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Graduation of Princes

[1-136] Vaishampayan Jee said - "When Drone found that all princes' education was completed, he went to Dhritrashtra and said to him in the presence of Somdatt, Baahleek, Kripaa, Vyaas, Vidur, Bheeshm etc - "Now your sons' education is complete, so let them show you their proficiency in using arms." Dhritraashtra got very happy to hear this asked him to tell him the place and time etc. He was very sad at his blindness that he could not see his children using various arms. Then he ordered Vidur to comply with Drone's needs. Drone measured a land on an auspicious day, worshipped Devtaa, and built a large elegant stage according to the rules laid down in scriptures. They built a hall also for lady spectators, pitched many spacious tents for other spectators.

On the fixed day, all came to see the tournament in that elegant place made of pure gold decked with strings of pearls and lapis lazuli. Gaandhaaree and Kuntee along with other women of royal palace also came to witness it. All types of people came there to see the princes feats. With the sound of trumpet and drums the lace was looking like an ocean. Everybody was impatient to see the princes' skill in arms.

At last Drone, accompanied with his son, dressed in white clothes, appeared like a Moon with Mars. He asked Braahman to pronounce auspicious Mantra and the initial rites. After that entered Yudhishthir followed by some people with their weapons. And other princes also appeared in order of their age and began to show their skills. Their skills looked as if Gandharv were showing their skills. People were admiring their bodies, grace, calmness, firmness of their grasp on weapons etc. Then entered Duryodhan and Bheem carrying their Gadaa in their hands in arena. They looked like two mountain peaks. Vidur was describing all the feats of all the princes to Dhritraashtra, Gaandhaaree and Kuntee."

[1-137] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "As Duryodhan and Bheem entered the arena, spectators naturally got divided in two sections; some were on the side of Duryodhan, and some were on the side of Bheem. Seeing this Drone asked Ashwatthaamaa to stop the fight between them so that the people are not provoked by their fight."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "So Ashwatthaamaa stopped their fight. Even Drone himself came to arena and stopped musicians also and announced - "Look now at Paarth, who is dearer to me than my own son, like the younger brother of Indra himself, the master of all arms." And Arjun appeared in the arena. Seeing him in the arena musicians started playing musical instruments and spectators got excited - "This is the graceful son of Kuntee, this is the son of Indra, this is the third Paandav." Kuntee's eyes were filled with the tears of joy, and Dhritraashtra asked Vidur - "What is this noise, Vidur?" Vidur Jee said - "Mahaaraaj, Paandu's son Phaalgun is entering the arena, hence this noise." Dhritraashtra said - "Oh, Three great souls have sprung from Kuntee? I feel blessed and protected."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Veebhatsu began to demonstrate his skills in arms. He created fire with Aagneya Astra, he created water with Varun Astra, he created air by Vaayavya Astra, he created earth by Bhaum Astra, and by Antardhaan Astra he made all of these disappear. Then sometimes he appeared on the chariot; sometimes he appeared tall, sometimes short; sometimes he appeared on the ground. He demonstrated some skills in archery also by shooting five arrows through a moving iron bar; and 21 arrows through a hollow horn hung upon a rope swaying to and fro.

After all this had finished, people heard the sound of slapping arms, a signal of might and strength. The spectators thought as if some mountain has broken. They looked at the gate, Drone also rose from his seat surrounded by five Paandav brothers like 5-starred Hast Nakshatra, Duryodhan and his brothers, along with Ashwatthaamaa, also rose from his seat."

Entry of Karn

[1-138] Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "When all were looking at the gate, Karn in his natural armor and his face shining by his earrings entered the arena taking up his bow and girded with his sword. He was born to Kuntee in her maidenhood. He was the son of Soorya and was as powerful as a bull or a lion or an elephant. In splendor he resembled the Sun, in loveliness he was like the Moon, and in energy he was like the fire. Begotten by the Sun himself, he was tall in stature like a golden palm tree, and, endued with the vigor of youth, he was even capable of slaying a lion. He was handsome and possessor of countless accomplishments. He bowed to Kripaa and Drone and all people started thinking curiously, "Who is he?" He addressed his unknown brother, the son of Indra - "I shall perform much superior feats before the spectators what you have just performed. See them and you will be amazed." Hearing this spectators stood suddenly with astonishment and Duryodhan became very happy, while Veebhatsu filled with embarrassment anger. Then with the permission of Drone, Karn did all that what Paarth had done before.

