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Our mythology has lots of interesting facts scattered about which have to be consolidated for better understanding. Some related information has been condensed here on these pages.

Tidbits-1 - Rishi
(1) Rishi and Divine Cows; 
(2) Angry Muni Durvaasaa; 
(3) Kaam-Mohit Muni; 
(4) Who Were Cursed in the Womb?
(5) Children Born in Tapasyaa
(6) Rishi Who Married Kings' Daughters
(7) People Who Got Vairaagya After Love

Tidbits-2  -  Mahaabhaarat
(1) Who Conversed With Gods in Mahaabhaarat?
(2) Who talked to Gods other Than in Mahaabhaarat?
(3) Who and Who are the Soot Putra in MBH?
(4) Who Was Born to Kill Whom?
(5) Who Saw Krishn's Chatur-bhuj Roop or Viraat Roop?
(6) How Many Times Draupadee Was Humiliated?

Tidbits-3  -  Kings-1
(1) Who Lived for How Many Years?
(2) Kings Who Fought in Dev-Asur War; 

Tidbits-4  -  Kings-2
(1) Who Donated the Whole Earth?
(2) Famous Donors; 
(3) Who Went to Swarg With Their Physical Body?
(3) Kings Who were Pushed Down from Swarg Lok; 
(4) Which Women Took Vows from Their Men Before They Married Them?
(5) Chakravartee Kings
(6) Famous Love Stories
(7) Achievements of Various Kings; 

Tidbits-5 - Kings-3
(1) Who Suffered in Playing Dice Game? 
(2) Who had Thousand Arms?
(3) Who and Who Gave Shaap to Devtaa?
(4) Who and Who Were Guarded by Bhagavaan?
(5) Who Produced Krityaa?
(6) Who Took Revenge of Their Father's or Forefather's Killings?
(7) Who Created Another Indra?

Tidbits-6  -  Kings-4
(1) Who are Still Living in Kalaap Graam?
(2) Who Scolded His Son at Killing a King?
(3) Who Were the Women Who Cursed?
(4) Durations of Some Wars/Fights

Tidbits-7  - Kings-5
(1) Who Passed Through Narak While Going to Swarg?
(2) Who Relieved People Living in Narak?
(3) Who Saw Narak Before Coming Back to Prithvi?
(4) Who Donated Their Punya to Others?
(5) Who Spread Vaishnav Dharm?
(6) Who Saw Extraordinary Animals?
(7) Who Loved Animals and Were Born as Animals?

Tidbits-8 - Gods-1
(1) Krishn Helped Draupadee Twice
(2) What is Said by Krishn?
(3) Who Got Educated from the Sun God
(4) Who Were Cured by Soorya Worship?
(5) Three Events of Ashwinee Kumaar's Life
(6) Which Avataar Fought in Battles?

(1) Who Were Brought Back From Yam Lok?
(2) Who Got the Shaap of Dying While Trying to Have a Child?
(3) Which Pregnant Women Were Stopped Being Satee?

Tidbits-10  -  General-1
(1) Who and Who are Chiranjeevee?
(2) Who Drank Rivers or Oceans?
(3) Who are the Divine Naag?
(4) Which Sisters Were Married to Father and Son?

Tidbits-11 - Kings-6
(1) Who Inhabited Which City?
(2) Who and Who Did Not Have Rains in Their Kingdoms?
(3) Who Went to Swarg With His Mortal Body?
(4) Who and Who Had the Power of 10,000 Elephants?
(5) Who and Who Had Gold Pots in Their Yagya?
(6) Some Strange Wishes and Boons

Tidbits-12  -  Gods-2
(1)  Who and Who were Killed by Krishn's Chakra?
(2) Who and Who Did Tapasyaa to Get Bhagavaan as Their Husband?
(3) Who Got Shaap of Being Chaandaal?
(4) Who Killed Whose Sons?
(5) Who Was Tulasee?
(6) How Many Geetaa...?
(7) Great Kings of Bhaarat Varsh
(8) Who Gave Alms to Gods?

Tidbits-13 - General-2
(1) Swans Who Took Messages
(2) How Many Wars Devtaa and Daitya Fought?
(3) Guess Who Was Living When?
(4) Who Got Divine Sight?
(5) Birds Who Talked Like Human beings
(6) Who Lived With Many Wives Together?
(7) Who Was Warned About 7th Day Flood Etc
(8) Who Lived in Several Yug?

Tidbits-14 - Curses
List of Shaap (Curse)

Tidbits-15 - Kings-7
(1) Who Knew Brahmaastra and Used It?
(2) What Maya Daanav Built For Whom?
(3) Who Got Divine Garlands?
(4) Who Got Special Vimaan?
(5) Which Daitya Worshipped Whom?
(6) Who Could Shoot Shabd-Vedhee Baan?

Tidbits-16 - Gods-3
(1) Who and Who Did Tapasyaa After Being Insulted?
(2) Fights Between Gods
(3) How Many Personalities are Elephant-headed?
(4) Uncommon Illusions in the Battlefield

(1) How Many Van (Forests) Do You Know?
(2) Who Saw Their Pitri Hanging in a Pit?
(3) Which Muni Asked the Kings Their Daughters in Marriage?
(4) Who Were Living in Golden Cities?
(5) Which Kings Suffered With Long Droughts?
(6) Who Got Divine Chariots?

Tidbits-18 - Birth and Children
(1) List of Children Born From Unwed Couples
(2) Who Were Born With Armor and Earrings?
(3) Where Men gave Birth to Their son.
(4) Kings Who got Children from Rishi;
(5) Which Women Got the Children Without Husband?
(6) Who Were Born From Pots
(7) Who Were Born From Animals and Birds
(8) Who Were Born From Rivers?
(9) Who Were Born as Animals on Prithvi?

Tidbits-19  -  Gods-4
(1) Who Thought It Would Happen Like This
(2) Which Wives Asked Their Husband for Good Clothes and Jewelry?
(4) Who Cursed Vishnu
(5) Who and Who Insulted Vishnu?
(6) Illusions Created by Vishnu

Tidbits-20 - Apsaraa-1
(1) Names of Apsaraa
(2) Apsaraa Who had Contacts With Human Beings

Tidbits-22 - Gods-4
(1) Who Were Tested by Devtaa
(2) When Incarnations Got Educated
(3) Who Met Yam Raaj Face to Face
(4) Who Were protected by God

Tidbits-23 -
(1) In favor of the Last Rites

Tidbits-24 -
(1) Sons Devoted to Their Father
(2) Sex Conversion in Indian Mythology

Tidbits-25 - Disciples
(1) Who Were the Good Disciples
(2) It is Interesting to Note That...

(1) Non-Braahman Gods, Sages and Saints

Tidbits-27 - Apsaraa-2
(1) Apsaraa in Waters

(1) Whose Wives Sacrificed Their Values?
(2) Who Left Whom in Favor of God

Cases of Gender Change

Three King Makers

(1) Similar Incidents and Same or Similar Results
(2) Striking Similarities in Ancient Times
(3) Modern Similarities

(2) Who and Who Did Ashwamedh Yagya?
(6) Who performed 100 Ashwamedh Yagya

(1) People Whose Resting Place is Unknown

(1) Some Good Things to Read

(1) Religious TV Serials



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