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List of Shaap (Curses)
In Indian mythology there are many Shaap given by Rishi to Devtaa or Bhagavaan --

(1) Aurv's Shaap to Shiv
Once Shiv Jee burnt Aurv Rishi's Aashram, so he cursed Shiv Jee to wander around. After Shiv got tired wandering around he world, he came to Aurv to ask the cure of his wandering restlessly. e said if he took bath with Surabhi cow's milk, he would be all right. So Vishnu brought 77 Surbhi cows down and Shiv took bath with their milk and got relieved. And tat place came to be  known as Gau Nishkraman Teerth.
[Varaah Puraan]

(2) Daksh's Shaap to Naarad
A very ancient Shaap because of which Naarad is still wandering around and could not live at one place. Read the full story here.

(3) Durvaasaa Rishi's Shaap
Durvaasaa Rishi is famous for his anger. He has given several Shaap. His famous Shaap are to Shakuntalaa, Indra, King Ambareesh, and Krishn's son Saamb.
[See Durvaasaa]

(4) Ganesh's Shaap to Chandramaa
Once Ganesh Jee was taking a round of the Universe riding on his mouse. He came to Chandra Lok - Moon's kingdom also. Moon was very proud of his beauty. So seeing the big bellied Ganesh riding on a little mouse, Moon laughed at him. This was a great insult to Ganesh Jee, so he was very angry with Moon. He gave a Shaap to him - "You are very proud of your beauty. I am being worshipped first all over the world but because of your beauty you laughed at me. This is my Shaap to you that whoever will see you on the 4th day of the Krishn Paksh of Bhaadrapad month, on my birthday, he will suffer because of unjust accusations." Later Ganesh Jee relaxed his Shaap.

(5) Janamejaya Gets Shaap from Saramaa
Janamejaya got the Shaap from a dog, the son of celestial bitch Saramaa, whom his brothers pushed away from the Yagyashaalaa. His mother gave him Shaap that "Since you have beaten my son without any reason, an evil will fall upon you when you will least expect it."
[MBH, G-0/4]

(6) Maandavya Rishi's Shaap to Dharm Raaj
Maandavya Rishi gave Shaap to Dharm Raaj to be born on Prithvi for 100 years, so he was born in MBH times as Vidur.

(7) Naarad's Shaap to Vishnu
Interesting. Read the full story here.

(8) Pareekshit Gets Shaap from Shringee Rishi
Pareekshit got the Shaap  from Shringee Rishi's son, because he had put a dead snake in Shringee Rishi's neck. Shringee Rishi's son gave him Shaap that he would die by Takshak snake bite n the 7th day from that day.

(9) Pippalaad's Wife Padmaa's Shaap to Dharm
Pippalaad's wife Padmaa gave Shaap to Dharm to distract her from her Paativrat, that one part of the Dharm will be destroyed in each Yug. In Kali Yug Dharm will have only one part.

(10) Raavan Gets Several Shaap
Raavan got several Shaap from several people. In fact his life was the outcome of a Shaap itself  from Sanakaadi Muni. Raavan and Kumbhkarn were the two gatekeepers of Vishnu. Because of misbehaving with Sanakaadi Muni, they gave them Shaap to be born as Raakshas on Prithvi. On asking by Vishnu whether they would like to be born as the enemies of Vishnu for three lives, or Bhakt of Vishnu for seven lives, they told Him to be born as the enemies of Vishnu for three lives only. So they were born as Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaaksh; Raavan and Kumbhkarn; and Shishupaal and Dantvakra. All were killed by Avataar of Vishnu on their request - Narasinh, Varaah, Raam and Krishn respectively.

As Raavan, he got a Shaap from Nandee, the Bull of ShivJee; Vedvatee; Anaranya; abducted women; Nal-Koobar (Kuber's son); and Brahmaa Jee himself.

(11) Vashishth Jee's Shaap to King Saudaas, Nimi, and Vasu
--Vashishth Jee gave Shaap to King Saudaas to become Raashas, but when he knew that Saudaas was innocent, he reduced his Shaap for 12 years. At this Saudaas also got ready to give Shaap to him, but his wife Madayantee stopped him doing so. Then he poured that shaap water on his feet and his feet became black because of that Shaap water. So he got known as Kalmaashpaad.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/5Vishnu Puraan, 4/4]

--Once Vashishth Jee gave Shaap to King Nimi (Ikshwaaku's son). Since his Shaap was not according to Dharm, the King also gave Shaap to Vashishth Jee. Vashishth Jee died and was born from Varun. Nimi also died and got a Var to remain unborn and lie in everybody's yes. Since that day people started blinking their eyes.

--Once eight Vasu were in Vashishth Jee's Aashram that one of their wives saw his cow and asked her husband to bring that cow to her, so that she could give hat cow to her friend, because she had heard that by drinking her milk one becomes very beautiful and young forever. An she wanted her friend to be like that. Her husband did not think of the result of this an he stole Vashishth Jee's cow. When Vashishth Jee came back in bis Aashram and did not see his cow, he came to know about stealing his cow. He gave Shaap to all Vasu to be born on Prithvi. Fortunately or unfortunately Gangaa was also cursed by her father Brahmaa Jee to be born on Prithvi. Both met on the way. Gangaa promised to help them by bearing them as her children ad killing them at once so that they should not live on Prithvi for long time. But she could not help one Vasu. One Vasu had to live on Prithvi - and it was Bheeshm who lived under this curse.

--Ashtaavakra Muni gave Shaap to a Vidyaadhar to become a python who took Vasudev Jee in Varun Lok.

The followings are not Shaap but are promises made in past lives to suffer like this --

(1) The hunter who shot his arrow at Krishn's foot, was the incarnation of Vaanar Raaj Baali. As Raam killed Baali from hiding, in the same way Baali in his other life was born as a hunter and shot arrow at Krishn's foot from a distance which caused Him die.

(2) Raajaa Bali's daughter Ratnmaalaa was standing when Vaaman Bhagavaan came to ask for three feet land from Raajaa Bali. Seeing his beauty she wished that she would love to breastfeed Him; but as soon as she saw His Viraat Roop, she got frightened, and she wished that if He had been her son she would have killed Him. Bhagavaan heard her both wishes and fulfilled them when He was born as Krishn and she was born as Pootanaa. She breastfed Him hen He was a child, at the same time she wanted to kill Him too. Bhagavaan gave her His own Lok regarding her as His mother.

(3) Shoorpanakhaa was incarnated as Kubjaa in Mathuraa. She loved Raam very much. She could not marry Raam in that life but when she was born as Kubjaa, Krishn gave her beauty and lived with her for 7 days. [I have not read this in any book but on one web site. Its authenticity is questionable.]



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