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16-Boons by Shiv

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16-Var Bestowed by Shiv

Shiv's most devotees are demons and the demons are described as Dushkritaan, miscreants, because although they have brain power and merit, they use their merit and brain power for abominable activities. Sometimes, for ex­ample, the materialistic demons discover a lethal weapon. The scientific research for such a discovery certainly requires a very good brain, but instead of using it for something beneficial to the human society, they will use it to accelerate the death which is already assured to every man. There are only two Asur who worshipped Vishnu - Prahlaad and Vibheeshan. All other Daitya were the worshipers of Shiv Jee.

Since Shiv's most devotees are Daitya or Asur, they will always put him or the society in trouble and then Vishnu has to save him or the society from the troubles of that boon. Here are those boons listed which did not create trouble for Vishnu, others are given on Next Page.

(1) To Ambaa
When Kaashee This story comes from MBH. King Shaantanu had two sons from Satyavatee - Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya. Chitraangad was killed in a battle with a Gandharv, and for Vichitraveerya Bheeshm brought three Princesses from Kaashee - Ambaa, Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa. Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa accepted Vichitraveeya as their husband, but Ambaa loved Shaalv Kumaar, so she did not accept him as her husband. Vichitraveerya returned her with respect. But Shaalv Kumaar also did not accept her so she came back to Hastinaapur and asked to marry Bheeshm on ythe ground that she was brought there when she wanted to choose her husband so she wanted to use her that right and wanted Bheeshm as her husband. Bheeshm tried to convince her that he was not brought her for himself as he was already bound to his vow, he brought her for his half brother, but she did not listen to him and cursed him - "You have insulted me that is why, even I will have to take as many births as possible but I will be the cause of your death."

She tried several means to influence Bheeshm to marry her but nothing worked, so she prayed Shiv Jee, and Shiv Jee blessed her that she will be able to kill Bheeshm. "But how? I am a woman, how will I be able to kill him as women cannot go in the battlefield." Shiv Jee said - "In next birth you will be born as a girl and gain the manhood. You will remember everything of your past life and then you will be able to kill Bheeshm." The same thing happened. Ambaa immolated herself after this and was born as a daughter in Drupad's house as Shikhandinee.

(2) To Arjun
When Arjun wanted divine weapons, he went to Himaalaya to please Shiv Jee to get his Paashupat Astra. Shiv Jee got pleased and granted him his Paashupat weapon.
[ MBH, 4-Van/10]

(3) To Ashwatthaamaa
After Bheem left Duryodhan half killed near the lake after breaking his thigh, Ashwatthaamaa, Kritavarmaa and Kripaachaarya and came there and Ashwatthaamaa asked him as what he could to please him? He asked him to kill Paandav and bring their severed heads to him. Ashwatthaamaa went to Paandav's camp and prayed Shiv Jee to help him. An altar appeared before with ire in it and he started offering Aahuti of his own body into the fire. Shiv Jee appeared before him and said to him - "Till now I was guarding all these people because of Vishnu's request, but now, since the war is over, I have no obligation to Him." So he granted the fulfilling of his wish and a polished sword and entered into his body. Ashwatthaamaa felt a new power. Then only he could kill all Paanchaal and Paanchaalee's sons.
[ MBH, G-6-War/41]

(4) To Drupad
With reference to the boon to Ambaa - Drupad did not have a child, so he pleased Shiv Jee. Pleased with his worship when Shiv Jee appeared before him, he asked for a son. Shiv Jee said, "So be it." Later a child was born to Drupad, but it was not a boy, it was a girl. Drupad got surprised, but had faith in Shiv's boon so he brought her up as a son. Nobody knew that she was not a boy. Even Drupad married him to a girl. That girl went back to her house and told her father that the man she was married to was not a man but was a girl. At this girl's father was asked to send some courtesan to test the manhood of Shikhandee. Hearing this Shikhandee ran away from the house and when she was afflicted with sorrow, a Yaksh was going through skyway. He was cursed by Kuber, so he kindly gave her his manhood on the condition that after a year he would take it back. After getting the manhood, Shikhandee came back and proved himself as a man. Meanwhile Kuber did not pardon his Yaksh so he did not need the manhood and thus Shikhandee remained a man afterwards.

