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Swans Who Took Messages
There are few cases where swans took love messages to lovers to unite them :-

(1) Nal and Damayantee
The first case is of Nal and Damayantee where swans take one another's message to one another and get them married.

(2) Pradyumn and Prabhaavatee
Pradyumn was the son of Krishn and Prabhaavatee was the daughter of an Asur named Vajranaabh. Vajranaabh was abot to take Swarg, so Indra to save his Swarg, wanted to kill him. He sent his swans to praise Prabhaavatee to Pradyumn and Pradyumn to Prabhaavate and thus both got married.

How Many Wars Devtaa and Daitya Fought?
Many times we hear that Devaasur Sangraam took place. Does anybody have any idea as really how many times Devtaa and Daitya fought? Agni Puraan, 27 says that they fought 12 times. Which are they?

(1) Narasinh - Narasinh Bhagavaan tore Hiranyakashyap's heart and appointed Prahlaad as Daitya's King.
(2) Vaaman - At the time Dev-Asur Sangraam He appeared as Vaaman and returned Tri-Lok kingdom to Indra by cheating Daitya King Bali.
(3) Varaah Sangraam (battle) - He incarnated as Varaah and killed Hiranyaaksh and took out sank Prithvi in water.
(4) Amrit Manthan - Once Devtaa and Asur jointly churned the sea making Vaasuki as churning rope and Mandaraachal as churning rod and took out Amrit. Bhagavaan gave all Amrit to Devtaa that is why both had a great fight.
(5) Taarakaamaya Sangraam- Brahmaa stopped Devtaa and Daanav from fighting and established Som Vansh.
(6) Aajeevak - In this fight, Vishwaamitra, Vashishth and Atri etc Rishi killed Daanav and protected Devtaa.
(7) Traipur - In this battle, Shiv set off to destroy Tri-Pur seated on Prithvi-chariot yoking Ved-horses. Vishnu set on an arrow and destroyed Tri-Pur.
(8) Andhak Vadh - Andhakaasur troubled a lot with the intention to abduct Gauree, so Shiv Jee killed him.
(9) Vritra Vighaatak Sangraam - To kill Vritraasur, Vishnu sat on Indra's Vajra as the foam of water.
(10) Jit - Hari incarnated as Parashuraam and won Shaalv etc Daanav.
(11) Haalaahal - Bhagavaan made Devtaa fearless by asking Shiv to destroy the Daitya appeared as Halaahal poison coming out from Saagar Manthan by drinking it.
(12) Ghor Kolaahal - There was a Daitya named Kolaahal in Dev-Asur Sangraam, He killed him.

Guess, Who was Living When?
Can you guess when the well-known people were living in this world? First you should know the names of 14 Manvantar --

(1) Swaayambhoo  (2) Swaarochish  (3) Auttam  (4)  Taaman  (5) Raivat  (6) Chaakshush (7) Vaivaswat  (8) Saavarni (Son of Soorya and Chhaayaa)  (9) Rauchya or Daksh Saavarni  (10) Bhautya or Brahm Saavarni  (11) Meru Saavarni  or Dharm Saavarni  (12) Ribhu  or Dev Saavarni (son of Rudra)  (13) Veetdhaamaa or Ruchi  (14) Vishwaksen or Bhaum or Indra Saavarni

And then that this time (year 2010) is in Shwetashwatar Kalp, 7th Manvantar (Vaivaswat Manvantar), and Kali Yug of 28th Chatur-Yug

(1) Kritveerya (Father of Sahastraarjun)
Varaah Kalp, 7th Manvantar - Vaivaswat, Sat Yug (Not given which Chatur-Yug). He ruled for 77,000 years

(1) Sahastraarjun
According to Bhavishya Puraan, 3/25, it seems that Sahastraarjun was in this Kalp only, but in 6th Manvantar - Chaakshush Manvantar. It means that Parashuraam's Avataar was also in Chaakshush Manvantar. Taaljangh, Sahastraarjun's grandson was in 12th Dwaapar.

According to Bhavishya Puraan, 3/26  

(2) Mandodaree
Mandodaree was living 200 Chatur-Yug before 12th Dwaapar of Vaivaswat Manvantar (present Manvantar) - since 71+ Chatur-Yug make up one Manvantar - 200 Chatur-Yug means that she was in (28 Chatur-Yug of 7th Manvantar + 71 Chatur-Yug of 6th Manvantar + 61 Chatur-Yug in 5th Manvantar) some time in 10th Chatur-Yug of 5th Manvantar - Raivat Manvantar. It shows that Raam also must have been there at the same time. it is not known in which Manvantar and Chatur-Yug Raam was there.

