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Who and Who Were Killed by Krishn's Chakra?

(1)  Shishupaal
Shishupaal was Krishn's father's sister's son. He was the incarnation of Raavan also, so it was necessary for Krishn to kill him. He was killed in Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya.
[Bhaagvat Puran, 9/12]

(2) Shaalv
Raajaa Shaalv was also killed by Krishn's Chakra. It was when Krishn had killed Shishupaal and since Shishupaal was his friend, he went to fight with Krishn.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u16]

(3) Vaasudev of Paundrak Vansh
Vaasudev of Paundrak Vansh was the king of Kaashee. Since his name was Vaasudev, people used to consider him Krishn and worshipped him as Krishn. He also started wearing things like Krishn. Once he warned Krishn to take off all His marks, because he himself was the real Krishn. krishn said - "I will take off my marks in the battlefield and give them to you. So both met near Kaashee and Krishn took off His Gadaa, Chakra etc and threw at him which soon killed him.
[Vishnu Puraan, 5/13]

(4) Vidoorath
After Krishn killed Shishupal, Shaalv and Paundrak, Dantavakra got very angry at Krishn so he came to fight with Krishn, but Krishn killed him by His Gadaa. Seeing this his brother Vidoorath came to take revenge with Him, Krishn killed him with His Chakra.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u17]

(5) Durjaya
This story comes in Matsya Puraan. Durjaya was the son of King Suprateek. Once he was out for hunting that he came to Gaurmukh's Aashram.  had a Mani given by Vishnu with which he could fulfill any desire. It was Chintaamani. He entertained Durjaya named king through this Mani. Seeing its power he also wanted that Mani for himself. In the end Vishnu killed him with His Chakra.
[see also Rishi Gaurmukh in Tidbits-1, Rishi and Divine Cows]

(6) Shatadhanvaa
This story comes in Bhaagvat Puraan in the reference of Syaamantak Mani, which was of Satraajit. First it was lost by Satraajit's brother Prasenjit, then a blame was put on Krishn's head. Krishn removed His blame by bringing that Mani back to Satraajit. After that Krishn went to Hastinaapur to console Kaurav on the burning of Paandav in Laakshaa Griha. In the absence of Krishn, Shatadhanvaa, on the advice of Akroor and Kritavarmaa, took the Mani from Satraajit and killed him in sleep. Satyabhaamaa brought Krishn from Hastiaapur to Dwaarakaa. Hearing that Krishn had come back, Shatadhanvaa got afraid and asked Akroor and kritavarmaa's help but both washed their hands. So Shatadhanvaa ran away in his chariot. Krishn followed him and killed him with His Chakra near Mithilaa Puree.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u6]

(7) Maalee
Maalyavaan, Maalee and Sumaalee were three brothers - sons of Sukesh. The three brothers did Tap for Brahmaa Jee and were granted the boons so they became fearless. Devtaa complained to Vishnu, Vishnu assured them to  kill these brothers. And when these brothers heard that Vishnu would kill them they invaded Indra Lok with their army. There Vishnu killed Maalee with His Chakra.
[V-Raamaayan, 7/3]

Who and Who Did Tapasyaa to get Bhagavaan as Their Husband?
In Hindu mythology there are some women who did Tapasyaa to get Bhagavaan as their husband - who were they?

(1) Umaa (Paarvatee)
The first name comes of Umaa, the daughter of Himvaan Parvat and his wife Mainaa. She wanted Shiv as her husband and she got him.
[Raamaayan, 1/4]

(2) Vedvatee
This woman was doing Tap to get Vishnu as her husband when Raavan disturbed her and she immolated herself cursing him that she will born again to destroy him. Then she was born as Seetaa.
[V-Raamaayan, 7/16-17]

(3) Kaalindee
Daughter of Soorya. She was doing Tap to get Bhagavaan Krishn as her husband, when Arjun spotted her out and informed Krishn about her. Krishn took her and married her.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u7]

Who Got Shaap of Becoming Chaandaal?

