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This write-up appeared in "Sacred Objects Group" written by Richard Brown on March 17, 2011.

Tsunamis and floods are ruled by Varun Dev, and storms are ruled by Indra. These three chaps are not seen by conservative Vaidik astrologers, as they claim that only the 9 traditional planets (Graha including Raahu and Ketu) should be included, but there are Pluto, Neptune and Uranus also, as called "The Outer planets". While studying Vaidik astrology in my university times the Outer Planets were normal to me, but from 1976 when I came across Jyotish, I stopped seeing the Outers because the books said so. It was until 1993 that I had a suspicion came to me that the Outers dealt with a different league. They were like in a football team where we see only 11 players on the field but behind the scenes there are a coach (Indra or Uranus), a doctor or therapist (Varun or Neptune), and a manager (Yam Raaj or Pluto). These three never play on the field but they are also very important figures in the game. Similarly the Outers deal with deeper and unseen activities. In the introduction to the Srimad Bhaagavat Srila Prabhupaad writes that the Plutonic king is going to assess the activities of the Jeev.

The Srimad Bhaagavat mentions Pluto in 1.3.7 and 2.2.7, Varun is mentioned in 2.10.18/19 and 3.6.13 as supervising the tongue, waters, and oceans. And Indra is mentioned in a greater detail when Govardhan Hill is glorified. At that time Indra saw who was the boss and surrendered to Krishn.

Elsewhere in Vaishnav literature we read that whoever controls his tongue and genitals controls the world. Durgaa Devee is the superintendent of the material energy or the material nature that someone calls Gaia, and gives the bodies (Deh) to the living entities according to their Karm. And each part of those bodies are rules by the demigods. Srila Prabhupad told us from the beginning that the living beings are suffering from diseases affecting their gross bodies or subtle bodies (called Sookshm Deh), from the attack from other living entities (including ghosts I suppose), and from the demigods.

The Greeks had the idea of all of this, because the Vaidik seers gave to them what was known in Dwaapar Yug, knowing that they were going to be the intellectual base at the beginning of Kali Yug. They could not give it to the Egyptians because their leaders where usurpers after their kings were killed at Kurukshetra. Just like the sages at Naimishaaranya performed a 1,000 years sacrifice to minimize the effects of Kali Yug, they too build an educative network and for example gave to the Greeks what Soorya, Som and Vishnu gave to some in India in regard to Jyotish. But according to circumstances and the tropical or terrestrial sky (the terrestrial sky is called Sayaanaa; Sa means with and Ayan means protection (like in Naaraayan = Nar+Ayan = The man who protects).

--The term of Kali Yug is divided into 120 segments of time,
--That means 3,600 years each or 60 Brihaspati cycles (see Baarhaspatya Measurement) which are still celebrated in India, China and Tibet with a similar 60 year system.
--Aaryabhatt had access to astronomical literature with which he calculated the start of Kali Yug as starting on 18 February 3,102 BC (Julian time). And what he said? "I found this 3,600 years years later". When he said that in his time there were similar astrological configurations as when Kali Yug started (or the same Brihaspati year, the 11th Brihaspati year called Eeshwar, which is ruled by Brahmaa.)
--In 1997 with the New Moon in Pisces we saw another Eeshwar year. This year 2011 (the 24th Brihaspati year) the Vikriti year is ruled by Vishnu started from March 4. The first 20 years of the Brihaspati Cycle are ruled by Brahmaa, the next 20 years by Vishnu, and the last 20 years by Shiv.

In Jyotish we know that life is divided into Mahaa Dashaa (period) or planetary cycles. Each Mahaa Dashaa is ruled by 9 Bhukti (or sub-periods), the last one called Dashaa Chhidra or the end of a period. In Dashaa Chhidra a person feels to be like in a hole or a knot as the word Chhidra means.

Similarly, we are at the end of a Maayan calendar which started in 3113 BC, a year when India started a New Brihaspati cycle, the Prabhaav year, which in my opinion Kali Yug was due to start but it was delayed because of the presence of Krishn. Thus Kali Yuga was delayed 11 years as the number of years that Krishn spent in Vrindaa Van. And also, from the beginning of creation time started and that means the Brihaspati years started which are the essence of the Yug. Even whenever there is a distortion of the appearance of the Yug time adjusts itself just like a computer adjusts itself when it is put off.

The Maayan calendar is not linked to the sidereal sky (called Niraayan or without shelter), but to the terrestrial sky, the Sayaanaa sky, which gives shelter to humans by controlling the planting, hunting, fishing, harvesting, and rituals. The Maayan calendar in particular is linked to the obliquity rather than to the ecliptic, but here we have to understand high mathematics because the zodiac described in the Bhaagvat (a first in Kali Yug) fits the obliquity by extrapolating.

In conclusion, in my opinion, what is happening in the world is due to the end of the Maayan calendar plus the Precession at 6 degrees of Pisces, and all of this indicates a new Age, the golden age predicted by Lord Chaitanya. According to the background, some expect a new Age to continue enjoying matter, but to facilitate their spiritual evolution we are likely to see a simpler life. What is happening is the lack of Yagya in the world. We have been borrowing from the environment and now the environment is taxing us. It is a natural reaction, a communal Karm.

What happened in Japan is sad but it is a reaction to our ignorant activities, and we all will be affected. And even if we find what to do to stop this reaction most people will not listen because they are absorbed in their own delusion.

The Maayan calendar has 7,200 tzolkins or 260 days segments. The last tzolkin will be the worst and it goes from 6 April to 21 December 2012. Srila Prabhupada said that the soil would be contaminated by radiation and so devotees had to organize Hari Naama to purify the ground. That is one of the powers of the Mahaa Mantra that only some can perceive. All what we require is to increase our Shraddhaa, our faith, and Shraddhaa Devee will tell us what to do.



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 8/9/09
Updated on 04/06/12