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What was the name of Shiv's bow which Raam broke in Seetaa's Swayamvar?
Its name was Kindhur. [Janak]  Seetaa Jee told Anasooyaa that Janak Jee got it from Varun Dev.
[V-Raamaayan, 1/43/118]

Why Raam had to be separated from Seetaa?
When Lakshman went to leave Seetaa in the forest, he became very sad and wished to commit suicide, but Sumantra told Lakshman the story that Durvaasaa Muni had told to Dasharath: "Once, a very big battle ensued between the demigods and the demons. The demons were defeated and went to the wife of Bhrighu Jee to take shelter; and, being very merciful, she gave them shelter. The demigods went to Bhagavaan Vaaman and told him that Bhrigu's wife had given shelter to demons. Vaaman Bhagavaan then took His Chakra and beheaded Bhrigu's wife.

Bhrighu got very upset at this and cursed Vaaman Bhagavaan saying, "You are responsible for my wife's death. I loved her very much. Now I will have to suffer so much in separation from her. For this I curse you that you will have to suffer in the same way in the future. You will have a very beautiful wife who will serve you in every way. You will be fully satisfied and completely enamored with her feminine grace and charm, and her saintly qualities. You will then be separated from her, and you will always suffer immensely from that pain of separation." Hearing this, Bhagavaan Vaaman happily accepted the curse. He knew that in the future the whole world would be benefited by this.
[V-Raamaayan, 7/20/51]

It is said that the hunter who killed Krishn was the incarnation of Baali - what is the basis for it?
It is believed that Baali was reborn as the hunter Jaraa and since Raam killed him hiding behind a tree, that is why, in this life, he (means Jaraa) also killed Krishn unknowingly. In Saar Kaand of Aanand Raamaayan, it has been said that Raam not only accorded salvation to Baali but also accorded a boon to him to become a tribal man and kill Him in Krishn’s incarnation in Dwaapar Yug, as retaliation to the present killing of Baali. But Bhaagavat Puraan or Padm Puraan do not quote this sort of sanction by Raam. It may seem only to extol Raam’s kind-heartedness.

Why Hanumaan is called as Bajarang Balee?
Bajarang is Hindi vernacular distorted form of Vajraang (meaning: the one whose body parts are as strong as Vajra). This is notable that Tulasee Daas Jee has never addressed Hanumaan as Bajarang or even Vajraang for that matter. The closest name implying similar meaning is in Vinaya Patrikaa where he has addressed Hanumaan as "Vajratanu" (Pad 25) which means "whose body is like Vajra" and "Vajrasaar Sarvaang" (Pad 26) which also means "whose whole body is the essence of Vajra".

Who was the only Asur who had controlled all the nine planets?
Raavan - He had controlled all the nine planets and tried to keep them in control at the time of the birth of his son Meghnaad. He put all the nine planets in his 11th House, but still Saturn did that which Raavan could not even think of - he spread his leg in 12th House. In astrology 11th House is of Laabh (profit) and 12th House is inauspicious.



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