(1) King Saudaas (Kalmaashpaad)
Once Raajaa Saudaas went on a hunting trip. There he killed some Raakshas but left his brother. The brother considered the act of killing his brother unjust and went to the palace of Raajaa to take revenge of his brother in the form of a cook. One day when Guru Vashishth Jee came to Raajaa's palace, he offered him food. The cook offered him human flesh in the food. When Vashishth Jee found the food completely uneatable, he gave Shaap to Raajaa in a great anger - "You will become a Raakshas because of this act." When later Vashishth Jee came to know that this was the act of a Raakshas not of Raajaa, then he lessened the duration of Shaap only for 12 years. He remained Raakshas for 12 years.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/5]

(2) King Satyavrat (Trishanku)
Satyavrat wanted to go to Swarg with his mortal body, so he went to his Purohit Vashishth Jee and asked him to do something which could send him to Swarg with his mortal body. Vashishth Jee clearly refused it saying that nobody could go there with this mortal body. He went to his 100 sons if they could help him, but they also refused him, so he threatened that he would ask some other Rishi. At this Vashishth Jee's sons got angry and gave him Shaap of being Chaandaal, so he became Chaandaal. Later Vshwaamitra Jee removed his Shaap by taking a dip in Paataal Gangaa in Haatkeshwar.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/4]

Who Killed Whose Sons

(1) Vashishth Jee Killed Vishwaamitra's 100 sons when Vishwaamitra was taking his cow.
[Read "Quarrel with Vashishth Jee" in Vishwaamitra]

(2) Later Vishwaamitra Jee burnt Vashishth Jee's 100 sons, when they refused to attend his Yagya to send Trishanku to Swarg with his mortal body.

(3) Bheem killed all 100 sons of Dhritraashtra and Gaandhaaree in Mahaabhaarat war.

(4) Ashwatthaamaa killed Paandav's five sons in sleep after the war.

(5) Parashuraam Jee killed Sahastrabaahu's sons

Who Was Tulasee?
Who was Tulasee? There are many stories

(1) In Padm Puraan, 2/15
In fact in earlier times, when Devtaa and Daitya churned Ksheer Saagar to obtain Amrit, four maidens appeared from that sea - Lakshmee, Vaarunee, Kaamodaa and Jyeshthaa. Kaamodaa appeared from the waves of Amrit. She assumed the form of a tree to please Vishnu in future, and became famous with the name of Tulasee. Whoever offers Him even one leaf of Tulasee, He is very pleased with him thinking "What should I give to him?" These flowers which were produced by Kaamodaa's tears coming from her laugh, were very beautiful and never wilted. Whoever worshipped Brahmaa, Vishnu or Mahesh with those flowers, they all were pleased with him and give whatever he wished for. Whoever worshipped these Devtaa with other kind of flowers, he got only sorrows.

How Many Geetaa
How many Geetaa you are aware of? Check the list below -

(1) Shree Mad-Bhagvad Geetaa - This is the most known and most popular Geetaa. It was told by Krishn, Bhagavaan Himself, to Arjun just before the Mahaabhaarat war was to start. It is in the form of dialog between Krishn and Arjun. The other two Geetaa are least known.

(2) Agastya Geetaa - It appears in Varaah Praan.

(3) Anu-Geetaa  -  This Geetaa is also told be Krishn to Arjun, in Mahaabhaarat, 7-postwar-7, but after the war was over. Arjun says, "Hey Krishn, I have forgotten what you said to me at that time so I wish to hear it again." Krishn smiles and says - "Paarth, That environment was different, so I am not sure that I can repeat the same Geeta again, but I will tell you what I said at that time." This Geetaa is given in Ashwamedh Parv, Chap 16-51.

(4) Ashtaavakra Geetaa - This Geetaa is about Adhyaatm Gyaan - A-Dwaitvaad, in the form of dialog between Raajaa Janak and Rishi Ashtaavakra.

(5) Avadhoot Geetaa - This Geetaa is a part of Devee Bhaagvat and is told by Bhagavaan  Dattaatareya. Its Chapter 1 is here and a complete  translation of this Geetaa may be read at this site -

(6) Devee Geetaa -

(7) Eeshwareeya Geetaa - It appears in Koorm Puraan

(8) Paandav Geetaa - This Geeaa is not a single Geetaa told by somebody and heard by somebody, or original text, but it is a collection of quotations from various sources, so these verses do not belong to Paandav Geetaa or Panchdashee.

(9) Ribhu Geetaa - The Ribhu Geetaa, literally “Ribhu’s Song”, is Part Six of the Shiv Rahasya. The whole of the Ribhu Geetaa is said to represent the teaching given to the Sage Ribhu by God himself in the form of Lord Shiv, the formless aspect of the Divine activity, in whom all beings and things are always already absorbed. The Sage in turn gave the teaching to his reluctant disciple Nidaagh.

