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Tidbits-4 (Kings)

Who Donated the Whole Earth
The following are well known to donate the whole Earth to Braahman -

(1) Dileep
King Dileep of Ikshwaaku Vansh, great grandson of Raajaa Sagar, donated the Prithvi to Braahman. [Mahabharata, Shaanti Parv, Sec 29] [MBH, Shaanti/8]

(2) Sahstrrarjun
The emperor Arjun (Sahstraarjun, or Sahasbaahu) also donated Earth to Braahman in an Ashwamedh Yagya.

(3) Parashuraam
It is known that Parashuraam also gave this whole earth to Kashyap Jee. When Drone, after his education, couldn't get any thing for his subsistence, he heard that Parashuraam Jee was donating everything he had, so he went there in the expectation that he would get something from him, but when he got there he found that he had already donated everything including Prithvi.

(4) Harishchandra
Harishchandra is well-known king who donated the whole Prithvi to Vishwaamitra.

(5) King Yudhishthir also gave the whole earth to Vyaas Jee when he performed his Ashwamedh Yagya after the war. [MBH, Ashwamedh, 89]   [MBH, 7-postwar/22]

(6) Rukmkavach
In Yadu lineage - He had five sons - Sahastrajit, Kroshtu, Neel, Anjik, and Raghu.
Then in Kroshtu's lineage -> -> Shashbindu -> Ushanaa -> Shineyu - > Rukmkavach
Rukmkavach also donated the whole Prithvi to Braahman. [Padm Puraan, 1/11, p 39]

Famous Donors
There are two people famous for donations: Raajaa Bali and Karn. Others are Raajaa Shibi, Raajaa Rantidev, Maharshi Dadheechi, and Raajaa Harishchandra.

(1) Raajaa Bali
He gave the whole Trilok to Vaaman Bhagvaan in donation and got Indra's status in a coming Manvantar. 

(2) Karn
He gave his Kavach and Kundal (which he was born with and made him invincible) to Indra who came to ask them in the form of a Braahman to save his own son Arjun.

(3) Raajaa Shibi
He gave his whole body to satisfy a falcon to save a pigeon. Then Dharm Raaj and Indra gave Darshan to him.

(4) Raajaa Rantidev
He used to live on very minimum quantity of things. He never used to take money from Royal treasure for his own purpose. Once he and his family had to go without food for 40 days, and when he got something to eat and he was about to eat it, that a dog came, so Raajaa gave some to him out of it. When the dog went away, he again sat to eat food, that a beggar came and he gave all his food to that beggar. Then Bhagvaan gave His Darshan to him.

(5) Rishi Dadheechi
He was very strong. So when Vritraasur was getting strong, Indra had to beg for his bones so that he could build a weapon out of them to kill Vritraasur. Dadheechi left his mortal body by Yog method and gave his bones for the good of the world.

(6) Raajaa Harishchandra
He donated the whole Prithvi to Vishwaamitra and he himself served a Shoodra after selling his wife and son Rohitaashwa to a wealthy man. Later when he wanted to kill his wife for not paying the fee to burn the dead body of his own son, Dharm Raaj and Indra appeared before him.

(7) A Braahman
There is one story more of a Braahman (MBH, 7-Postwar, 23) who was subsisting on Unchchh with his wife, son and daughter-in-law. Once there was a severe famine and the Braahman family had to undergo very difficult situation. Once he got some barley, he made Sattoo out of that barley. As the family sat to eat it, a guest came there. The Braahman family welcomed him and one by one all the family members gave him their share of food. They went to Heaven.

Who Went to Swarg With Their Physical Body? 
Is it not surprising that people like to go to Swarg with their mortal body, then who and who became successful by going there with their physical body.

(1) Trishanku
The first and foremost well-known name is of Trishanku whom Vishwaamitra tried to send there with his physical body. At last he hung in between Prithvi and Swarg and thus is known as Trishanku.

(2) Kuru
The second name is of Kuru from Bhavishya Puraan, 3/3. Hastee, who inhabited Hastinaapur, had a son named Ajameedh, his son was Rakshpaal, Rakshpaal's son was Sushamyarn and Sushamyarn's son was Kuru. He also went to Swarg with his physical body.

(3) Hanook
The third name is mentioned in Bhavishya Puraan, 3/4. Among the Mlechchh, Hanook was such a person who went to Swarg with his physical body.

(4) Yudhishthir
The fourth name is of Yudhishthir. He also went to Swarg with his physical body.

Kings Who Were Pushed Down From Swarg Lok
The following kings attained Swarg on their merits, but fell from there because of their ill behavior.

(1) Raajaa Yayaati
He had to fall from Swarg because of his pride. He went to Swarg because of his good Karm. Once when he was sitting in Swarg with Indra, Indra asked him "Who is the best man on the earth." Yayaati replied with simplicity "It is I." Indra immediately said - "There is no place for a proud man here in Swarg, so fall down on Earth." And he pushed him down. Although later he again regained his position on the basis of Punya received from his wife and sons. [Mahaabhaarat says he regained his position on the basis of Punya received from his daughter Maadhavee and her four sons]

(2) Raajaa Nahush
He had to fall down from Swarg because of misbehavior with Indraanee. Once Indra got the sin of Brahm Hatyaa so he had to hide. There was nobody on the throne of Indra. Raaja Nahush was found the most suitable candidate for it, so he was appointed as Indra. As he became Indra he became very proud and desired to have Indraanee. To save herself from him, she asked him to come to her palace in a palanquin carried by Rishi.

