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Sarg 22-Raam and Lakshman Go with Vishwaamitra Jee-1

When Raajaa Dasharath heard all this about Vishwaamitra Jee he called his sons, Raam and Lakshman and handed over them to Vishwaamitra Jee. At the time of their departure, first Kaushalyaa blessed Raam, then Dasharath, and then Guru Vashishth Jee read several Mantra for their safety and security. Vishwaamitra Jee started towards his Aashram along with both princes. In the front was Muni Vishwaamitra Jee, behind him was Raam, and behind Raam was Lakshman. Devtaa showered flowers from sky. Muni was taking them behind himself as if he were taking two three-headed serpents with gem behind him. Both Raam and Lakshman had two bows two quivers on their both shoulders. [Thus they were giving a look of three-headed serpent because the size of their quivers was like their heads - so small.] When they wre going like this they were looking like Ashwinee Kumaar or Agni Dev's two sons - Skand and Vishaakh following the great Devta Shiv.

As they went two Kos (4-1/2 miles) from Ayodhyaa, Vishwaamitra Jee sat on the bank of River Sarayoo and asked Raam to bring water. He instructed Him to bring it soon because whatever knowledge he wanted to impart to Him, its time was near. He said - "Take these "Balaa" and "Atibalaa" hymns from me. These hymns will protect you from physical pains and mental worries and no Raakshas will be able to hurt you while you are in sleep or in awake situation, even if you are not careful, nor he will be able to win you. Even if you don't know how to use any weapon, you will get victory in Trilok. That is why you accept it.

Balaa and Ati-Balaa, these two Vidyaa (knowledge) are the mother of all Vidyaa. With the help of these Vidyaa, you will not feel any hunger and thirst, therefore you accept it. Because of them your glory will spread, because they are the daughters of Brahmaa Jee. I have obtained them through the power of my Tapasyaa. I found you suitable for it so I decided to impart them to you." Raam took those Mantra happily. They spent that night there only on Sarayoa's banks on straw beds.
[Balaa Atibalaa Mantropanishad is given here Valmiki Ramayan at the end of the Sarg]

Sarg 23-Raam and Lakshman Go with Vishwaamitra Jee-2

Muni woke up Raam in the morning and said - "Blessed is Kaushalyaa who calls you son. Get up, be ready and ewrform your daily activities. Raam and Lakshman did their daily chores, did Jaap of Gaayatree Mantra and headed forward again. They did Gangaa Jee's Darshan at the Sangam of River Sarayoo.

Then they arrived at an Aashram where  Muni were doing Tapasyaa for thousands of years. Raam asked Muni Jee - "Hey Muni, Whose Aashram is this? And who lives here? We are very much interested to now this." Vishwaamitra Jee said - "When Love-god had body, people used to call him as Kaam. Shiv Jee used to do Tapasyaa here. When Shiv Jee was going back after his marriage along with Devtaa, Kaam Dev attacked him and tried to disturb his mind. Shiv Jee threatened him and burned him. Since then Kaam Dev got the name "Anang" (without physical body) and this place was called Ang Desh. So this is Shiv's Aashram and these are the descendents of his disciples, that is why sin cannot even touch them." They took bath in Sangam and stayed there in Shiv Aashram overnight. Rishi living there welcomed them and treated them with a great hospitality. Vishwaamitra Jee told some stories in the night.

Sarg 24-Raam Goes to Muni's Aashram-1

Muni Vishwaamitra Jee took bath in Gangaa River next day and Rishi bade them farewell in a ferry boat keeping Raam and Lakshman ahead of him. When they were crossing the river, a terrible sound was heard. On asking, Vishwaamitra Jee said - "Brahmaa Jee has built a lake named "Maanas Sar" on Kailaash Parvat through his will [that is why it is called "Maanas Sar]. A stream, Sarasaa (Sarayoo), has come out of that lake and passes surrounding Ayodhyaa. This stream is this Sarayoo River. The same stream is joining the Gangaa here. So this sound is of its joining the Gangaa.

Then they arrived at the southern bank of Gangaa River and started walking. On their way, Raam saw a horrible forest. Many crickets, vultures etc lived there. Tigers, boars and lions were wandering there freely. Ashwakarn, Bilva, Arjun, Pataal etc trees were grown there. Raam asked Muni - "What is this forest? It seems that nobody has walked through this forest and many terrifying animals are making noise here." Vishwaamitra Jee said - "This forest was under two  states before - Maladaa and Karooshaa. They were owned by Kutsth Vansh. Long ago, Indra got Brahm Hatyaa (killing of a Braahman) Paap (sin) because of killing Vritraasur. Rishi transferred that Paap to this piece of land by bathing him by their Kamandal water. Pleased with this Indra gave it Var that "these two states will be very great, because this land has made me sinless". Paak, the King of the demons appreciated it a lot. For a long time the inhabitants of that area lived in prosperity and happiness.

Then came here Sunand's wife Taadakaa Raakshasee who had the strength of 1,000 elephants. She had a son named Maareech. Maareech had a huge mouth, long arms, huge body. He was the cause of destruction of these kingdoms. He all the time tried to destroy the people of Maladaa and Karooshaa kingdoms too. We will meet Taadakaa on our way. She lives one and half Yojan (12 miles) far from here. You will kill her with my permission. Nobody comes here because of fear of her. By killing her you will have to make tis place inhabitable."

Sarg 25-Raam Goes to Muni's Aashram-2

Raam asked Muni - "Yaksh are not so powerful. They are weak, them how come that she has 1,000 elephant's strength?" Vishwaamitra Jee said - "Hey Raam, She has got this strength through a Var. There was a Yaksh named Suketu. He didn't have any child, so he did very hard Tapasyaa to get a child. Brahmaa Jee gave him a beautiful daughter named Taadakaa with the power of a thousand elephants. He did not give him a son considering that the the son could be a danger to mankind. When she grew up, Suketu married her to Sund. She gave birth to a son named Maareech. Maareech's father Sund was killed by Agastya Muni's Shaap.

Being angry with Agastya Muni, Taadakaa started troubling Agastya Muni and the people who were living there nearby. One day when she ran to eat Muni, Muni gave Shaap to Maareech to become a Raakshas and to Taadakaa to become a monster-like and an ugly faced Raakshasee and a man-eater, your son will change into a Raakshas form." Hearing this Shaap, Taadakaa became furious and starting destroying this kingdom, because Muni's Aashram was located here. 

Now you kill her as nobody else can kill her except you. You can kill her as Indra killed the daughter of Virochan, Mantharaa who once wished to kill Prithvi, to protect Prithvi. Or in the way Vishnu killed Bhrigu's wife and mother of Shukraachaarya Jee, who wanted the world to be without Indra. Many others have also killed females so you need not to worry about killing a female."



Mothers are the first ones to bless their sons. Even in Mahaabhaarat, when Duryodhan went for war he first went to his mother Gaandhaaree to be blessed unfortunately she said "Where there is virtue, there will be victory."


Shiv has two sons - Ganesh and Kumaar. According to MBH Kumaar is supposed to split in four in a split-second - Skand, Vishaakh, Shaak and Naigamesh.


Balaa and Atibalaa Hymns
These are the Vaidik hymns and since Vaidik hymns cannot be taught after sunset that is why Vishwaamitra Jee was in hurry to teach them to Raam.




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