(3) Pulastya, Vishravaa and Raavan
But at the same time, it says that in 12th Chatur-Yug Sat Yug (not given which Manvantar) Pulastya Rishi was born to Brahmaa Jee. He had the son named Vishravaa. Vishravaa Muni did Tapasyaa for 100 years and married the daughter of Sumaalee Daitya - Kaikasee. Kaikasee had two sons - Raavan and Kumbhkarn. Raavan was a devotee of his mother while Kumbhkarn was the devotee of his father. With the desire of Var they both did Tapasyaa for 1,000 years. Pleased with their Tap Brahmaa Jee have them Var of being invincible from Devtaa and Daitya. Then they got Pushpak Vimaan and defeated Devtaa. Devtaa did physical worship of Shankar Jee for 11 years, got Var and became fearless. Their Manvantar is not known

(4) Burning of Kaam Dev
Kaam Dev was burnt by Shiv in Swaarochish Manvantar (2nd Manvantar) while Krishn was born in 28th Dwaapar of Vaivaswat Manvantar (7th Manvantar, the present one), and Pradyumn who is supposed to be the incarnation of Kaam Dev was born in 28th Dwaapar as krishn's son.

Who Got Divine Sight?
There are some people who got Divine sight to see special things, who are they and what did they see?

(1) Drupad
Drupad was given Divine sight to see five Indra in five Paandav by Ved Vyaas Jee, when he refused to marry his daughter Draupadee to five people.
[MBH, 3/10]

(2) Sanjaya
Sanjaya, the charioteer of blind Dhritraashtra was also given Divine sight to see the war scenes of Kurukshetra War to tell them to Dhritraashtra. He was given this sight just to see the war scenes, as soon as the war was over his Divine sight was gone. He could not see anything any more there.

(3) Arjun
Arjun was given Divine sight to see Krishn's VIshwaroop. Although Hanumaa Jee was sitting on his flag, still he could not see that Roop because he did not have any Divine sight.

(4) Dhritraashtra
Dhritraashtra got the Divine sight to see his children and other people who had died in the war. In fct at that time all people present there, saw those people and enjoyed their company the whole night. Since Dhritraashtra could not see them because he was blind and that is why he was given Divine sight, but it seems, although it has not been mentioned in MBH, that either Vyaas Jee Jee gave everybody the Divine sight or other people could see them with their ordinary eyes.

(5) Parashuraam Jee
Mahaabhaarat describes the incident of Parashuraam meeting with Raam and in that incident Raam gives him Divine sight and shows His Viraat Roop to him.
[MBH, G-4-Van/17]

Birds Who Talked Like Human Beings
In Hindu scriptures there a few stories of birds who talked like human beings, who are they..?

(1) Kunjal and Kapinjal Birds
This story comes in Padm Puraan, Bhoomi Khand, pages 14 and 15. In  this Kunjal, an immortal parrot teaches his four sons.


Who Lived With His Many Wives Together?
There were some people in our Indian history who lived with their many wives together. Who were they?

(1) Krishn
The first name comes to the mind is of Shree Krishn. he had 16,108 wives and He lived with all of them together. Naarad Jee witnessed it.

(2) Saubhari Rishi
Second names of Saubhari Rishi who married Raajaa Maandhaataa's 50 daughters and lived with them  together. Every wife knew that her husband did not go to her co-wife anytime.

Who Was Warned About 7th Day Flood Etc?
In our scriptures some kings were informed about the 7th day flood or calamities etc. Who were they?

(1) Raajaa Satyavrat
Once Raajaa Satyavrat was worshipping standing in water that as he filed his hands with water to offer it to God, that a small fish came in his hands with water. As he was about to drop it in water , it said to him - "Please do not drop me in the water, big fish will eat me." So the King brought it home and kept it in a jar. But it kept overgrowing the pot in whichever he put it in. After he had to drop it in sea again. At that time he asked - "You are not an ordinary fish, tell me who you are?" The fish said - "You guessed right. On the 7th s=day from today there will be a flood here. At that time a boat will appear, you take all kinds of seed and embark in that boat. I will also appear at the same time. You tie that boat with Vaasuki Naag and I will roam about in those waters and preach you Adhyaatm Gyaan."
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/8]

(2) Raajaa Sudarshan
Khatwaang's son was Deerghbaahu and Deerghbaahu's son was Sudarshan. One day Mahaakaalee said to him in dream - "Vats, You go to Himaalaya along with your wife, because this Bharat Khand will be almost destroyed because of terrific storm. Several smaller islands have already sunk in the sea because of terrific storm. On the 7th day from today, a very terrific storm will come in Bhaarat Varsh also." Getting these instructions from Devee, Sudarshan went to Himaalaya along with main kings, Vaishya, Braahman and his servants and a huge part of Bhaarat was destroyed because of terrific storm. Its all people were also killed and the whole Prithvi got sunk in sea. After some time the land appeared again.
[Bhavishya Puran, 3/1]

Who Lived in Several Yug
There are some people who lived in several Yug, the following are some of them --

(1) Dwivid
Dwivid and Mayand wee two brothers who lived in Raam times - Tretaa Yug. Dwivid was present in Dwaapar Yug also. He was killed by Balaraam when he went to Brij for some time.

(2) Shambaraasur
Shambaraasur was the half brother of Hiranakashyap. It means that he was living in Sat Yug. He tried to kill Prahlaad through his Maayaa, and he tried to kill Pradyumn (Krishn's son) also by throwing him in the sea in Dwaapar Yug.

(3) Jaambvant
He also lived in three Yug - Sat Yug (he was born in this Yug); in Tretaa Yug (he helped Hanumaan and Raam in search of Seetaa and killing Raavan); and in Dwaapar Yug (he fought with Krishn and married his daughter Jaambvatee to Krishn).



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