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Arjun Goes for Vanvaas-1

(1-215) Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus by obeying Naarad Jee, Paandav set the rules about Draupadee and started living peacefully. Now it so happened that one day some robbers took away the cows of a Braahman. The Braahman got angry at this, came to Khaandav Prasth and started reproving Paandav - "See, These robbers are taking away a Braahman's cows. A King that takes away the 1/6th part of the produce of the land without protecting his subjects is the most sinful person."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Hearing this Dhananjaya got very sad and consoled him loudly. He went in to bring his weapons. But at that time where the Paandav kept their weapons, was occupied by Yudhishthir with Krishnaa. Thus he could neither go alone with Braahman, nor he could go in the room to bring his weapons. Arjun thought it was his duty to help that Braahman. If he did not enter the room, he could not help him; but if he entered the room, he could help the Braahman but he had to go for exile for 12 years. Virtue is superior to the body, thinking thus he did not care for his exile and entered the room, talked to Yudhishthir. He brought his bow and went along with the Braahman.

He got his cows back, and came back to his palace. He went to Yudhishthir and asked for his leave to observe the vow. He said - "By seeing you sitting with Draupadee, I have violated the rules, so I have to go to forest." Yudhishthir said - "Why? If I am the authority worthy of regard, then listen to what I say to you. By entering in my room you have broken the vow, but I am not at all angry with you at this. The younger brother can enter the room while elder brother is sitting with his wife, that is why you have not insulted me. And for the same reason you need not to go to the forest." Arjun said - "I cannot waver from the truth, truth is my weapon." And saying this Arjun went to forest for 12 years."

Arjun Meets Uloopee

(1-216) Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Arjun went for exile, Braahman followed him for some distance. As he journeyed, he saw many forests, lakes, rivers, provinces and waters etc. At last he came to the source of Gangaa River and he sat down there. He performed many Agnihotra there with those Braahman who followed him. One day it so happened that he descended in Gangaa waters to offer his ablutions. When he had finished his ablutions and he was coming out of the waters, that Uloopee, the daughter of the King of the Naag, dragged him into the bottom of the water out of love. Arjun saw a sacrificial fire burning there too. Seeing that fire he performed his sacrificial rites. Agni Dev was much gratified with his fearlessness.

He then said to the girl - "O Beautiful Girl, What have you done? Whose region is this and whose daughter are you?" Uloopee answered - "There is a Naag named Kauravya, born in Airaavat race. I am his daughter and my name is Uloopee. When I saw you in the waters of Gangaa, I got attracted to you. I am still unmarried. O Prince, Gratify me by giving yourself to me." Arjun replied - "O Beautiful Girl, By the order of the King Yudhishthir, I am passing 12 years of exile as a Brahmchaaree. I am not free to do anything, still I am willing to do your pleasure. Tell me how can I act that while gratifying you I may not be guilty of any untruth."

Uloopee said - "I know why have you been wandering by the order of your King. You had a pledge that whoever, even by ignorance, will enter the room where the other brother will be sitting with your common wife Draupadee, should lead the life of a Brahmchaaree in the woods for 12 years. So this exile is only for the sake of only Draupadee, so you are doing your duty arisen from that vow. But your duty is to relieve me also. I worship you. If you will not accept me I will commit suicide." So Arjun did everything she desired making virtue his motive. He passed the night with Uloopee and in the morning he came back his place. Uloopee also went back to her palace. She gave him a boon that he would be invincible in water and he would be able to defeat every amphibious creature."

Arjun and Chitraangadaa

(1-217) When Arjun had come out of Gangaa River, he told everything to Braahman and set for Agastyavat, then to Vashishth's Peak, then on the Peak of Bhrigu and then he came to the asylum of Hiranyabindu. Descending from the mountains he came to the East. Going through many places he came to Naimish Aranya, there he saw Utpalinee River, Nandaa River, Apar Nandaa River, Kaushikee River, Gaya River and Gangaa River; Bang and Kaling Desh. He performed appropriate ceremonies everywhere. Arjun bade farewell to all Baraahman at the gate of Kaling Desh and proceeded towards sea with only a few attendants. He crossed Kaling, saw Mahendra Parvat, and then came to Manipur.

