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Dhritraashtra Consults on the Issue of Paandav

[1-202] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "News of Draupadee's marriage to Paandav spread very soon to the kings who came to Draupadee's Swayamvar. They also knew that who shot the mark was none else than Arjun; and who dashed Shalya and fought with tree was none other than Bheem. Since they had heard that Kuntee and Paandav had already burnt in the Laakshaa Grih, so they thought that they came back from the land of dead. But then they recollected the cruel scheme of Purochan etc so they abused Dhritraashtra.

All kings and people who came to Draupadee's Swayamvar, hearing that Draupadee had chosen Arjun, the owner of the white horses, went back to their places; but Duryodhan got very depressed hearing this. He set off to his capital along with Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa, Karn, and Shakuni. and Dushaasan. Filled with shame, Dushaasan said to his brother - "If Arjun had not disguised himself as a Braahman, he could have never taken Draupadee. Fate is higher than the exertion. Fie on our exertion, Paandav are still alive." Talking like thus they entered their capital. They were very sad about Paandav's escape from Laakshaa Grih and their alliance with mighty people like Drupad, Dhrishtdyumn and Shikhandee.

Vidur also heard that Paandav had won Draupadee and Kaurav had come back to Hastinaapur, he got very happy. He immediately went to Dhritraashtra and said - "By good luck Kuru are prospering." Hearing this Dhritraashtra thought that Duryodhan had won Draupadee so he said - "What a good luck? What a good luck?" and ordered to make various ornaments and clothes for Draupadee. He asked to bring Duryodhan and Draupadee to Hastinaapur with pomp and show. Then Vidur told him that it was not Duryodhan, but Draupadee had chosen Paandav as her husbands and Paandav are alive and happy. Hearing this Dhritraashtra said - "Paandav are as dear to me as they were dear to Paandu. I am very happy to hear they are alive and well."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Vidur Jee said - "May your understanding be like this for 100 years." and he left the place. After Vidur had left, Duryodhan, Karn and Dushaasan came to Dhritraashtra and said - "We could not speak to you in the presence of Vidur, but now we want to say to you what we want to say. You were admiring Paandev in the presence of Vidur. Do you wish for the prosperity of the enemy? In fact the time has come that we should act now everyday to weaken the enemy so that they cannot take our kingdom."

[1-203] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Dhritraashtra said - "I will do as you would say to me, but I do not want that Vidur should even guess the course of our actions. Tell me, that what you and Karn want to do?" Duryodhan said - "Let us divide Kuntee and Maadree's children; or we can bribe Drupad, his sons and his ministers; or we can induce them to settle in Paanchaal so that they live separately from us and then permanently settle there; or we should kill Bheem, because without Bheem Arjun is not even one fourth of Raadheya. We can use any of these ways."

[1-204] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Karn said - "I don't think that any of your schemes will be successful against Paandav, because you have already tried several times to kill them in the past and you have failed. Now they are living far and are grown-up, they cannot be injured by your means. They cannot be disunited who have taken a common wife. You cannot disunite them on the issue of their wife. She chose them as her husbands when they were living in poverty, how can she leave them when they are prosperous. As long as Drupad and his sons are with them, do not even think of fighting. We should bring Paandav here. They are, in fact, incapable of being dealt with any of the policies of Saam, Daam, Dand and Bhed. Therefore you should win them by your power only. That is my opinion." Dhritraashtra got very happy to hear Karn. He said - "Karn, You are gifted with wisdom, you are accomplished in arms; but Bheeshm, Drone and Vidur and you two should meet together to decide this." Then he called all to have a consultation with them."

Division of Kingdom

[1-205] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Dhritraashtra asked about this, Bheeshm said - "I can never approve opposition with Paandav. As you are near to me, so was Paandu; and as Gaandhaaree's sons are dear to me so are of Kuntee. I should protect them both. I would suggest that half of the land should be given to Paandav, because as much this kingdom is yours, the same is theirs too. They have lawful right on this kingdom before you, so give them half the kingdom quietly. This will benefit all and if you will do anything otherwise only evil will fall on all. You will also be defamed. A man is alive only as long as his fame lives, as soon as his fame is gone, he dies. So by giving them half kingdom you should earn fame. We are fortunate that Kuntee and Paandav are alive. When I heard the news of their burning, I was not able to show my face to anybody. As long as they live, even Indra cannot stop them taking their ancestral share. If you want to act rightly, give them their share."

