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Paandav Set Rules for Their Life - Story of Sund and Upasund

[1-210] Janamejaya asked - "Hey Rishi, What did my forefathers did after getting the kingdom of Indra Prasth? How did Draupadee obey them all and how they were not attached to sin having one wife for five? I wish to know everything in detail." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Paandav started living in Khaandav Prasth happily. They defeated all their enemies and continued to rule peacefully. One day Naarad Jee came to Indraprasth. Paandav welcomed him, worshipped him and when all were seated Yudhishthir called Draupadee to have Darshan of Muni. Draupadee came there after purifying herself, worshipped Muni's feet respectfully and stood at one side, properly veiled. Rishi blessed her and asked her to go from there. When she had gone, Naarad Jee said to Paandav - "Paanchaalee is your wedded wife. You should establish a rule among themselves so that no disunion may arise among yourself. In olden times, there were two brothers, Sund and Upasund. incapable to be slain by anybody else, unless one of them slew another. They ruled one kingdom, they lived in the same house, they slept on the same bed and ate from the same plate. But they killed each other for the sake of Tilottamaa. That is why you should live in such a way so that no disunion may arise among you." Yudhishthir asked - "Who were these Asur brothers and why did they kill each other? Whose daughter was Tilottamaa because of whom they killed each other?"

[1-211] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Naarad Jee said - "In the olden days there was a Daitya named Nikumbh in the race of Hiranyakashyap. Sund and Upasund were his two mighty sons. They shared each other their all happiness as well as sorrows and never went alone anywhere. They always had one ambition - to defeat the three worlds. Once they went to Vindhya Mountain and did severe penance. Even the Vindhya Parvat got heated by the heat of their penance. The celestials sent many Apsaraa to disturb their penance but they did not get disturbed, rather those Apsaraa cried - "Save us." At last Brahmaa Jee came there to bless them. They said - "If you are pleased with us, give us the knowledge of all weapons and all powers of illusion. Let us take any form we wish and let us also be immortal." Brahmaa Jee said - "Except the immortality, you are given everything, you may ask your death in such a way that you become like immortal. Since you have done this penance with the desire of immortality, I cannot grant this desire to you."

Naarad Jee said - "Sund and Upasund said - "We should not fear from any created thing in the three worlds, except from each other." Brahmaa Jee granted them their desire and went away. Both brothers also went away to their home. Their all relatives were very happy to know about their boon. Now they could do anything - such as they could cause the Moon rise every night over their city. Their years passed as days.

[1-212] Naarad Jee continued - "When the festivities were over, one day they organized their army and set out on their expedition for the city of celestials in the Maghaa Nakshatra in ascendant. Both the brothers set out with a large Daitya force. Hearing that they were coming the celestials took refuge in Brahmaa's Lok, they defeated Yaksh and Raakshas, Naag and Mlechchh and many others. They killed all Braahman who were doing sacrifices, some escaped, still they took other forms and tried to kill them. The whole Earth became frightful to look upon. There was  no agriculture, no religious ceremonies, no sound of Ved chanting. After winning the whole world, they settled in Kurukshetra."

[1-213] Naarad Jee continued - "Seeing all this destruction, Devarshi, Siddh and Rishi went to Brahmaa Jee. Som Dev, Mahaadev, Vaayu, Soorya, Sakra were also sitting there. Those Braahman told their plight to Brahmaa Jee. They described everything to him in detail, as how they had done, what they had done and in what order. Brahmaa Jee decided what he should do, he called Vishwakarmaa, the architect of Devtaa, and asked him to create a beautiful woman who could win everybody's heart. Vishwakarmaa first collected all the handsome features of all the damsels he created and created the most beautiful woman. Brahmaa Jee named her Tilottamaa and asked her to go to Sund and Upasund Daitya to tempt them in such a way that they should start quarreling among themselves as soon they saw her.

Naarad Jee continued - "Tilottamaa bowed him and set off for her journey. As she was passing by, Brahmaa Jee's and Mahaadev's faces were Eastward, Devtaa were sitting facing Northwards, and Rishi's face were in all directions. When Tilottamaa was walking around, only Indra and Mahaadev could control themselves, still Mahaadev's desire to see her was great. So as she was going round the court, four faces arose on Mahaadev's body to see her on all four sides; and  a thousand eyes also grew on his body to watch her. From that time Mahaadev, the slayer of Bal, became four-faced and a thousand-eyed. Tilottamaa went away and Brahmaa Jee sent all the celestials also back to their respective places."

[1-214] Naarad Jee continued - "Sund and Upasund now were free from any worry, because they had won the whole world, and there was no enemy left, they started enjoying every kind of object of merriment. Once they went to Vindhya Parvat with the objective to make merry. All kinds of objects of merriment were brought there. Seating on a beautiful throne they started watching a dance of beautiful girls. Meanwhile Tilottamaa came there clad in a single piece of red silk exposing her all beauty and plucking wild flowers on the way. The brothers were already intoxicated with wine, but as they saw Tilottamaa, they were just struck by love arrow. Both got up from their seat, went to her and started claiming her as his own. Sund seized her by her right hand and said to his brother - "Because she is my wife that is why she is your sister-in-law." Upasund said - "She is mine, not yours." Both took out their bows and maces and started fighting for her. In a little while both fell down bathing in blood. They had died. All Raakshas and women who came there to celebrate, ran away from there. Brahmaa Jee came there along with Rishi and congratulated Tilottamaa. Being pleased with her he asked her to ask for a Var. But Brahmaa Jee said before she spoke anything - "You will be roaming in the worlds of Aaditya. Your splendor will be so great that nobody will be able to look at you for any length of time." And Brahmaa Jee went away to his Lok."

Naarad Jee further said - "As those Asur fought among themselves and killed each other just for the sake of a woman. Because of affection I tell you that you should make some arrangement so that you do not quarrel over Draupadee."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus advised by Naarad Jee, Paandav set the rules for their life regarding their common wife. They made the rule that one of them will be sitting with Draupadee, any of the four who would see this, will have to forest for 12 years, passing his days as Brahmchaaree." After they had set the rules, Naarad Jee got satisfied and went to places where he had wished to go. And thus O Janamejaya, When Paandav had set the rule for their family, there arose no conflict because of Draupadee.

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