(5) To Gaandhaaree
Once before marriage, Gaandhaaree did a severe Tap to please Shiv Jee and when he appeared before her, he granted her 100 sons. Later Vyaaas Jee also granted 100 sons to her.
[MBH, ]

(6) To Jayadrath
When Paandav were spending their 13-year time in exile, Jayadrath was going to Shaalv.  On his way, he saw Draupadee and abducted her as Paandav were away from their Aashram. Later When Paandav came Bheem and Arjun followed him and brought him to Yudhishthir's presence. Yudhishthir pardoned him and freed him. Jayadrath felt very insulted and went to forest to do Tapasyaa for Shiv Jee. At last Shiv Jee got pleased and asked him to ask for a boon. He said - "Grant me a boon that I can defeat all Paandav single-handedly in the war." Shiv Jee said - "It is not possible, but he could hold back 4 Paandav for one whole day." It was the 13th day of MBH war when he held back all Paandav, after Krishn and Arjun had gone after Susharmaa, for the whole day and caused Abhimanyu's death.
[ MBH, G-6-War/22]

(7) To Krishn
Once Satyabhaamaa requested Krishn to give her a son. So Krishn went to Himaalaya, met Rishi Uttank, took Deekshaa from him and did Tapasyaa for Shiv Jee under his guidance. Then Shiv granted Him boon of children. After that Satyabhaamaa had children.
[MBH, Shaanti Parv

(8) To Maarkandeya for Being Immortal
Mrikandu Rishi had no child, so he worshipped Shiv Jee and got a son from him, but he was to be lived only for 16 years. Mrikandu Rishi named him Maarkandeya and performed his all Sanskaar religiously. When he came to the age of 16 years, Mrikandu got very sad. Maarkandeya asked him what was the matter. He told him everything and said that he was sad because he would lose him soon. Maarkandeya assured him that Shiv was very kind, he would surely find some way and he started worshipping him with Mahaa Mritunjaya Mantra. he wrote a Mahaa Mrityunjaya Stotra also in his praise. When the Time came, Yam Raaj came and he saw young Maarkandeya worshipping Shiv. He threw his noose in his neck, that the boy said - "Let me finish my Poojaa." But Yam did not listen to him and threw his noose in his neck. By the grace of Shiv that noose fell on his Ling and as he pulled the noose, the Shiv Ling came out of the ground and Shiv appeared from it and threatened Yam. Yam had to pray Shiv and he went away. Shiv bestowed many boons on Maarkandeya - he gave him immortality and young age of 16 years.

(9) To Manakanakaa to Live in His Aashram
This story come in MBH, 4-Van/14. Once Manakanakaa Rishi got proud of his Tap. he cut his hands by a Kush grass and got very excited to see vegetable juice coming from out of the cut part instead of blood. He started dancing. Shiv Jee appeared before him and asked the reason of his excitement, at this he pressed his own thumb with his finger and ash came out of the wound made there. he understood that he was none other than Shiv Jee. he fell on his feet. Shiv Jee got pleased and granted him the boon that he would always live in his Aashram.

(10) To Somdatt
In Chandra Vansh there was the King Pururavaa. Pururavaa'a son was Yadu and he had a king in his lineage named Devmeedh. Devmeedh's son was Shoorsen and Shoorsen had two sons - Vasudev and Sinee. At that time King Devak (brother of King Ugrasen and the father of Kans) had the Swayamvar of Devakee. In that Swayamvar Sinee took Devakee and brought her for his brother Vasudev. There was a King Baahleek (son of Prateep) who had a son named Somdatt who was very brave and mighty. He could not tolerate this, so both wrestled together. Sinee put Somdatt down and put his foot on him, but then spared him to live.

Somdatt felt very insulted, so he started worshipping Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee got pleased and asked him to ask for a boon. Somdatt said - "I desire a son who can strike Sinee's son in the midst of thousands kings and who can strike him by his foot." After granting the wish Shiv Jee disappeared then and there. Thus Somdatt got Bhoorishravaa as the result of that Var; and because of the same reason, he could strike Saatyaki by his foot. One can move Meru Parvat but cannot defeat Vrishni people."
[ MBH, G-6-War/22]

(11) To Vishwaamitra Jee
When Vishwaamitra Jee wanted to send the King Satyavrat to Swarg with his mortal body, he did Tap to please Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee got pleased with him and granted him the desired Var. Vishwaamitra Jee asked him to bestow him the powers to create universe like Brahmaa. Shiv Jee granted this Var also and disappeared. Everybody knows what happened to Vishwaamitra Jee after granting this Var.
[Vashishth Jee]



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