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There are several things - data, information, knowledge, wisdom, Gyaan, Pragyaa, and entertainment too. The borders of these classifications are at times blurred - the world in truth never fits into exact classification acrobatics of the fragmented mind. So beware when you use these definitions, even though such classifications could be helpful to understand the terms.

The simplest way to define them - two examples --
Example - 1
Information is that sweets is available at a Sweets Shop
Knowledge is when you buy it from there, and
Wisdom is whether you should buy it from that shop or not.

Example - 2
Information is that there are dense clouds with 80% chance of precipitation on 10th August
Knowledge is that August is a month of rainy season - so there is a high chance of rain (refinement of information and over-arching top level
Wisdom is I should take an umbrella if I go out

Data = Non-processed data or just collected facts randomly or in an organized way
Information = Processed data (data processed, some patterns are identified, some derivations and conclusions are drawn)
Knowledge = Circumference awareness (the outline) generated or availed based on information.
Wisdom/Consciousness/Gyaan/ Pragyaa = Different levels with minute differences. But the common theme is that Knowledge moves from circumstance to the center becoming awareness; becoming part of yourself; the core.

Information is rules of righteousness
Knowledge is self awareness
Wisdom is universal awareness

Information is everywhere
Knowledge is what information is accurate and base your decisions on it and proceed
Wisdom is ignoring the inaccurate and hitting the Bull's Eye.

Information and knowledge are very contextual. In the universe knowledge is abundant, knowledge. People collect it everyday in their mind, some get lost in information so much that they lose track of wisdom. Some arduously try to be wise but lack the effort to gather knowledge. While some possess both the knowledge and the information, but cannot relate and make good use of it.

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