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From  Naarad Puraan, 2/2

Rukmaangad is not mentioned any Itihaas (history book - Raamaayan or Mahaabhaarat). It is a Pauraanik story stated in relation to Ekaadashee fast in Naarad Puraan, 2/2. His biography is given here as he is related to other historical people.

Rukmaangad Worries Yam Raaj
There was King named Rukmaangad. He was a good Vaishnav and observed Ekaadashee fast himself and even forced his people, between the age of 8 and 85 to keep it. The result was clear - all people started going to Swarg and Yam Raaj's Hell got empty of sinners. here was no sinner and even if anybody committed any sin, it was washed away by Ekaadashee Vrat. After a while Yam Raaj got very worried so he and Chitragupt went to Brahmaa Jee and told him the whole story and expressed that he wanted to resign from his position as he had no work there and he had no right to enjoy the benefits of that position because he had no work on that position. Brahmaa Jee said - "I cannot do anything in this." Yam Raaj gave him ultimatum that he shoul stop Rukmaangad to observe Ekaadashee fast. Now Brahmaa Jee was compelled to do something. He himself created a very beautiful woman and sent her to move Rukmaangad from his Dharm path. he named her Mohinee. Mohinee went to Mandaraachal Parvat to do her assignment.

Rukmaangad had a son named Dharmaangad. He was more religious than his father. Seeing this Rukamaanagad handed over his kingdom to him and went to forest for some time. There he met Mohinee. He found her a woman of extraordinary beauty so he asked her if she could live with him. She agreed but on one condition that whenever and whatever she will say to him, he will have to agree with her. Blind by her beauty, he agrees to her condition and brings her to kingdom. In spite of beinh unwilling the queen accepts her at the advice of her son. Both try to make her most comfortable.

After a while she starts her job. She asks the king not to observe Ekaashaee Vrat and Kaarttik Vrat etc. The King does not understand that why she is compelling him to do so and threatening him to go to Brahmaa Jee if I do not agree with her. He cannot decide what to do. Neither he wants to leave Mohinee nor he wants to move from his Dharm path. Then Mohinee surprises him by saying that if he cannot do this, he should give her his son's head. Both King and queen again are stunned to hear this. Then Dharmaangad suggests them to kill him. As Rukmaangad raises the sword to cut his son's neck, Vishnu comes and stops him doing so. Vishnu touches his body and all - Rukmaangad, his wife and son, are absorbed in Vishnu's body.

Mohinee becomes unconscious seeing all this. Brahmaa Jee brought her to his Lok and said to her - "Who are Vishnu Bhakt cannot be moved from their righteous path. Now you ask for a boon. All Devtaa are here to bestow you boon." At the same time Rukmaangad's Purohit Vasu came there. He said - "She was wicked because she has emptied Prithvi from a King and that also without reason, she has disobeyed her husband, she even cannot live in Narak, what of anywhere else," and cursed her to be burnt to ashes. Her Maayaa body got burnt to ashes immediately. Brahmaa Jee and other came to Vasu and requested him to pardon her and give good Gati as she only obeyed Brahmaa Jee.

Vasu said - "Your daughter has committed so grave sin that she cannot live where all other Bhoot (living beings) live. Find some other place, so that we both can be right in our own right." So she was given the last part of Dashamee day (as it is Yam Raaj's day) - between the dusk and sunrise, and attain the fruits of Ekaadashee. Whoever would keep the fast on Dashamee-Viddhaa Ekaadashee, he would benefit her. Mohinee wanted her Maayaa body again, so Brahmaa Jee sprinkled some water from his Kamandal and that ash came to life once again. She fell on Vasu's feet and asked for his forgiveness. Vasu got very pleased with her so he forgave her.



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