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Raavan-5: Raavan and others

1 - Raavan
2 - Raavan gets boons
3 - Other stories

Raavan and Sahastrabaahu
Once Raavan was taking bath in Narmadaa river, that he found its water stopped somewhere up the river. He went there to check as why that water got stopped. He found Sahastrabaahu (see also Bhaagvat Puraan 9/13) enjoying himself with his women extending his thousand arms. Raavan got angry at this and a fight broke in between them. Sahastrabaahu took him to his palace and handed him over to his children. They tied him in their stable. He stayed there for a few days then his grandfather Pulastya Muni came to free him. After that they also became friends.

Raavan and Baali
Once Raavan had a fight with Baali, Sugreev's brother and Angad's father. Baali defeated him, lifted him and kept him in his armpit for six months. Later they became friends.

Raavan and Raajaa Bali
Once Raavan thought to have victory over the universe, so he arrived in Daityaraaj Bali's Lok, Sutal Lok. Shiv Jee worked there as the guard of his city, so he could not fight with him, because he worshipped him. Then Bali himself came out and kicked him so hard that he fell about hundred Yojan far.


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