Seeing all this Duryodhan got very happy, he embraced him and welcomed him - "Welcome O Warrior, I have got you by my good fortune, live as you please and command me and the Kuru kingdom." Karn said - "When you have said it, I consider it already accomplished. I only long for your friendship. My wish is only for a single combat with Arjun." Duryodhan said - "Live with me with pleasure, may you oppress your all enemies."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Arjun felt very disgraced by all this, he said to Karn - "The path you have come to will be yours, O Karn, because you will be killed by me." Karn replied - "This arena is meant for all, not only for you. There are kings who are superior in power and Kshatriya respect the power alone. What is the use of this noisy argument, speak in terms of arrows until I strike off your head before your Guru." So immediately Arjun embraced his brothers and with the permission of his Guru, proceeded for the combat. At the same time the sky was covered with clouds, flashes of lightning appeared, colored bow of Indra (Indra Dhanush or rainbow) appeared. Seeing Indra looking at his son, Soorya also came out bursting the clouds to look at his son. Thus Arjun was hidden under the shade of clouds and Karn was visible shining under the Sun.

Duryodhan was standing beside Karn, and Drone, Kripaa and Bheeshm were standing beside Arjun. In the same way the spectators were also divided. As Kuntee, the daughter of Bhoj,  knew the state of affair, she swooned away. Vidur revived her with the help of maids by sprinkling cool sandal fragrant water on her. Seeing her two sons standing in opposition to each other, she feared for both, but could not do anything. Kripaa understood the situation, so he addressed Karn - "This Paandav, the son of Kuntee, belongs to Kuru race, he will have a fight with you. But you also tell us your lineage, the names of your parents, the family of which you are the ornament of. After knowing this Paarth will decide where to have a fight with you or not. Sons of kings never fight with men of low lineage."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Karn remained stood sad and torn. then Duryodhan spoke to Kripaa on behalf of Karn - "O Guru, There are three types of people who can lay their claim to royalty: the persons of royal blood, heroes and those who lead armies. If Phaalgun does not want to fight with Karn because he is not a King, then I appoint him as the King of Ang Desh."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "So at the same moment Karn was crowned as the King of Ang Desh. Braahman recited Mantra, a white umbrella was put over his head and the Chamar were waved over him, and many people cheered for him for this ceremony. When the cheers were ceased, Karn said to Duryodhan - "O King, What can I give you in the place of this gift of the kingdom? I will do whatever you will say." Duryodhan said - "I only wish for your friendship." "Be it so." and they embraced each other with exceeding joy."

[1-139] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After this Adhirath entered the arena perspiring and trembling. Seeing him Karn immediately ran to touch his feet with regard and still wet with the ceremonial water. He covered his feet with the sheet and congratulated his son on his success. He wet the head of his son with the tears of joy. Seeing the charioteer Adhirath, Bheem took Karn as the son of a charioteer and said to him - "O Son of a Charioteer, You don't deserve death at the hands of Paarth in fight, rather your race befits the whip. You don't deserve the kingdom of Ang as a dog does not deserve the Ghee placed before the sacrificial fire."

