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Arjun Meets Kiraat
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[3-38] Janamejaya said - "I wish to hear in detail the story of how Arjun obtained celestial weapons. Tell me how the man of so much prowess entered that forest without fear and what did he do there living in that forest? Then how Sthaanu gratified him. The battle taken place between Arjun whom nobody could ever defeat and Bhav must have been very extraordinary. Tell me in detail what else Arjun do which I could not foresee. tell me everything in full." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "I will tell you everything in detail. Listen to it how Arjun met three-eyed god of gods and his contact with Arjun.

At Yudhishthir's command Arjun left Kaamyak Van and set out to meet Indra. he had his celestial bow and the sword with golden handle. Arjun fearlessly entered that dense forest in which all kinds of animals flying creatures, Siddh, Chaaran lived. As he entered the forest, drums and trumpets were heard and lots of flowers fell on the earth. Clouds scattered in the sky to make a shade on him. he stood there for some time. Then he saw there rivers of Lapis Lazuli. He got very happy to see them. He heard there the sounds of swans, cranes, ducks, peacocks and Kokilaa. He started observing austerities there. He wore grass clothes, black deer skin, and started eating fallen leaves. Then he ate fruits once in three days for one month. Another month he passed eating once in 6 nights. And the third month he ate only once a fortnight. He did this for three months, From the fourth month, he subsisted on air alone. He upraised his arms and standing on his tip toe he continued his Tap. As he was taking frequent baths, the color of his hair got lighter, like a lotus. Seeing this Rishi went to Shiv and said - "Arjun's Tap is causing us pain. Heated with the heat of his Tap, the Earth is smoking around. We don't know why he is doing this, but please stop him doing so." Shiv said - "Do not be worried from his Tap. I know what is his desire. he does not wish for Swarg, not for prosperity, not for long life. I go now and fulfill his all desires he wishes for." So all Rishi went back to their abodes."

[3-39] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After all Rishi had left, Shiv assumed a form of a Kiraat (hunter), resplendent like a golden tree and huge like a Meru Parvat, took a beautiful bow and several arrows like poisonous snakes, and came to the place where Arjun was doing Tapasyaa. he was accompanied by Umaa too in the form of a Kiraat woman. As they came there, Arjun had a wonderful sight of the forest, it became very calm and still and he saw Muk Daanav in the form of a wild boar who wanted to kill Arjun. Arjun picked up his bow and drew its string. he said to the boar - "I have not done you any harm why do you want to kill me? I will kill you instead." getting ready to kill the boar, Kiraat said - "This boar is my aim first." and saying thus the Kiraat released an arrow, thus both arrows hit him. Both arrows took his life. He left his boar body and took up his original body. Arjun saw the Kiraat as a god God in dressed as Kiraat surrounded by many women.

Arjun got very happy to see this, he said - "Who are you who is wandering in this forest along with women? Are you not afraid of this forest? And why did you try to kill my aim? This Raakshas came here to kill me, that is why you will not be able to escape me." Kiraat said - "Don't you worry about me. We are used to live in forest, but you tell me, why have you come here? This forest is our living place, but why are you here?" Arjun replied - "I live here with my Gaandeev bow. You came here with this Raakshas in the form of a boar which has been killed by me." Hearing this Kiraat got angry, he said - "It was my arrow which killed him. I will shoot arrows at you, if you are brave you can also shoot at me." Arjun also got angry hearing this, so he started shooting arrows at Kiraat. To Arjun's surprise the Kiraat stood unmoved at the shower of his arrows. Arjun thought "Who is he? Is he Rudra, a Yaksh, a Raakshas? Who he can be, because none other than Shiv can bear my shower of arrows on his body. If he is not Rudra, I will soon send him to Yam's abode." So Arjun started shooting arrows in hundreds.