[1-206] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Bheeshm had finished his speech, Drone said - "I have heard that when friends are invited for consultation, they should speak truth. I am also of the same opinion as of Bheeshm. Give them their kingdom. Immediately send a message to Drupad with large treasures, including the ornaments of pure gold for Draupadee, and to Paandav that you and Duryodhan are very glad to know about Paandav. Let them say this to Drupad and Dhrishtdyumn repeatedly that you are very glad hearing this. Let them say this to Kuntee and Maadree's sons too. Then the messengers should ask them to come back to Hastinaapur. And when they come send Dushaaasan and Vikarn to welcome them. After they have come install them on their paternal throne. This is what I think."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Drone has finished, Karn again spoke - "Bheeshm and Drone have been pampered by your wealth and you trust them. It is indeed amusing that still they cannot give you right advice. When a man is in distress, his happiness depends up on his Destiny. There was a king named Amboovich, his capital was Raajgrih, and he was the king of Magadh Desh. He did not care for his kingdom, only his ministers were ruling on his behalf. His Minister Mahaakarnee became the supreme authority. Thinking about his powers he thought to become the king. He started playing with his queens and treasury too. Still he could not become the king, it all depends on Destiny. So first decide who is wicked, who is well, and thinking this you should act."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Drone said - "Since you are wicked, that is why you are talking like a wicked. You are saying this because you want to trouble Paandav. If you think that we are not talking good, then tell us what is good for us? If the advice I have given is not followed all Kuru will be destroyed very soon."

[1-207] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "As Drone got silent, Vidur spoke - "O King, Your friends, Bheeshm and Drone, are telling good for you, but you don't listen to it. Karn doesn't think it proper. There is no other better friend of yours than these two. These two are old in years, great in wisdom, and learning and regard you. Even before they have not given you bad advice. You have also not injured them anytime, then why should they give evil advice? They can never give you bad advice. You are not understanding it - can Dhananjaya be defeated even by Indra? Can Bheem be defeated even by celestials? Can anybody defeat the twins who are like sons of Yam himself? How can the eldest son of Paandu be defeated in battle? They who have Raam as their ally, Krishn as their counselor and Saatyaki as their friend, Drupad, Dhrishtdyumn and Shikhandee like relatives, cannot be defeated in any way. If we ally with them we will be in great benefit, it will strengthen our party. Know that their claim on kingdom is before than yours, so behave virtuously with them. Wash your sins which you committed through Purochan. Dashaarh are very strong, and know that where Krishn is, the victory is there. Hearing that Paandav are alive, our people are eager to see them. O King, Act in a way which is agreeable to Paandav, Duryodhan, Karn and Shakuni are sinful and foolish, do not listen to them. I have told you long before that because of Duryodhan the people of your kingdom will die."

Vidur Goes to Paanchaal

[1-208] Dhritraashtra said - "You, Bheeshm, and Drone have said to me what is good for me. You are right that this kingdom belongs as much to Paandav also as it belongs to my sons, so please bring Paandav, Kuntee and Krishnaa here with affection. It is good luck that Paandav are alive and they have got the daughter of Drupad. It is good that our strength has increased and Purochan is killed" So Vidur Jee set off to Drupad and Paandav carrying numerous jewels and wealth for them to bring them to Hastinaapur. King Drupad welcomed him and they asked each other's welfare. Vidur Jee met there Paandav and Vaasudev too. Then in the presence of Paandav and Keshav, Vidur Jee said to Drupad - "Dhritraashtra is very happy to hear about you and has asked your welfare repeatedly. He is very happy with this alliance. Bheeshm and Drone also have enquired about you. O Drupad, Please permit them to visit Hastinaapur. Kuru sons are also eager to see Paandav with their wife. When you have permitted them to go there, I will send this information to Dhritraashtra and then Paandav and Krishnaa will set off to Hastinaapur."

[1-209] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Drupad said - "I am also very happy with this alliance. These princes should surely go back to their kingdom, but this does not look good to say it myself, but if Paandav, Raam, Krishn etc think in the same way, then they can go there." Hearing this Yudhishthir said - "I, along with my younger brothers, am dependent on you. We will do as you will say to us." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Vaasudev said - "I think Paandav should go there, still we will obey King Drupad, because he knows everything about morality." Drupad agreed with Krishn, and Vidur set off to Hastinaapur along with Paandav, Kuntee and Draupadee. Dhritraashtra sent his sons and others to welcome them - Vikarn, Drone, Kripaa and others. All citizens were very happy to see them in the town. When they had arrived in Hastianaapur, they worshipped Dhritraashtra and Bheeshm. Then they took some rest in their assigned rooms.

After taking some rest they met with Dhritraashtra and Bheeshm in the court. Dhritraashtra said to Yudhishthir - "Listen to me what I have to say to you. You move to Khaandav Prasth so that no difference may arise between you and your cousins. You will be protected there by Arjun taking up your half kingdom."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Yudhishthir obeyed him and set out from Hastinaapur to Khaandav Prasth. This area was in an unclaimed desert. With the help of Krishn they measured a certain piece of land and beautified the place and made it a second heaven. Vyaas Jee assisted them to select an auspicious piece of lane to develop their city. They surrounded it by trench as wide as sea and as high walls which reached up to the Heaven. The city looked as beautiful as Bhogvatee Nagaree. It had innumerable mansions like Amaraavatee Nagaree and they named it Indra Prasth. Its streets were so wide that there was no fear of any accident.

When the city was built, many Braahman and people came to live there. There were many kinds of trees and birds, and lakes and forests. After they all had settled there, Krishn and Raam came back to their Dwaaraavatee Nagaree.

1-Aadi Parv - Vidur Gaman Parv Ends Here


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