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Yudhishthir is Crown Prince

[1-141] Vaishampayan Jee said - "After one year had passed, Dhritraashtra coronated Yudhishthir as a Crown Prince because of the kindness of the people. He found him worthy to become the Crown Prince, because he had all the qualities to become the King. And very soon Yudhishthir surpassed even the deeds his father. Bheem started learning Gadaa, sword and chariot war from Balaraam Jee. When he had finished his training he became like Dyumatsen. Arjun became celebrated for the firmness of his grasp of weapons and for his lightness of motion; and in fact of all kinds of weapons, whether light, or heavy or straight or crooked, such as Kshur, Naaraach, Bal, Vipath. Drone had declared that there was none in the world like him.

One day when all Kaurav princes were sitting, Drone said to Arjun - "Maharshi Agastya Jee had a disciple named Agnivesh. He was my Guru. I took an Astra from him Brahmshir, which is never futile and can consume the whole earth. It should be passed from disciple to disciple. When my Guru gave me this weapon, he said to me - "Never use this weapon on any human being, especially on the person who has less energy. You have got that weapon, but remember that Rishi's words. Now you give me Guru Dakshinaa in front of all the princes." Arjun vowed to give whatever he would ask for. At this Drone said - "You must fight with me when I fight with you." Hearing this Arjun touched Drone's feet and he went away northward. Arjun fought with him with great proficiency in all arms and everybody admired him. Sahadev learnt morality and duties from Brihaspati Jee. And Nakul became an Ati-rathee under the guidance of Drone.

Arjun and other Paandav became so powerful that they slew Sauveer who did a Yagya for three years not fearing with Gandharv. Arjun won the King of Yavan also who was not won even by Paandu. He won Vipul, the King of Sauveer, also. He won the King Sumitra of Sauveer (also known as Dattamitra). Thus Arjun defeated all the kings of East assisted by Bheem alone and sent lots of wealth to Hastinaapur. Seeing the power of Paandav, Dhritraashtra's mind got suddenly poisoned and he got so anxious about their power that from that day he could not sleep."

Kanikaa's Policies

[1-142] Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "One day Dhritraashtra said to Kanikaa - " Kanikaa, Paandav are very brave, I am very jealous with them, tell me what should I do, I should make peace with them or break war?" Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "The Braahman Kanikaa said - "O King, Please do not be angry with me what I say to you. A King should always be ready to fight. He should always identify faults in his enemies and take advantage of them. he should always hide his means and ends and his weaknesses too. A thorn can create a sore if not extracted fully, thus killing one's enemy is always praiseworthy. When an enemy is in your control, he should be killed by open or by secret mercilessly even after he seeks your protection. A spark of fire can burn the whole forest. You must destroy the three, five and seven resources of the enemy. You must destroy his leaves and roots. It has been said that to grab the wealth one may wear the garb of holiness, as a branch has to be bent to pluck the ripe fruits. Bear the enemy on your shoulder till you find the opportunity to kill him. No pity should be showed him in killing him."

Dhritraashtra asked - "Tell me how an enemy should be killed by Saam (art of conciliation), Daam (expenditure of money), Dand (by employing force or punishment) or Bhed (producing disunion) policies?" Kanikaa said - "I tell you a story of a jackal who was well conversant in politics. There lived a jackal in a forest. He was very wise and lived with four animals - a tiger, a mouse, a wolf, and a mongoose. One day they saw a strong deer in the forest but they could not seize him, so they all gathered for consultation. The jackal said - "You have been unable to seize this deer because he is young and intelligent, so now let the mouse go and eat his feet while he is sleeping; and then the tiger should go and seize him. Then we can eat him."

So they set off to their work as they were told to do. The mouse ate into his feet and the tiger killed him. Seeing the deer lying motionless, the jackal said - "Now you may go and perform your ablution and then come back. So all went to a river and jackal sat there thinking what he should do next. The tiger returned first and found jackal in meditation. He said to him - 'Why are you so sad, you are the most intelligent among us. Come let us eat this deer." The jackal said - "Hear what mouse was saying, he said - "I have killed this deer and because of me only the tiger will be able to eat him." When he spoke like this, I did not dare to touch him." The tiger said - "If the mouse has really said this, I am also conscious. From now on I myself will kill animals and eat them." and he went away.

Now the mouse came, so the jackal said to him - "O mouse, hear to what the mongoose has said, he said - "This deer is poisonous because tiger has touched it with his paws, I cannot eat it. On the other hand if jackal permits, I will kill mouse and eat him." Hearing this, the mouse became alarmed and ran away into his hole. After the mouse had gone, the wolf came. He said to the wolf - "The King of the beasts is angry with you, he is expected here anytime with his wife, so do as you please." Hearing this the wolf also ran away, thus the jackal got rid of the wolf also. Now came mongoose, so he said to him - "I have defeated all others, now you first fight with me, then only you can eat the deer." Mongoose got scared and said - "When you have defeated all others who were very powerful, then who am I to fight with you?" and mongoose also went away.

Kanikaa continued - "When all went away, the jackal got very happy to see his policy implemented and he ate the deer peacefully. If a King acts on this policy, then only he can be happy. Thus a timid should be dealt by exciting his fear; the courageous one should be dealt by the art of conciliation; a greedy should be dealt by giving him wealth; and an inferior or a weak should be dealt by showing his power. Besides listen further also what I say to you."

Kanikaa continued - "If your son, friend, brother, father, or even the spiritual Guru becomes your enemy, you must kill him by any means - by curse, or by incantations, by giving gift of wealth, or by deception. If you are angry, you should not show it. When you are hitting somebody, speak softly to him; and after hitting, pity him, grieve for him, even shed tears. And while you are conciliating him you hit him. You hit him when he is not walking upright.  One must not allow beggars, atheists and thieves in his country. One should employ spies in his own country as well as in other countries only after testing their faithfulness. The spies in other countries should be employed in disguise of ascetics. They should be placed in gardens, places of amusements, temples, holy places, on mountains, at rivers, in temples,  18 Teerth wherever people gather around.

If you want prosperity, you should always be soft in your speech and behavior, but sharp as razor at heart. When you do any cruel act, you should always be smiling. He who knows policies, should be a person like a tree bearing all flowers but no fruit; and if bearing fruit, then they must be at a great height so that people on the ground cannot pluck it. Only he who has gone through calamities, can be prosperous. He who is sorrowful must be consoled by showing hope of future prosperity, and he who is afflicted should be consoled by telling past stories (like Nal and Raam). As a fisherman becomes prosperous by catching and killing fish, in the same way a king also become prosperous only by killing his enemy. As a little fire becomes big even by feeding little faggots, in the same way one's power also increases little by little.  That is why you should behave with Paandav in the way so that you should not repent in future. Protect yourself from them, because they are stronger then your sons. That is why behave in such a way so that there should not be any fear for you from Paandav and you may not grieve in future."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After saying this Kanikaa went back to his home and Dhritraashtra remained sitting alone and sad."

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