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Paandav Go to Baaranaavat

[1-143] Vaishampayan Jee said - "Shakuni, the King Duryodhan, Dushaasan and Karn, all together conspired against Paandav. With the permission of Dhritraashtra, they planned to kill Paandav and Kuntee, but Vidur had read their minds, so he thought that they should flee away from their enemies. He gave a boat to them and said to Kuntee - "This Dhritraashtra has been born to kill the Kaurav children. He has cast off all his virtues, so better you escape by this boat which can withstand wind and waves, I have kept it ready for you and your children.' Hearing this Kuntee got very sad and went through that boat over the Gangaa River. After crossing the river they left the boat, took the wealth they were given by their enemies at the time of Baaranaavat, and entered the woods. In place of Paandav and their mother, a Nishaad woman with her children was burnt to death in that fire. Thus Dhritraashtra's sons were deeceived that Paandav and their mother were burnt in that fire. Purochan, a Mlechchh architect who built this palace, was also burnt in that palace.

When Dhritraashtra had already declared Yudhishthir as Crown Prince, then why Duryodhan is called here "King" here?]

When the people of Baaranaavat saw the palace burnt, they thought that Pandav have also burnt in that palace so they were very sorry. They informed about this incident to Dhritraashtra saying - "Your aim is fulfilled, your aim is achieved. Paandav are burnt in the palace. Now you enjoy with your children." Hearing this Dhritraashtra made a show of grief; and Vidur and Bheeshm performed the last honor for them."

Janamejaya asked - "I wish to hear the full history of the Laakshaa Grih fire and escape of Paandav from it. This was very cruel on the part of Kuru on the advice of Kanikaa. Please tell me all in detail, I wish to hear it."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "I tell you the whole story in detail. When Duryodhan, Shakuni, Dushaasan and Karn saw the power of Bheem and found Arjun accomplished in all kinds of arms, they always tried to find some way to kill Paandav. But they did not tell anything in public on the advice of Vidur. Paandav also started being careful from them. Seeing this the people of Hastinaapur started talking good about Paandav in public places - "Yudhishthir posses all qualities of becoming a King. Dhritraashtra cannot be king because of his blindness and Bheeshm cannot be the King because of his vows; so now remains only Yudhishthir to become the King. He will worship both Bheeshm and Dhritraashtra and will be able to rule justifiably.

When Duryodhan heard these words he got very worried and jealous, and went to his father in private - "I have heard some citizens talking about ill omens; and instead of you and Bheeshm they want that Paandu's son should be the King. Bheeshm will allow this as he is not going to rule, so it seems that it is all against us. Paandu got the kingdom on the basis of his own accomplishments, but you did not get the kingdom because of your blindness. If Paandu's son gets the kingdom as the inheritance from Paandu, then his son will get it from him after him, and so on. In this way our line will be excluded from the royal line and will be disregarded by all. That is why advice us in the way so that we do not depend on others. If you become the king, then we will succeed in getting the kingdom in spite of many people hating us."

[1-144] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Dhritraashtra's only knowledge was his son Duryodhan. He remembered Kanikaa's words and trembled with afflicted heart, the Duryodhan, Dushaasan, Shakuni and Karn, all four held a meeting and Duryodhan said to his father - "Father, Send Paandav to Baaranaavat by some way, then we will not need to fear them." Dhritraashtra pondered over this for a moment, then said to Duryodhan - "Paandu always treated me fairly. He did not care even for his own worldly enjoyments, rather he gave everything to me, even the kingdom. His son is also like him, besides he is liked by people also. he has so many allies. How can we force him to exile from his own kingdom?" Duryodhan said - "Father, You are telling the truth, but at present the treasury and the ministers of State are in our control, we can gain favor of people by that money, so now you should send them to Baaranaavat by some gentle means. When you will make me King then Kuntee and her sons will come back here.

Dhritraashtra said - "I was also thinking the same way, but thinking it sinful I could not express. Neither Bheeshm, nor Drone, nor Vidur, nor Kripaa will approve it. They consider both, Kaurav and Paandav, equal. If we will behave in this way, should we not deserve death?" Duryodhan said - "Bheeshm is neutral for both sides; Ashwatthaamaa is on my side so Drone has to be on my side; and Kripaa will also be at the side of Drone, because he will never abandon his sister and her son; Vidur depends on us for the means of his life. Although he is secretly with our enemies, still he cannot harm us. That is why you may send Paandav Baaranaavat without any fear. You may send them as soon as possible. Your this step will give me lots of peace."

[1-145] Vaishampaayam Jee said - "After this the Prince Duryodhan started winning the people by giving them wealth and honors. One day some counselors described Baaranaavat as a charming place and told that a festival of Shiv Jee had started there. When the counselors described it, the Paandav got interested in going there. When Dhritraashtra had known that Paandav's curiosity was awakened to go there, he said to them - "These people often speak very good of Baaranaavat town, so if you want to go there you may go there with your family and friends to enjoy. Give gems to Braahman, stay there till you please yourself, then come back here."

Vaishampaayan Jee said Yudhishthir understood Dhritraashtra's purpose, still he said - "As you say." Then he said to Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Gaandhaaree, Vidur etc - "We go to Baaranaavat at the command of Dhritraashtra. Bless us so that we may not be attached to sins." All blessed him heartily." And they set off to Baaranaavat.

[1-146] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Wicked Duryodhan got very happy to hear Dhritraashtra's order for Paandav to go to Baaranaavat. He called Purochan and said to him - "You see, this whole world is mine, but it is equally yours too, so it is your duty to protect it, so kill my enemies by a safe device. Dhritraashtra has sent Paandav to Baaranaavat to enjoy the festivities. You go there and build an inflammable palace made of resins, Lac, oil and fat etc. Keep a watch over them, serve them very well so that Dhritraashtra can find no reason to complain anything. You should also manage in such a way that nobody in the town can suspect you till the end. Then making sure that Paandav were sleeping without fear, you should set fire at the outer door of the palace so that they are burnt in that fire. People will think that they had burnt in an accidental fire." Saying "So be it." Purochan went to Baaranaavat and did as the Prince Duryodhan had asked him to do."


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