Nahush didn't mind that, he was very happy to hear that so he asked Rishi to carry his palanquin to Indraanee's palace. As the Rishi had never done this work before, they were going slowly, but Nahush was blind in happiness to reach Indraanee's palace soon, so he said to them "Sarp, Sarp" which means "go fast, go fast". Rishi could not go fast so he again said this to them and hit Agastya Muni with his foot. At this Agastya Muni gave him Shaap "Go and become a big serpent (Sarp) yourself."

Nahush became a big serpent and fell down on Earth. On asking when he will be released from this Yoni (species), Muni said - "When in the end of Dwaapar Yug Paandav will be roaming around because of their exile, you will meet one of them and you will be free then. One of them will answer your questions too." So when Paandav were in their exile period Bheem came across this serpent. When Yudhishthir came in search of him, he found Bheem in the grip of this serpent. Then he answered his questions and Nahush got freed from his serpent Yoni.

(3) Raajaa Trishanku
Raajaa Satyavrat did not attain the Swarg but desired to go to Swarg Lok with his mortal body. So he went to his Kul Guru Vashishth and expressed his desire. Vashishth clearly refused to do this saying that it was impossible. Then he went to his sons, but they also refused to do this saying "When our father couldn't do it, we also cannot do this."

Roaming around in search of somebody who could send him to Swarg with his mortal body he came across with Vishwaamitra who, at time, was in the process to become a Maharshi to lower down Vashishth. As he heard king's request, he agreed thinking that in this way he will prove himself superior to Vashishth.

He did a Yagya and the king started rising up to Swarg. When Indra saw him coming to Swarg, he was very surprised. He pushed him down to Earth, but Vishwaamitra kept him rising. Indra was pushing him down, and Vishwaamitra was pushing him up. This was the question of his powers. But at last neither Indra allowed him to enter Swarg, nor Vishwaamitra got ready to take him back. So he is still hanging in sky. That is why he got the name of Trishanku.

Chakravartee Kings
There have been many Chakravartee kings in Bhaarat Varsh. Chakravartee means who alone is the ruler of a whole piece of a land.

(1) Raajaa Chitraketu
He was the Chakravartee King of Shoorsen Desh. He had 10 million (1 Crore) queens but no child from anyone.

(2) Raajaa Ambareesh
He was the descendent of Swaayambhuv Manu > Nabhag > Naabhaag > Ambareesh. He ruled all the seven Dweep Prithvi. He was such a devotee of Bhagavaan that His Chakra used to guard him and even Brahm Astra could not affect him.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/2]

(3) Raajaa Maandhaataa
Maandhataa was born in Ikshwaaku Vansh. Ikshwwaku >> Ambareesh > Kakutsth >> Senjit > Yuvanashwa > Maandhaataa. He ruled 7-Dweep Prithvi alone.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/3]

(4) Raajaa Sagar
Sagar was in the lineage of Maandhaataa >> Trishanku > Harishchandra >> Sagar. He was also a Chakravartee Samraat.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/4]

(5) Raajaa Khatwaang
He was born in Soorya Vansh.  Ikshwaaku > Sagar >> Bhageerath >> Saudaas (Kalmaashpaad) >> Vishwasaha > Khatwaang. He helped Devtaa to fight with Asur. When Devtaa asked him to ask for a Var, he wanted to know his remaining age. Devtaa said, "Two Ghadee time". Khatwaang immediately came to Earth from Swarg Lok and with his Yog power got Parampad.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/5]

(6) Raajaa Yayaati
He was born in Ikshwaaku Vansh. He was Nahush's son. He also ruled 7-Dweep Prithvi alone.
[Bhagvat Puraan, 9/11]

(7) Raajaa Bharat
He was born in Yayaati's youngest son Pooru's Vansh. Yayaati > Puru > > Ileen > Dushyant > Bharat. His mother's name was Shakuntalaa who was the daughter of Vishwaamitra and Menakaa and was brought up by Maharshi Kanv.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/12]

(8) Raajaa Suhotra (Bharat > Bhumanyu > Suhotra)
He was the great grandson of Dushyant and he performed many Raajsooya and Ashwamed Yagya and ruled over the whole Prithvi.
[MBH, 1-Beginning/1]

(9) Arjun (Sahastraarjun, or Sahastrabaahu or Sahasbaahu or Kaartveerya Arjun)
He was born in Haihaya Vansh. Chandramaa > Budh > Pururavaa > Aayu > Nahush > Yayaati > Yadu >> Haihaya >> Kanak > Kritveerya >Arjun. He was known as Kaartveerya Arjunalso because he was the son of Kritveerya. He was known as Sahstrabaahu or Sahasbaahu also because he had got 1,000 arms in a Var from Dattaatreya Jee.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/14]

(10) Raajaa Shashbindu 
He was in Yadu's lineage. Yadu > Kroshtu > Vrijinvaan > Shwaahi > Rusheku > Chitrarath > Shashbindu. He had all the 14 gems with him. He was a Chakravartee king and was invincible in war. He had 10,000 wives and his each wife had 100,000 children - totaling one billion children.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/14]

(11) Raajaa Vikramaaditya
He was a king in Kali Yug. He was also a Chakravartee king. In the end he attained Swarg Lok. Indian year "Vikram Samvat" is in use on his name.
[Bhavishya Puraan, 3/9]

(12) Raajaa Raaji
Raajaa Raaji was a Chakravartee king. He won the whole Prithvi, defeated all Asur and gave Swarg back to Indra.

