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Page 12: Sarg 38-41

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Sarg 38-Gangaa Story-4 - Raajaa Sagar Gets Children

Vishwaamitra Jee further said - "There was a king named Sagar in Ayodhyaa Puree. He was very religious and sweet-natured king. He had two queens, his first queen's name was Keshinee. She was the daughter of king of Vidarbh Desh. His second queen's name was Sumati. She was the daughter of Arishtnemi (Kashyap Jee) and sister of Garud Jee. But he had no son so he was very sad. Once he took his both wives and went to Bhrigu Rishi's gold mountain (Bhrigu Prashravan). He did Tapasyaa there for 100 years and pleased Bhrigu Jee. Bhrigu Jee gave him Var that he would have son and he would spread king's glory. But his one wife will give birth to one son who will spread his glory and the other one would bear 60,000 sons.

Both queens were listening to this. They asked as who of us will give birth to one son, and who will give birth to 60,000 sons. Bhrigu Jee said - "Whoever wants to give birth to one son, she will give birth to one son; and whoever wants to have 60,000 sons will have 60,000 sons. [It doesn't really matter] But the lineage will extend only by one son and the others will be very mighty, so now you tell me who wants what?" Then the elder queen Keshinee asked for one son and the younger queen Sumati asked for 60,000 sons. After this Var the King came back to his city.

After some time the elder queen gave birth to one son named Asmanjas, and the younger queen gave birth to a Tumbaa (long and round gourd-like thing). On breaking that Tumbaa 60,000 sons came out of that. Raajaa brought up them by keeping them ib vessels filled with Ghee. After some time they all grew and became young and handsome men.

Sagar's eldest son Asmanjas was very cruel. He used to take children on the banks of Sarayoo and threw them in the river. He used to enjoy seeing immersing them in the water. He was troubling to public also. So king exiled him, but he had a son named Anshumaan. He was very lovable and everybody loved him. He was very sweet-natured and soft spoken. After some time Raajaa Sagar thought to do a Yagya."

Sarg 39-Gangaa Story-5 - Sagar's Horse is Stolen

Raam got very happy to hear a this from Vishwaamitra. He said to him - "I wish to listen this story in full. How my ancestor Raajaa Sagar completed his Yagya?" Vishwaamitra Jee said - "Himvaan can see the peak of Vindhyaachal Mountain and so does Vindhyaachal too. Raajaa Sagar started his Yagya at a place between Himaachal and Vindhyaachal Parvat, because that place was very holy to do Yagya. He appointed his grandson Anshumaan as the guard of his horse, but Indra stole it with his Maayaa - by taking a form of a demon. When Raajaa came to know about the stealing the horse, his priests said to him - "You should kill the thief of the horse and bring the horse soon. This is very inauspicious." So King Sagar said to his 60,000 sons - "Go and kill the thief and bring the horse back. And don't come back until you find the horse. You may divide Prithvi Yojan by Yojan and each prince should look for the horse. You may dig the Prithvi also to look for the horse. I myself will stay here only with my grandson Anshumaan."

But they could not find the horse on Prithvi, so they started digging it. Prithvi started crying. Its all living creatures like serpents, demons etc started running away. Thus 60,000 square Yojan Prithvi was dug by them. They reached up to Rasaatal (the sixth subterranean, the nethermost plane). All Devtaa along with Gandharv, Asur, reptiles etc went to Brahmaa Jee and said - "Raajaa Sagar's 60,000 sons have dug the whole Jamboo Dweep and have killed many Rishi saying "You have stolen our horse". Please protect us. They are torturing everybody."

Sarg 40-Gangaa Story-7 - Sagar's Sons Are Burned

Brahmaa Jee said - "Hey Indra, This Prithvi belongs to Vaasudev. He is the Swaamee of Prithvi (She is supposed to be another consort of Vishnu. He supports it in the form of Kapil. Only He will kill those 60,000 sons of Raajaa Sagar. Prithvi has been dug in every Kalp so you don't need to worry about it." Hearing this all the 33 Devtaa went back to their Lok and Sagar's sons continued to dig Prithvi.

After digging the whole Earth they came to their father and said to him - "We have tried our best but we couldn't find the thief." Raajaa got very angry hearing this, he said - "Go again, and find it. Break the whole Prithvi into pieces and find the horse."

They again started digging the Prithvi. They saw a huge elephant, Viroopaaksh who bore the Eastern side of Prithvi on his forehead. When the elephant gets tired and he moves his head earthquakes come. They circumambulated him and headed towards South. They saw another elephant there, his name was Mahaapadm. They circumambulated him also and headed towards West. There also they found an elephant named Saumanas. They circumambulated him and even asked his welfare and headed toward North. There also they found a white colored elephant, named Bhadra. They touched him respectfully and circumambulated also.

They continued digging and found their horse grazing nearby in North-East direction. Kapil Muni was sitting nearby that horse. They thought that Kapil Muni stole their horse so they ran towards Him to kill Him, but Kapil Muni's one sound "Hum" burned them all."

Sarg 41-Anshumaan Finds His Uncles

Vishwaamitra Jee further said - "Hey Raam, When Raajaa Sagar's children didn't return for long, he sent his grandson Anshumaan to find about his uncles and the horse, and kill the thief. He blessed him saying, "Take your bow and arrow and sword too as the living beings living in netherworlds are arrogant, in case they attack you. You salute who are worthy to be saluted and and kill the cause of obstructions" and told him to carry his weapons along. Anshumaan went immediately to find his uncles and the horse following the dug land.

He saw an elephant on his way. He greeted him and asked his welfare, then asked about his uncles and the horse. All the four elephants blessed him to be successful in his mission and that he should return with the horse. Carrying the blessings of all the four elephants, Anshumaan at last arrived at the place where his uncles were burnt to ashes. Anshumaan got very sad, he cried, he saw his horse also grazing nearby. He wished to perform last rites of his uncles so he started searching for water. He couldn't find the water but he saw his father's maternal uncle (Maamaa) Garud Jee. 

Vinataa-Putra Garud Jee said - "Hey Prince, Do not cry for your uncles, because their killing is good for the world. They are killed by Kapil Jee for the welfare of the world. Their Tarpan will not be performed with ordinary water, you do their Tarpan with Gangaa water so that they can go to Swarg through Gangaa. You may take your horse and complete the Yagya of your grandfather."

Anshumaan took his horse quickly, came back to his grandfather and told him everything. Raajaa Sagar completed his Yagya and came back to Ayodhyaa, but he could not decide anything about Gangaa and died after ruling the kingdom for 30,000 years."





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