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Page 9: Sarg 29-31

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Sarg 29-Raam Comes to Vaaman Aashram

Vishwaamitra Jee said - "This is that holy place where Vishnu did Tap for hundreds of Yug and obtained the status of a Siddh. Thus this is called Siddhaashram (Siddh Aashram). Its name is Vaaman Aashram also because Vaaman also did Tap here. At one time, when Vishnu was doing Tap here, Raajaa Bali the son of Daitya Virochan, won Devtaa, Indra along with Vaayu Dev etc, and became the king of Tri-Lok. Then he started a Yagya. Seeing him doing that Yagya, Agni and other Devtaa went to Bhagavaan Vishnu and said - "Hey Prabhu, Daitya Raaj Bali has started a Yagya, after the completion of which he will be invincible, so whatever is to be done is to be done before he completes his Yagya. Whoever goes to him with any kind of desire, he fulfills his desire. he doesn't return anybody disappointed. Only you can help us with your Vishnu Maayaa. Therefore you take the form of a dwarf (Vaaman) and make Devtaa happy."

Kashyap Muni (son of Maharshi Mareechi) was also doing Tap with his wife Aditi for 1,000 Divine years. So on completing that Tap Vishnu appeared before them, Kashyap Jee prayed Him and Vishnu asked them to ask for any Var. Kashyap Jee prayed Him and said - "If you are pleased with us, kindly appear as the younger brother of Indra, Aditi and my son, and protect the Devtaa. After I have done Tap here, this place will be called as Siddhaashram, therefore arise from here to become my son." Then Vishnu was born as a Vaaman boy from Aditi and went to Bali. There He asked Raajaa Bali for three feet land during that Yagya and measured Tri-Lok with His two feet. In His third foot He put His foot on Raajaa Bali's head and crowned him the king of Paataal Lok. Thus Indra got his kingdom of Trilok back and Bali got cheated."

Since this land once belonged to Vishnu, it destroys all kinds of stresses, of evil on the Earth, of birth and death etc and gives salvation. I am also benefited from this land because of this factor. Those devils must be coming here so they have to be killed. As this Aashram belongs to me, it belongs to you also. [As before it belonged to Vishnu and Vaaman, and since you are the Avataar of Vishnu, it belongs to you too]

Vishwaamitra Jee took both princes to that Aashram. Seeing Rishi coming, all Rishi came there happily worshipped them and treated them as their guests. All took some rest, then Raam said - "Hey Mahaaraaj, Today you do your Yagya in this Aashram only. You will be safe." Hearing this Vishwaamitra Jee controlled his senses and started doing his Yagya. Both Raam and Lakshman vigiled their Aashram overnight.

Sarg 30-Raam Pushes Maareech Away

When the morning broke, Raam asked - "Hey Mahaaraaj, Please tell us the time of your Yagya and of coming of Raakshas here, lest they come and disturb your Yagya and we remain unaware of that." At this other Muni said - "Hey Princes, You guard the Yagya for six days and nights from today, because once the Yagya has started, Muni Vishwaamitra will not speak at all until its end."

So the princes started guarding the Yagya. When the sixth ay came Raam warned Saumitra to be on vigil carefully. On the sixth day, when Vishwaamitra was doing Yagya, the princes saw two great clouds in the sky which were about to fall on the altar. Maareech and Subaahu used their Maayaa and blood rained from the sky. Raam said to Lakshman - "I am not willing to kill such man eater Raakshas, but I think the Maanav missile will keep them away from this Yagya." After saying this, Raam immediately shot Maanav weapon at the chest of Maareech. Maareech was well hit by the weapon and he fell down 100 Yojan far away in the sea. Raam said - "See Lakshman, This cold weapon Maanav of Manu has made him only unconscious. It has not killed him. But I want to kill these demons." Then Raam another weapon, Aagneya Astra and hit it at Subaahu's chest, he fell down and died. Then He aimed Vaayavya Astra and it took away all the remains of that Raakshas. Vishwaamitra Jee got very happy and satisfied after their killing.

Sarg 31-Raam Goes to Janak Puree

Raam and Lakshman passed the night there and next day they went to Vishwaamitra Jee for his Darshan. They greeted him and other Muni and asked - "Now what we should do for you?" Vishwaamitra Jee said - "Hey Raaj Kumaar, Now we will go to Mithilaa Puree to attend Raajaa Janak's Yagya. You also come along with us because there is a Divine bow there. You will be happy to see it. [Ancestor of Raajaa Janak, Raajaa Devaraat, got it from Devtaa through Yagya.] It is kept at the Yagya place only, and even Devtaa, Gandharv, Raakshas have not been able to lift it up, leave aside human beings. Many kings were inquisitive to string its string but could not. Once Devaraat, did a Yagya only to get this bow, and he got it from Devtaa. This bow has to be specially worshipped especially during the Dhanur festivals, that is why it is kept in Mithilaa's King's palace."

Koorm Puraan and Padm Puraan put this as "satisfying with the ritual of Devaraat of Janak, the Trident holder and holder of venom in throat, namely god Shiv, gave the marvelous bow to eliminate enemies".

Then Rishi Vishwaamitra Jee started for Mithilaa Puree along with Raam, Lakshman and other Rishi Muni. In the front was Vishwaamitra Jee and behind him were all Rishi. Some birds and animals also followed them, but after coming a distance, Vishwaamitra Jee sent those birds and animals back. In the evening all stayed on the bank of Son River. They took bath, worshipped, did Sandhyaa and Yagya etc there. Raam came there, sat near Vishwaamitra Jee and asked him - "What is the name of this area. This place seems full of grains and wealth." Vishwaamitra Jee spoke --






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