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1-Boons, General

Arjun, By His Wife Uloopee
Arjun married Uloopee, a Naag Kanyaa, while he was on 12 years exile. After being satiated, Uloopee bestowed a boon on him that he would be invincible in water and he would be able to defeat every amphibious creature.
[ MBH, G-3-Youth/13]

Devavrat, By His Father Shaantanu
Devavrat was the son of the King Shaantanu. According to her condition, Gangaa, mother of Devavrat, left Shaantanu after giving birth to Devavrat. When she went to Swarg, she took Devavrat with her and came to return him after 16 years. She left him with his father and went back again. Later Shaantanu declared him Crown Prince. After a while Shaantanu met Satyavatee and wished to marry her, but her father refused to marry her to him saying that "since he has already declared Devavrat as Crown Prince, and Satyavatee's birth chart said that Satyavatee's children have to rule" Satyavatee cannot be married to him. The King got sad and came back. Devavrat noticed this, found out the reason and went to Satyavatee's house. There he took the vow to renounce the Hastinaapur throne, to fulfill the condition of Satyavatee's father, but still he raised another possibility - "if your children claimed the kingdom, then?" At this Devavrat took another vow that he will not marry throughout his life, will live bachelor, and will die bachelor. From that day he was known as Bheeshm.

Now there was no option with Satyavatee's father and he had to give his daughter to the King. Bheeshm brought Satyavatee to the palace. Seeing this the King got overwhelmed with Devavrat's love, affection and sacrifice and granted the boon of "Ichchhaa Mrityu" to him. he will die whenever he will like and the death will not come to him without his will.

Jayadrath, By His Father Vriddhkshatra
Jayadrath was the son of the King Vriddhkshatra. he got this son after long time. He heard the Divine voice at the time of his birth, "This your son will be the star of two races (Soorya and Chandra) in respect of blood, behavior and other attributes. But while in the battle, some very famous man will cut his head in anger." That ruler of Sindhu pondered for some time and then called his people and said - "That man who will cause the head of my son to fall on the ground, his own head will break into hundred pieces." Then he installed him on the throne and went to woods for Tap. That is why when Arjun killed him he caused his head fall in his own father's lap. In this he Arjun killed two birds with one stone. He killed Jayadrath and when he head fell in his father's lap, he was meditating so he could not know that a head has fallen in his lap. When he woke up, seeing a severed head he got frightened and got up suddenly. The head fell on the ground and since he himself cause his head to fall on the ground, his own head broke into hundred pieces.
[ MBH, G-6-War/22]

By another version, one day Jayadrath met his father Vriddhkshtra. He asked his father to grant him a boon by which he could choose the time of his death just like Shaantanu who gave a similar boon to his son Devavrat (ie Bheeshm). His father expressed his inability to grant such a boon. But, instead he said that whoever caused the head of Jayadrath to fall on the ground, will be killed immediately by having his own head burst into 100 pieces. His this boon worked on the 14th day of the MBH war, but unfortunately the person from whose hands his head fell down was only his father's hands.



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