Which Women Took Vows From Their Men Before They Married Them?
There are two women known for this, both came to live on Prithvi because of Shaap. Urvashee had the Shaap of Mitraavarun, and Gangaa had the Shaap of her father Brahmaa Jee:

(1) Urvashee
Urvashee took vows from Pururavaa (Budh's son from Ilaa or Il) before getting married to him. She said - "First, there are two rams, they are like my sons, never send them away from my bed. Second, I should never see you naked in the night. Third, I will eat only Ghee (purified butter)." Pururavaa agreed for them and she got married to him.
[Vishnu Puraan, 4/6]

(2) Gangaa
Gangaa took the vow from Shaantanu, "You will not ask any question from me whatever I do. If you will do, I will leave you immediately after answering your first question." Shaantanu was so much attracted to her that he agreed for her vow and lost seven sons for the same reason.

(3) Satyavatee
Satyavatee (Matsyagandhaa) took the vow from Paraashar that she should regain her virginity after having the son.
Next time when she married to Shaantanu, although she did not take this vow herself, but she was married to him on the condition that only her children will rule the Hastinaapur kingdom.

(4) King Rukmaangad
This story comes in Naarad Puraan in reference to Ekaadashee fast. This King was so much devotee of Vishnu that he regularly kept fast of Ekaadashee, and he forced his public also to observe this. This observance of fast resulted in that nobody was going to Narak, and both Yam Raaj and Chitragupt were soon out of job. They went to Brahmaa Jee and do something about it. Brahmaa Jee created a woman and sent her to him to break his vow. She also took vow from him that "whatever I will tell, you will have to do it." Since the king was love-stricken, he agreed to her condition. Then later he had to suffer a lot because of his this action.
[Naarad Puraan, Uttar Khand, p 580-639]

(5) Ashrubindumatee
This story comes in Padm Puraan in reference to serving parents. When Naarad Jee praised Yayaati, Indra got worried and he thought to invite him to Swarg, so he sent a messenger with his Saarathee Maatali, but he failed to carry out Indra's orders. So Indra sent Kaam Dev to do this job. Seeing appropriate opportunity he and old age entered Yayaati's body. Because of this Yayaati attracted to a woman named Ashrubindumatee, Kaam Dev's daughter, and married her on the condition that "first you become young; second, whatever I will tell you, you will do the same; and third, you will not have any relation with your previous wives." Agreeing with this condition Yayaati also got into a trap. Indra succeeded in his mission.
[Padm Puraan, Bhoomi Khand, p 286-310]

(6) Maadhavee
Maadhavee was Yayaati's daughter. Yayaati gave her to Gaalav Muni in place of not being able to give him 200 white horses with one black ear. The Gaalav Muni traded her to three Kings or Princes for 200 white horses with one black ear. He gave her that she will give them one son and after they would have one son from her, he would come and take her. In exchange of her trading, he promised her to regain her virginity after every, so called marriage.
[MBH, Stories-Gaalav]

Famous Love Stories
There are three very famous love stories in Indian mythology (more love stories) :-

(1) Nal-Damayantee
Both heard about one another from swans. They fell in love and got married.

(2) Dushyant-Shakuntalaa
Once Dushyant came on hunting trip. He got thirsty, so he came to Kanv Muni's Aashram to ask for drinking water. There both saw each other and fell in love. Dushyant came several times there and they got married according to Gandharv Vivaah. Dushyant returned to his kingdom promising her to call her later and gave her his ring in case he did not remember her. After that Dushyant forgot her. But unfortunately, Shakuntalaa was pregnant, she gave birth to a son and when she went to Dushyant with that ring, he refused to recognize her. He did ask her to show some sign, but she could not produce it because she lost it on her way to palace. Later he saw a child counting the teeth of a lion, and he recollected the incident and accepted Shakuntalaa.

(3) Ushaa-Aniruddh
Ushaa, Bali's granddaughter and Baanaasur's daughter, saw Aniruddh in her dreams and started loving him. When she told this to her friend Chitralekhaa, Baanaasur's minister's daughter, first she could not know how to search that dream man. hen she drew many sketches and found out that he was Aniruddh. Then she brought him to Ushaa's palace while he was sleeping. Later they got married.

Achievements of Various Kings
Read some achievement of many kings on this page. [Mahaabhaarat, Shaanti Parv, Sec 29] [MBH, Shaanti/8]



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