Karn could not speak a word, just looked at the God of the day in the skies with deep sigh; but Duryodhan could not restrict himself, he rose from his seat and said to Bheem - "O Vrikodar, You should not speak such words. Might is the quality of Kshatriya and even a low birth Kshatriya deserves the fighting. The lineage of heroes, like the sources of rivers, is always unknown. The fire which covers the whole Earth rises from the waters. The Vajra that killed the Daanav was made of bone of Dadheechi. Devtaa Guh's [I think by Guh he means Lord Kaartikeya] lineage is also unknown because he was created taking parts of many Devtaa. Some say he is the son of Agni, some say he is the son of Rudra, Some say he is the son of Krittikaa, while others say that he is the son of Gangaa. Vishwaamitra who was a born Kshatriya, attained Brahm and thus became a Braahman. Drone was born from a water pot, and Kripaa was born from a heap of grass. Even I know about your births. Can a she-deer give birth to tiger who is born with natural mail and earrings. If anybody else thinks that I have done anything wrong with Karn, let him ascend the chariot and bend his bow with his feet."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Most people approved Duryodhan's speech by murmuring. By this time evening fell, the Sun went down, and Prince Duryodhan took Karn out of the arena holding by his hand. Paandav also accompanied Bheeshm, Kripaa and Drone and went to their palace. Kuntee was very pleased to see Karn crowned as a king of Ang Desh. Duryodhan was very pleased to find Karn as his friend because this vanished his fears from Arjun. Karn began to please Duryodhan by his sweet words, while Yudhishthir thought that there was no other hero like Karn on Earth."

Drone Asks Guru Dakshinaa

[1-140] Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "Seeing all princes well skilled in all kinds of weapons, Drone thought that now is the time to ask for his Guru Dakshinaa. So one day he gathered all his pupils and asked them his Guru Dakshinaa. He said - "Seize Drupad, the King of Paanchaal in battle, and bring him to me. This is my Guru Dakshinaa." The warriors set off to Paanchaal along with their Guru. They came to the capital of Drupad. Duryodhan, Karn, Dushaasan, Yuyutsu, Karn, Vikarn, Jalaasandh, Sulochan, all tried to compete each other to seize Drupad. Meanwhile Yagyasen (Drupad) came out along with his army and defeated them all. Before the battle started Arjun told his Guru that they would proceed to seize him after Kaurav had made their efforts, because drupad could not be defeated in the battlefield by anyone of them. So Arjun and his brothers waited outside the town at a distance of a mile. Drupad was fighting with Kuru army with so much light hand that Kuru thought that there were many Drupad, although there was only one Drupad on a single chariot. Then Duryodhan, Vikarn, Subaahu, Deerghlochan and Dushaasan all tried to defeat him but after a while all Kaurav ran away from the battlefield.

Seeing this Arjun went to the battlefield along with Bheem carrying mace in his hand and Nakul and Sahadev as his chariot wheel protector, leaving Yudhishthir behind not to come to fight. Bheem started killing Drupad's elephants Drupad also came to fight with them with his General Satyajit. They showered arrows on Arjun, but Arjun cut all of them. He forced Drupad to fall from his elephant on which he was sitting. Satyajit tried to save Drupad, but could not succeed and Arjun seized Drupad. The princes started killing his army, so Arjun said to them - "Drupad is Kuru's relation so do not kill his soldiers. We are here only to pay our Guru's fees."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "So Bheem stopped killing Drupad's army unsatisfied from the hunger of fighting, and brought him to his Guru. Drone found Drupad completely humiliated and deprived of wealth. He said to him - "Will you not revive your friendship with me?" he then smiled a little and said again - "Don't be afraid for your life, we Braahman are of forgiving nature. We have grown up together, that is why my love to you has also grown towards you, that is why I ask for your friendship again. As a boon (though unasked) I give you your half the kingdom. You told me that who is not a king cannot be a friend of a king, that is why I keep your half the kingdom with me. Your territory is on southern side of Bhaageerathee River and mine is on the northern side of the river. If it pleases you know me as your friend." At this Drupad said - "You are a great soul. You did what you should have done. I am very much pleased with you and wish to maintain friendship with you."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After this Drone freed him after performing necessary rites for the kingship. Drupad came sorrowfully to Kaampilya Nagaree, the Province of Makandee and he also ruled the southern area up to Charmanvatee River. On that day Drupad well understood that he could not win Drone by his military power being inferior in Brahm (Yog or spiritual) power. So he started wandering over the earth in search of somebody who could give him a son who could kill Drone.

Meanwhile Drone continued to live in the territory of Ahichhatra, full of towns and cities, won by Arjun and bestowed upon Drone."


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