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Page 8: Sarg 26-28

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Sarg 26-Taadakaa Vadh

Shree Raam said politely - "Whatever you say is the word of Brahm for me, so I will obey it. I still remember my father's words. He said, "Obey Guru Vishwaamitra Jee", so I will kill Taadakaa for the benefit of Braahman and cows." He picked up His bow and arrow and made a great sound pulling  its string. Its pulling itself made such a great noise that Taadakaa got startled and started coming towards them. Raam said to Lakshman - "Look at her, she looks so frightening. It is difficult to win her, because she knows Maayaa. I do not intend to kill her [because of her womanhood], so I cut her nose and ears. She will run away and my Dharm will also be secured and Muni's orders will also be followed."

Raam was talking thus to Lakshman that she came towards them. Muni Vishwaamitra Jee scolded her. Raam cut her two hands. She fell on the ground and made a loud roar. At the same time Lakshman cut her nose and ears. Then she started playing Maayaa. She started showering stones from the sky.

Vishwaamitra Jee said - "Raam, Kill her before night because killing a Yaksh after the evening is very difficult." So Raam stopped her Maayaa by His arrow and killed her only with one arrow. Muni blessed Raam, Indra also praised Raam and Prajaapati Krishaashwa's children and they all stayed in the same forest overnight as it was free from Taadakaa's curse and fear. Now it was like Chitrarath garden (Kuber's heavenly divine garden). They started in the morning.

Sarg 27-Vishwaamitra Gives Weapons to Raam-1

Next day, pleased with Raam, Vishwaamitra Jee gave Raam those Divine weapons which could be used to win the world. He gave Him Dand Chakra, Dharm Chakra, Kaal Chakra, Vishnu Chakra, Indra Chakra, Vajra, Shiv's trident (the best), Brahm Shiraa (Brahm crest), Isheekaa missile (grass-blade missile - Raam used this on Indra's son Jayant), Brahmaastra (Brahmaa's Power - an unparalleled one), Modakee (beater) and Shikharee (tower of protection), Dharm Paash (virtue noose), Kaal Paash (Time noose), Varun's Paash (Rain god's noose), two other weapons - Shushk (drier) and Aardra (drenched or wet) missiles of Shiv Jee and Naaraayan, Shikhar of Fire god, Wind god's Power Prathamaa (blower), and two other missiles Hayashiraa (horse-headed) and Kroonch (wrestler). I give you two impellers one presided by the Power of Vishnu and the other presided by the Power of Rudra.

There are three other weapons, he gave to Him, which are demonic - Kankaalam (deadly Pounder), and two rods Kapaalam, and Kankaanam. To eliminate Raakshas I give you two more weapons - a great missile Vaidyaadhar and Nandan - a gem-like sword. I give you Gandharv's favorite missile named Mohan (Stupefier). There are Praswapan, (one which induces sleep), Prashamanam (silencer to enemy's anger), Varshan (which brings rains), Shoshan (drainer), Santaapan (humidifier) and Vilaapan (which induces weeping); and this dear missile of Manmath - Mohan (the Intoxicator). This is the dear missile of Gandharv, that is Maanav (the Humane), and this dear missile of Pishaach and monsters namely Paishaach (the Monster missile).

Take these great missiles Taamas, and Saumn missiles, indomitable missiles like Samvart, Mausal, and Satya; and then these Maayaa-mayee missile like Oh, a Solar missile Tej-Prabhaa, Chandra Dev's missile named Shishir (the Cooler) and the deadly missile of Bhag named Sheetaashu, and this Maanav missile of Manu. All these missiles are very powerful, I will be giving them to you."

He gave them all to Raam while Raam facing was eastward. The missiles which are impossible even to Devtaa, Vishwaamitra Jee gave all those missiles to Raam. Those missiles were very happy to be with Raam. Taking them from Muni Raam patted them with His hand and said to them - "You may go now and whenever I will need you I will call you, come then to me." and they all went away. Raam also go ready for His onward journey

Sarg 28-Vishwaamitra Gives Weapons to Raam-2

On the way, Raam said to Vishwaamitra - "Guru Jee, I have known the knowledge of using the weapons, now I want to learn to call them back (annulment or to nullify their effect)." Vishwaamitra Jee imparted the knowledge of their annulment and said - "Hey Raam, these are Maharshi Krishaashwa's missile sons (they are 50 in number) and they are able to fulfill all desires and grace. Accept them.

Their names are - Satyavant, Satyakeerti, Dhrisht, Rabhas, Pratihaartar, Patangmukh,  Paraangmukh, Avaangmukh, Lakshya, Alakshya, Dridhnaabh, Sunaabh, Dashaaksha, Shatvaktra, Dashsheersh, Shatodar, Padmnaabh, Mahaanaabh, Dundunaabh, Swanaabh, Jyotish, Shakun, Nairaashya, Vimal, Yungandhar, Vinidraa, Daitya, Pramadhan, Shuchibaahu, Mahaabaahu, Nishkali, Viruch, Saarchirmaalee, Dhritimaalee, Vrittimaan, Ruchir, Pitrya, Saumanas, Vidhoot, Makar, Karveerkar, Dhan, Dhaanya, Kaamroop, Kaamruchir, Moh, Aavaran, Jrambhak, Sarvnaabh, and Varan."

Thus Muni gave all these weapons to Raam. They all were very radiant and Raam was the legible user of these weapons. And those weapons which were of also several types - some are Agni-like, some are smoke-like while some are Moon-like and some are Sun-like; stood before Raam saying, "We are yours, what we can do for you?" Raam said to them - "Go for now, you may stay in my memory and assist me whenever I need you. When I remember you then you may come to me." All weapons circumambulated Raam went back to their place s they came.

After learning these nullifying missiles, as they were going, Raam asked - "Which is this forest where I see some birds flying over? Whose Aashram is here? I think we have come out of Taadakaa's forest. And where is that place where you perform your Yagya so that I can guard that place very well from Raakshas."







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