Soon Arjun's arrows were exhausted, seeing this Arjun became alarmed. He thought of Agni Dev who gave him two inexhaustible quivers at the Khaandav Van burning. Since his all arrows were exhausted, now what he would shoot at him? "Who is this fellow who has swallowed all my arrows? Let me kick him with the end of my bow." So Arjun dragged Kiraat and started hitting him with the end of his bow. Kiraat snatched his bow, so Arjun took out his sword and ran to hit it on Kiraat's head. As he did that his sword broke into pieces. After thhis Arjun starting throwing trees and stones at him. Kiraat tolerated these also. Then Arjun started using his hands, but Kiraat tolerated them also. This fight continued for a moment, that Jishnu started pressing Kiraat with his chest. Kiraat also did the same to Arjun and made Arjun unconscious. Soon he regained his consciousness and mentally prostrated before Shiv, worshipped him, offered flowers to him. He was surprised to see that his image was wearing the crown of Kiraat. seeing this he became very happy and fell on Kiraat's feet.

Shiv said - "O Phaalgun, I am very pleased with your penance and unparallel act - almost equal to mine. Look at me, I will give you the Divine sight so that you can see me in my real form. You were a Rishi before. You will defeat everybody, even Devtaa. Pleased with you I give a irresistible weapon. You will learn it soon."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Arjun saw him as Mahaadev who lives on Kailaash. Arjun bowed down to his feet and prayed for his grace. he said - O Kapardin, O three-eyed, I worship you and pray for your grace. Please pardon me what I have done to you." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Mahaadev took Arjun's hands in his hands and said - "I have pardoned you." and said again to him like this."

[3-40] Mahaadev Jee said - "In previous life you were Nar, a friend of Naaraayan. You were engaged in Tapasyaa for several thousands of years. You and Vishnu are very mighty. Even this Gaandeev bow is only for you, I had snatched it, but now you take it, and take your quivers too. They will again be inexhaustible. Your body will be all right too. You may ask me any boon you want." Arjun said - "If you are pleased with me please give me your Brahmshir weapon which destroys the whole universe at the end of the Kaal. I may use that weapon when we will fight with Kaurav. I have a desire that I should use that weapon." Shiv said - "I will give you my Paashupat weapon. You will be able to hurl it, handle it and withdraw it. Not even Yam, Yaksh, Varun can handle it. TYhis weapon should not be used without any reason. It can slay everything in the three worlds. it can be hurled by the mind, by the eye, by words, and by the bow."

Hearing this, Arjun purified himself and took the weapon from Shiv. As Shiv touched his body all his evil energies left him. Then Shiv said - "Now you go to Heaven." Shiv returned his Gaandeev and went into the sky in front of Arjun.

[3-41] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Pinaak bearer immediately disappeared from there, and Arjun praise his own fate that he saw Bhagavaan Shiv. He though that now he would win all his enemies. While Arjun was thinking like this, that Varun Dev came there with all his water creatures. Kuber also came there riding on his golden chariot. Soorya's son Yam also came there. And then came there Indra along with Indraanee riding on his Airaavat elephant. Then Yam said to Arjun - Look at us, we will grant you the Divine sight so that you can see us. You were a great Braahman Nar and by Brahmaa's command you are born here on this earth. You will defeat all the Kuru, including Bheeshm who is a Vasu; and you will defeat all Kshatriya commanded by Bharadwaaj's son (Kripaachaarya). You will defeat even Nivaatkavach, Karn who is even a part of of my father Soorya. After their death they will go to the Lok they are to go according to their acts. This my weapon (mace) never goes in vain, accept this weapon." And Arjun accepted Yam's Gadaa from him with its Mantra and methods.

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After both Varun and Yam gave him their weapons this Varun gave him his Paash (noose) - Varun Paash for which he said that even Yam will not be able to escape from that Paash. After that Kuber spoke - "I also give you Divine sight to see me, and accept my weapon "Antardhaan" which will be helpful in your battle. This weapon will help you to make your enemy sleep. When Shiv fought with Tripur, he destroyed many Asur with this. Now you take this because you are worthy to hold it." Arjun happily received these weapons. Then Indra said to him - "You have taken many Divine weapons, now you have to do one work of Devtaa also. You must come to Swarg now. My charioteer Maatali will come soon and will take you to Swarg where I will give you all my Divine weapons."

Arjun worshipped all Digpaal with words, water, fruits etc and they all went away to their Lok.

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