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Page 10: Sarg 32-35

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Sarg 32-Raajaa Kushnaabh's Story-1

Vishwaamitra Jee said - "There was a Raajaa named Kush who was the Maanas Putra of Brahmaa Jee. That Brahmaa's Putra respected religious and learned people very much and never neglected his vows. His wife was the princess of Vidarbh Desh. He had four sons from her - Kushaamb, Kushnaabh, Asoortrajas, and Vasu. They all were like their father.

One day Raajaa Kush said to his sons that now they should start ruling countries. So the four princes inhabited four cities which were named thus - Kushaamb inhabited Kaushaambee City (present day Kannauj); Kushnaabh built Mahodaya City, Asoortrajas inhabited Dharmaaranya City and Vasu inhabited Girivrij City (present day Raajgiri in Nepaal). Hey Raam, This whole land belongs to Vasu and his son and has been named as Vasumati by Vasu. This river which flows through the five great mountains is also his. It is called Maagadhee (present day Son River) because it enters Magadh kingdom and exits Magadh kingdom, and goes towards east to meet Gangaa River (in Patanaa, Bihaar). This land is very fertile and grows lots of grains.

Kushnaabh married to Ghritaachee Apsaraa and they produced 100 daughters who were very beautiful. One day they adorned themselves with good clothes and jewelry and went to garden. They were wandering around happily that Pavan Dev got attracted to them and asked them to accept him as their husband. He said - "Forget about human beings, [You marry me] Then you will be Dev queens and you will stay young longer."

Hearing this proposal, the daughters insulted him, saying - "We know that you live in all beings, but why are you insulting us? We are the daughters of Kushnaabh and we are all capable of displacing you from your realm but we restrain ourselves to curse you. To whoever we will choose, the same will be our husband." Pavan Dev got angry at their rejection and entered their all body parts and disfigured them. They got hurt, came back home and told everything to their father. Seeing them like that Raajaa got worried and asked them as who disfigured them?" Thus Vishwaamitra Jee continued the story of Raajaa Kushnaabh.

Sarg 33-Raajaa Kushnaabh's Story-2

Princesses told the whole story as how Vaayu Dev offered himself to them leading to the non-virtuous path. They said - "We told him that we are not independent, you may request our father if he will give you or not. Although we all said to him like this still he disfigured us. [Since then that town is known as Kaanyakubj - the city of bent virgins, or Kannauj] Raajaa Kushnaabh heard all details and said - "You did perfectly all right. You followed Kshamaa (forgiveness) and made my Kul (Vansh or lineage) gracious by not cursing him. Following Kshamaa is even difficult for Devtaa. Kshamaa is grace, Kshmaa is Dharm, Kshamaa is Yagya, Kshamaa is charity, Kshamaa is truth, Kshamaa is virtue, Kshama a is glory,  and on Kshamaa alone this whole universe is abiding. Therefore I wish that as you have followed Kshamaa, my other family members should also follow it". Then Kushnaabh thought to marry his daughters to some able boys.

At the same time, an Oordhwa-retaa Rishi Choolee started his Tapasyaa, and a Gandharv woman Urmilaa's daughter Somadaa came to serve him and served him very well, very politely and obediently. Rishi got pleased with her and asked her to ask for anything. Somadaa requested him to give her a religious son and said - "I am an unmarried girl and I am serving you with Vaidik method, that is why kindly give me a Maanas Putra (son born from will) like Sanakaadi Muni." Rishi gave her a son like Brahmaa . He got known as Brahmdatt. He started ruling Kaampilya Nagar as Indra rules Indra Puree.

Hearing about this king Brahmdatt, Kushnaabh called him in his city with the idea to marry his daughters to him and he married his 100 daughters to him. Brahmdatt accepted them from his heart of heart and as he took their hand in his hand for marriage, his touch made their body perfectly healthy - means Vaayu disease was cured with his touch. Kushnaabh got extremely happy to see all this. He sent his daughters with him happily. 

Somadaa also got very happy to see her 100 daughters-in law and they touched her feet, and she blessed and embraced everyone, ie all 100 daughters-in-law individually.

Sarg 34-Raajaa Vishwaamitra's Story

After sending his daughters with their husband, Raajaa Kushnaabh performed a Putreshti Yagya with the desire of a son. At that time Kushnaabh's father Brahmaa's Maanas Putra Kush said - "You will have a son named Gaadhi who will be religious like you and you will be renowned in this world because of him." After having said thus he went to Brahm Lok,

After some time Kushnaabh had a son, named Gaadhi. He was very religious and knew justice. Hey Raam, I am the son of same Gaadhi, and  I am born in Kush family, Kaushik dynasty that is why people call me Kaushik too. I had an elder sister named Satyavatee who was married to Rishi Richeek. She always loved her husband very faithfully. Later she went to Swarg with her mortal body and flowed in the form of Kaushikee (daughter of Kush) River on this earth [modern River Kosee]. My sister went to Himaalaya from Swarg to do good of people, that is why I made Himaalaya my home and I live there happily with her. Then I came to this Aashram from there to do this Yagya, and by your grace I got the status of a Siddh. I told you the whole story of this place and mine, now it is midnight, so go and get some sleep." So all went to sleep.

Sarg 35-Story of Gangaa River

Next day Vishwaamitra Jee himself woke up early in the morning and he woke up Raam and Lakshman also and told them to get ready soon for their further journey. Raam asked - "How are we going to cross this river, although it is not so deep?" Vishwaamitra Jee said - "Whatever way these Muni are crossing this river, we will also go the same way." They walked for half a day and did the Darshan of Gangaa River. They offered oblations, took bath, and sat on the bank of the river. They were very delighted to see swans and waterfowls there. Raam asked Vishwaamitra Jee - "Hey Muni, Kindly tell me that how these three-streamed Gangaa has gone through Trilok and to the sea?"

Muni said - "There is a mountain named Himvaan whose wife's name is Mainaa (the daughter of Meru Parvat). She gave birth to two daughters - Gangaa and Umaa. Gangaa was elder to Umaa. At one time Devtaa asked Himvaan to give them Gangaa to fulfil Divine work, so Himvaan donated Gangaa to them according to Dharm method. Devtaa welcomed Gangaa for Tri-Lok. His second daughter Umaa did an intense Tapasyaa to get Shiv Jee as her husband and got him. Thus Himvaan gave his two daughters to Devtaa, one to Devtaa and other one to Shiv Jee. The same Gangaa after arriving in Dev Lok became Divine, pious and sinless and flowed in Dev Lok as Dev Gangaa, or Mandaakinee, or Sudeerghikaa; and then from Himaalaya to ocean as Jaahnvee. 

First, Gangaa is in the lap of Himaalaya; second, she is Dev Gangaa from Himaalaya to Dev Lok, and third one is Jaahnavee, from Himaalaya to Ocean and even to netherworlds. But some say that first is Dev Gangaa which flows in Dev Lok; when she came to Prithvi, she became known as Mandaakinee, and when she went to netherworlds, she became Jaahnavee.]



We have never heard that Brahmaa Jee had any Maanas Putra named as Kush.



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