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Boon means to give something a man is asking for after performing some penance. It is not the alms, It is fulfilling the wish of the asker.
There are some specialties regarding the boons.

Shiv's most devotees are demons and the demons are described as Dushkritaan, miscreants, because although they have brain power and merit, they use their merit and brain power for abominable activities. Sometimes, for ex­ample, the materialistic demons discover a lethal weapon. The scientific research for such a discovery certainly requires a very good brain, but instead of using it for something beneficial to the human society, they will use it to accelerate the death which is already assured to every man. There are only two Asur who worshipped Vishnu - Prahlaad and Vibheeshan. All other Daitya were the worshipers of Shiv Jee.

On the contrary, Vishnu's most devotees are saints. They would, however, never ask any benediction from Vishnu or Krishn such a thing whic is used for destruction, and even if they ask something like that from the Lord, it is not at all dangerous for human society, rather it will be used for the benefit for the society. That is the difference between the demons and the devo­tees, or the worshipers of Shiv and the worshipers of Vishnu.

1. General Boons - by people
(1) Arjun, by His Wife Uloopee
(2) Devavrat, by His Father Shhantanu
(3) Jayadrath, by His Father Vriddhkshatra

6. Boons Granted by Devtaa

11. Boons Granted by Brahmaa Jee
(1) Andhakaasur
(2) Atikaaya
(3) Baali
(4) Dhundhu
(5) Gajmukhaasur
(6) Maalyavaan, Maalee and Sumaalee
(7) Madhu and Kaitabh
(8) Mahishaasur
(9) Nivaatkavach
(10) Raavan, Kumbhkarn and Vibheeshan
(11) Raktaasur
(12) Shankhchood
(13) Shumbh and Nishumbh
(14) Taarakaasur
(15) Talaasur
(16 Vishwaamitra

16. Boons Granted by Shiv Jee-1
(1) Ambaa
(2) Arjun
(3) Ashwatthaamaa
(4) Drupad
(5) Gaandhaaree
(6) Jayadrath
(7) Krishn
(8) Maarkandeya
(9) Manakanakaa
(10) Somdatt
(11) Vishwaamitra

17. Boons Granted by Shiv Jee-2 - to Asur
(1) Andhakaasur
(2) Baanaasur
(3) Bhasmaasur
(4) Gajaasur
(5) Madhu
(6) Makaraaksh
(7) Raavan
(8) Raavan
(9) Raktbeej
(10) Vrikaasur

21. Boons Granted by Vishnu-1
22. Boons Granted by Vishnu-2



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