(10) Rudra Geetaa - It appears in Varaah Puraan

(11) Shiv Geetaa - It appears in Padm Puraan, Paataal Khand. It contains 16 chapters in the form of dialog among Raam, Agastya and Shiv himself.

(12) Siddh Geetaa - This Geetaa is told by Yog Vashishth.

(13) The Uddhav Geetaa - This Geetaa is the last message of Krishn to His friend Uddhav just before going to His Param Dhaam.

(14) Vidyaa Geeaa - This Geetaa appears in Tripur Rahasya. Tripur Rahasya is considered as a chief book of A-Dwait, the reading of which alone is sufficient for salvation.

(15) Vyaas Geetaa - It appears in Koorm Puraan

(16) Yam Geetaa  - This Geetaa appears in Vishnu Puraan, 3/3, and is also in the dialog form. It is also in dialog form between Raajaa Sagar and Maharshi Aurv (he was from Bhrigu's family and he brought the King up) about Vishnu's worship, duties of four Varn people, method of performing Sanskaar, and Shraaddh etc. A dialog between Yam Raaj and his servants is also given as who is that person who cannot be taken away even by Yam Raaj. Yam Raaj says that "I cannot take those people who worship Vishnu, who take name of Vishnu and who call Vishnu at the time of their death, because Vishnu is respectable for me as He is my creator, so I cannot disregard Him."

Great Kings
If you want to know about some of the great kings of Bhaarat Varsh, read the Story of Srinjaya, mentioned in Mahaabhaarat, Drone Parv, Ch 50  to Ch 70 - in 20 chapters. This contains the stories of 16 kings. In short it is given here - Story of Srinjaya.

Who Gave Alms to Gods?
There have been several kings and people who have given alms to gods --

(1) The first and foremost name of such a king name comes to our mind is Daitya Raaj Bali who donated the whole Tri-Lok to Vishnu (Vaaman Avataar)

(2) The second name is of great donor Karn who gave his life - his Kavach and Kundal (armor and earrings)) - to Dev Raaj Indra, just before the Mahaabhaarat war took place.

There is one more legend about his alms to Krishn. It is said that after Karn fell in the battlefield he was taken to the banks of a water body. It was already dark. Krishn was admiring Karn to Arjun, but Arjun was so jealous with him that he did not want to listen any good thing about him. Then Krishn said - "Come, I show you." So Krishn took Arjun to the place where Karn was lying. There they went in disguise of Braahman and asked Karn to give them something. Sad Karn said - "Hey Braahman Devtaa, If you had come to me before, I could have given you whatever you wanted from me, but now I do not have anything to give to you. I am so sorry."

He had a gold tooth in his mouth, so Krishn said - "You can never be without anything. You have a golden tooth, you can give me that gold from your tooth." Karn said - "You are seeing me that I cannot move, how can I break this tooth. Please bring me a stone so that I can break the tooth and give the gold to you." Krishn said - "No, I cannot commit this sin in helping you breaking the tooth. If you can give me the tooth, it is OK, otherwise I go away." Karn said - "No Braahman, Do not go. I find some way myself."

He moved with great difficulty and found a little stone, broke his tooth and gave it to Krishn. Krishn said - "I am sorry, I cannot accept this alms, it is smeared with blood." Karn said - "Now where will I get the water to wash it? You take it and wash it in some river." Krishn said- "I don't accept such things. I am a Braahman, if you really want to give give me smething, give me the clean thing." At this Karn again moved with great difficulty and reached the water. He washed it there and gave it to Krishn. He asked Krishn's forgiveness several times that he could not serve him well. At this Krishn gave him His Chaturbhuj Roop Darshan and Karn died.
[I don't know how far this story is true, because Karn was such a great friend of Duryodhan, how could he leave him alone for dying?]

(3) Arjun gave Khaandav Van (forest) to Agni Dev, and pleased with this Agni Dev gave him a Divine chariot, Gaandeev bow and two quivers which would never be empty.

(4) Another Arjun, from Haihaya dynasty, or Sahastrabaahu also gave alms to Agni Dev who burnt many villages, mountains and forests.
[MBH, Shaanti Parv, 12]



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