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Page 11: Sarg 36-37

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Sarg 36-Gangaa Story-2 - Waiting for Shiv Jee's Son

As Vishwaamitra Jee finished telling about the two daughters of Himvaan, Raam and Lakshman again said - "Munivar, Whatever story you tell, it is very religious. Now we want to hear the story of Gangaa as how did it come on Prithvi and why does it flow in three streams, and why is it called Tripathgaa?" Vishwaamitra Jee said - "When a lot of time passed after Shiv enjoyed Umaa and they still bore no son, then Devtaa got worried. They went to Brahmaa Jee and said - "Shiv has not yet bore a son. After so long of enjoying Umaa who will sustain their son?" So all of them went to Shiv Jee, prayed him and said - "You have enjoyed Umaa for 100 Divine years, now when you will have a son then who will bear his grace (Tej)? Therefore be kind to Devtaa and do Tap with Devee Umaa and keep your Tej to yourself so that all Lok are safe."

Shiv Jee said - "I will keep my Tej (semen) to myself and Umaa will keep hers to herself so that all Lok are safe. But there is some which is already out of its place, tell me who is going to bear (endure) it?" Devtaa said - "Prithvi will bear it." Hearing this Shiv Jee immediately released his Tej. The whole Prithvi filled with that Tej. Devtaa said to Agni Dev - "You enter this Tej with Vaayu (wind) lest that Tej destroy everything on Prithvi and you can consume everything with whichever comes in contact with you." So Agni entered the Tej it emerged in the form of a white mountain on the Earth. A grass name Sharvan grew on it and it became a divine forest of reeds. It was shining like fire and the Sun together. A son was born from that Agni - named Kaartikeya.

Devtaa worshipped Shiv Jee and Umaa. Umaa got very angry at this. She cursed Devtaa - "I was engaged with Shiv Jee with the desire of a son. You prevented me from my intimacy, that is why "you will become unworthy to copulate with your wives and your wives will be infertile from now on." [That is why Devtaa cannot directly produce children, they have to take help of other mortals to bring forth their children - see " Apsaraa who Came into Contact With Human Beings"] And gave Shaap to Prithvi also - "Your appearance will not be uniform on your surface and you will be the wife of many. You will not have your own children and you will not be loved by my son Kaartikeya as his mother as well".  (Shaap of Umaa)

Shiv Jee got very sad to hear this Shaap, because this Shaap distressed Devtaa and he found himself unable to convince Umaa about it, so he went westward which is ruled by the Rain God Varun and settled down on a peak of northern side of Himvaan (it is believed that its name is Himvant Prabhaav although it is not known today).

Sarg 37-Gangaa Story-3 - Birth of Kaarttikeya

Vishwaamitra Jee continued of his story of Gangaa, Umaa, her begetting a son, namimg him Kaarttikeya and appointing him as he Chief of Celestial Army  said to Raam - "When Shiv Jee got engaged in Tapasyaa with Umaa. Devtaa got worried so Indra went to Brahmaa Jee making Agni Dev as their leader and said - "He who was supposed to give us an army-chief that Shiv Jee is doing Tapasyaa with Umaa, so tell us then who is going to save us?" Brahmaa Jee said - "Whatever Shaap Umaa has given to your wives, it is unimpeded and will be true. And do not worry about the army chief, because Agni Dev will produce son through Aakaash Gangaa (Empyreal Gangaa or Milky way). Himvaan's elder daughter Dev Gangaa will be truly happy to do this work for Agni Dev, and Umaa will also be happy with this. He will be the army-chief of Dev army and the same will kill the enemy of Devtaa."

All Devtaa got satisfied with this and went to Kailaash Parvat and appointed Agni to produce a son through Gangaa. They said - "This is Devtaa's work, so do it carefully. Release the Tej of Shiv Jee [which you have kept so far] in Gangaa." Agni said to Gangaa - "Hey Gangaa, Accept the Tej of Shiv Jee as this will cherish Devtaa." Hearing this Gangaa left her water form and became a beautiful celestial woman. Seeing her beauty Agni Dev scattered Shiv Jee's Tej all inside her. She got drenched with that and her all channels were filled with that Tej.

Gangaa said to Agni Dev - "I am getting hurt by this fire-like Tej of Shiv Jee compounded with yours. I can't bear it any more." Agni Dev told her to establish her embryo in the foothills of Himaalaya. Gangaa released it from her all channels. Since that embryo was very gracious, wherever it fell, all things of that land became of gold, and nearby things became of silver, and nearby things of silver ones became of copper and iron, and its residue became tin and lead. Himaalaya Parvat and the entire white forest of reed shone like gold.

When a son was born from that fetus, Indra with the help of Pavan Dev arranged with Krittikaa stars (constellation) to suckle them. They, considering that he will be called their son too, fed him. Because Krittikaa stars suckled him, all Devtaa named him as Kaarttikeya. Hearing these words of Devtaa, Krittikaa gave the boy his first bath to cleanse him. And then Devtaa named him "Skand" as he slid down from the secretions of a womb. Then the milk came in all six Krittikaa stars to feed him. He had six mouths to drink milk at the same time from six Krittikaa stars. On sipping the milk for one day he grew up in an adolescent boy, and even though he was a boy of tender body parts [Devtaa appointed him as the celestial army chief] he triumphed over the Raakshas army." This is Gangaa's story and the story of Kumaar or Skand's birth which you heard from me. [Kaalidaas' "Kumaarsambhav" is based on Vaalmeeki Raamaayan.]






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