger, Sea sent his Mainaak Parvat for Hanumaan Jee to take some rest, but Hanumaan Jee greeted it by touching it and said - "I cannot take rest until I finish Raam's work." and he went forward.

Devtaa also saw him going. They thought to test his intelligence and bravery so they sent their mother Surasaa to test him. She came there opening her mouth and said - "Oh, It is so good that Devtaa have given me food after long time. Now I will eat you." Hanumaan Jee said - "Hey Maa, You leave me today. Today I am going to do Raam's work. Let me finish His work then you may eat me." But Surasaa was adamant. She expanded her mouth a Yojan-long (9 miles) to swallow him, but Hanumaan Jee expanded his body double the size of her mouth. Then she expanded it up to 16 Yojan (144 miles), Hanumaan Jee also expanded his body double the size of Surasaa's mouth - 32 Yojan (288 miles). Once Surasaa expanded her mouth up to 100 Yojan (900 miles), then Hanumaan Jee reduced his size to a very tiny size, entered her mouth and came outside immediately. He then bowed her and asked her permission to go on his mission. She blessed him that he be successful in his mission.

Then there was a Raakshasee named Sinhikaa living in the sea. She used to eat flying creatures by capturing their shadow in the water. When their shadow was captured, they could not fly any more and that is how she used to eat them. She played the same trick with Hanumaan Jee also. Hanumaan Jee knew her tactics and killed her.

Thus he arrived across the sea in Lankaa. To see the beauty of Lankaa he climbed up on a mountain and looked around. Raavan's Lankaa was very beautiful, but at the same time there were many gatekeepers also. So he thought that he would enter Lankaa in the night assuming a tiny form.

So when night had fallen, he assumed the form of a fly and entered the city in the night. There was a Raakshasee (she-demon) named Lankinee who was taking care of the city. She saw a fly going inside, so she asked - "Where are you going insulting me? You don't know me. I eat thieves." Hanumaan Jee hit her with his fist. She fell down on the ground and bled through her mouth. She got up, greeted Hanumaan Jee by joining her hands and said - "When Brahmaa Jee gave Var to Raavan, he said to me "When you feel an intense pain by a monkey's hit, you should take it as a sign of the end of Raakshas. I am very lucky that I got Darshan of Raam's messenger. All the pleasures of Swarg (Heaven) cannot be compared with the pleasure of Satsang (company of good people). Remember Koshal Raaj and enter the city." and Hanumaan Jee entered the city.



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