Chitravaahan named King ruled in Manipur. Arjun went to see him. Chitravaahan had a beautiful daughter, Chitraangadaa. It so happened that Arjun saw her roaming around in her father's palace. He like her and wanted to marry her, so he approached her father about it. He introduced himself - "Give your daughter to me. I am a good Kshatriya." Chitravaahan asked him - "Whose son are you?" Arjun said - "I am Dhananjaya, the son of Paandu and Kuntee." Hearing this, the King said sweetly - "There was a king in our race named Prabhanjan. He did not have any child, so he did severe penance and pleased Shiv Jee. He gave him Var that he and each of his descendents will have only one child. All my ancestors had one male child, but I have this daughter to perpetuate my race. I look at this daughter as my son. I can marry her according to Putrikaa Dharm, so that her son, born through you, will continue my race. That son is my dower for which I can give you my daughter. If you choose, you can take my daughter." Arjun agreed to him and took Chitravaahan's daughter as his wife. He lived in that city (Manipur) for 3 years. When Chitraangadaa gave birth to a son, Arjun embraced him affectionately and then went away on his wanderings."

Arjun Uplifts Five Apsaraa

(1-218) Vaishampaayan Jee said - "From there he went to the shores of southern sea. There were five regions where lived many ascetics, but those five waters were prohibited by all of them. Those waters were called Agastya, Saubhadra, Paulom, Karandham and Bharadwaaj. Seeing this Arjun asked them why did they prohibit those waters for others? They said - "There live five crocodiles who take the people away whoever go to take bath in these waters."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "So Arjun went to take bath in Saubhadra waters, named after a Rishi. As he entered the waters, a mighty crocodile came and seized him by his leg. Mighty Arjun dragged it by force towards the land, and as the crocodile landed on the land, surprisingly it turned into a beautiful damsel adorned with beautiful clothes and jewelry. She was shining in her beauty.

Arjun asked her - "Who are you, and why do you live here in waters, and why do you commit such sins?" The damsel replied - "I am Vargaa Apsaraa and I was very dear to Kuber. I used to sport in celestial woods. I have four other companions with me. Once we five were going to Kuber's house, that we saw an ascetic of great vows. Seeing his beauty, we went to that forest. That forest was affected by his ascetic Tej. We all five - Saurabheyee and Samichee and Budbud and Lataa, and myself approached to the Rishi and started tempting that Braahman. But he didn't look at us at all. But after a while he looked at us in wrath and cursed - "Go and become crocodiles for 100 years."

(1-219) Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Vargaa continued - "We were very distressed with curse. We tried our best to propitiate that Rishi saying that we did this under the spell of Kaam. He became pleased at last and said to us - "Hundred and hundred thousand words indicate eternity, but I have used "hundred" as a limited period. You will be crocodile for 100 years, will seize the men and take away them far. At the end of the assigned period an exalted an will come, take out from the water and then only you will turn into your original form. After that, that water where you had lived, will be known as Naaree Teerth." We went around the Rishi and left the place.

Thinking that when we will meet such a man who will give us our original form, we proceeded that we saw Naarad Jee coming towards us. Seeing us sad he asked us the reason of being sad. We told him the whole story. He suggested us to go to southern sea where there were five water bodies which were very holy. He also told us that Paandu Putra Dhananjaya would soon deliver us from this condition. So we came here and started living here waiting for you. Now you have come and you have delivered me from this Yoni, but my four friends are also there, please bring them too on the land."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "So Arjun brought those four crocodiles also out of the water and they turned into beautiful Apsaraa. They went away wherever they wanted to go. Seeing them Arjun became desirous to see Chitraangadaa once more so he set off toward Manipur. As he arrived there he saw Chitraangadaa's son sitting on the throne. His son's name was Babhruvaahan. After seeing her Arjun proceeded towards Gokarn.

(1-220) Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus seeing many Teerth places on the western shore of the sea Vibhatsu came to Prabhaas Kshetra. When Krishn heard that Arjun is around He went to see His friend. Both met each other and asked each other's welfare. Krishn asked - "Arjun, Why are you wandering around seeing all the Teerth places?" Arjun told Him the whole story. Krishn nodded and said - "yes, That is the way it should be." They passed some time together in Prabhaas Kshetra, then came on Raivatak Mountain. There Arjun told Krishn the story of his travel. Krishn then took him to Dwaarakaa. Many people came out to see him. He was welcomed by all - Vrishni, Bhoj, Andhak etc. He also respected them accordingly. He lived there with Krishn for many days.

1-Aadi Parv - Arjun Vanavaas Parv Ends Here


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