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Arjun Goes to Swarg

[3-42] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After all the Lokpaal had gone away, Arjun thought of Indra's chariot, and he saw the chariot descending from sky. Many kinds of weapons were already present on that chariot. There were many huge Naag and stones of white color were also there. There was a flag also named "Vaijayant" of the color of emerald or dark  blue lotus. 10,000 horses of golden color were yoked in it. While Arjun was lost in thoughts of this chariot, Maatali got down from the chariot and said to Arjun - "Sakra himself wants to see, O Arjun. he has asked me to bring you as soon possible saying, bring him soon so that all Devtaa can see him. So come along with me, you will come back after obtaining the weapons." Arjun said to Maatali - "You climb upon it first. This chariot cannot be attained even by hundreds of Raajsooya and Ashwamedh Yagya, so after you have ascended it, then I will ascend it."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Maatali quickly sat down on the chariot. Arjun purified himself taking bath in Gangaa River and saying his usual prayers. Then he prayed Mandar Parvat that he was so kind to give him shelter, sweet fruits and water and now he was leaving him followed Maatali. As his chariot got disappeared from mortal eyes, he saw thousands of chariots great in beauty. In that region there was no Sun, no Moon, no Fire but it was lighted with its own light by virtue of ascetic merits. he saw many other Lok habited by others like Gandharv and Apsaraa etc. Arjun asked Maatali about them. Maatali said - "These live here with their great merits. They are those stars which you see from Earth." Then Arjun saw Airaavat standing at the gate of Amaraavatee  Indra's Nagaree."

[3-43] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Arjun saw there many Siddh and Chaaran, Nandan Van, thousands of chariots driven by will. At the command of Indra Arjun went the starry way, called "Sur Veethee" (Sur means Devtaa and Veethee means Lane, si Sur Veethee means "Devtaa's Lane"). There he met Saadhya, Vishwaas, many royal sages headed by Dileep, Marut, Ashwins, Aaditya, Vasu, Rudra, Tumburu Gandharv, Naarad and Haa Haa Hoo Hoo and in the last he saw Indra - the god of thousand sacrifices. Many Braahman were singing Ved and Gandharv were praising him. Arjun bowed down to greet Indra. Indra got up from his seat and embraced Arjun and took him to his throne and made him it sit there. he even made him sit in his lap. Indra caressed Arjun with his fragrant hands several times. Then Ghritaachee, Menakaa, Rambhaa, Poorvchitti, Swayamprabhaa, Urvashee, Mishrakeshee, Dandgauree, Varoothinee, Gopaalee and Sahajanyaa, Kumbhayoni, Prajaagaraa, Chitrasenaa, Chitralekhaa, Saha, Madhuraswamaa came to dance there.

[3-44] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Noticing Indra' sinclination, Gandharv brought some Arghya and washed Arjun's feet. Thus Arjun lived there. Soon he got all the Divine weapons with the art of withdrawing them. he received Indra's Vajra also from his own hands. Arjun lived there in Heaven for full five years. Then he remembered his brothers. After some time when he had obtained all the weapons, Indra asked him to learn the art of music and dancing from Chitrasen. And the art of instrumental music also. Chitrasen taught him everything but Arjun was at no peace. He could not forget the evil Shakuni's cheating in dice game and Dushaasan."

[3-45] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "One day Indra came to know that Arjun looked at Urvashee, so he called Chitrasen privately and sent him to Urvashee with the message that she should wait upon him. As he is skilled in weapons, music and dance he should learn to be with women also." So Chitrasen went to her and gave her Indra's message that she should give him a taste of Heaven, because Arjun seems to inclined to you." Urvashee said - "I am already in love with him so I will surely go to him."

[3-46] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After Chitrasen had gone, Urvashee took bath, performed her ablutions, adorned herself in thin attire, with various jewelry and divine perfume. She even started sporting with Arjun in her thoughts. So when the evening fell and the Moon was up, she went to Arjun. She was looking exceedingly beautiful. As she arrived at the mansion of Arjun, she sent a message to Arjun through his guard. After getting the permission, she entered the mansion. As Arjun saw her, he rose up to welcome her with closed eyes. he worshipped her very superiorly. Arjun said - "O Apsaraa, command me, I am your servant." Hearing these words, Urvashee lost her senses but then she remembered the conversation between Chitrasen and her.

She said - "Let me tell you what has gone between Chitrasen and me and why I have come here? Because of you Indra had organized a large assembly in which many celestial activities were held. Many Muni, Rishi, Rudra, Aaditya, Ashwin etc came and Apsaraa danced. At that time you looked at me. After that assembly broke and everybody went away, Indra sent Chitrasen to me and said - "I have come to you by the order of Indra to ask for favor - you should go to Arjun and please him. That is why I have come here. I myself have attracted to you." Hearing this Arjun shut his ears and said - "What am I hearing from you. I think you are my senior's wife, so you are like Kuntee to me. You are like Shachee to me. I was looking at you with those eyes only. I tell you the reason too. I was thinking that "This lady Apsaraa is the mother of all Kaurav?" Do not take me otherwise. You are even the superior to my superiors, the parents of my race."

Hearing this Urvashee said - "We Apsaraa are free in our choices, so do  not take me as the superior to your superiors or the mother of your race. We are free, we do not attach to any sin, so do not send me away. I am devoted to you." Arjun again said - "Listen, O Beautiful, Let everybody listen, you are like Kuntee, Maadree and Shachee for me. You are the parent of my race, so you deserve my worship and you also should protect me like your son." Hearing this Urvashee could not control her anger and cursed Arjun - "Since you have insulted a woman coming to your house by the command of your father and of her own desire, you will pass the time among women disregarded and as dancer and destitute of your manhood and becoming a eunuch."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After having cursed this Arjun, Urvashee went to her home. Arjun also found Chitrasen and told him everything what happened between him and Urvashee including her curse. Chitrasen immediately went to Indra and told him everything. Harivaahan (Indra) called Arjun and consoled him in private and said - "Today Prithaa has become a truly blessed mother. You have won even Rishi by your patience and self control. Urvashee has cursed you only for your benefit, so do not worry at all. You have to pass one year, your 13th year of exile, incognito. During that year you will suffer with this curse of Urvashee." Hearing this Phaalgun became very happy and lived there in the company of Chitrasen.

Whoever listens to this story, he never runs after the lust for women. He is never proud, arrogant and other faults.

[3-47] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Once Rishi Lomash came to Indra Lok wandering around to see Indra. As he came he saw Arjun seated beside Indra on his throne with him, so he thought "how come that Arjun being a Kshatriya is sitting on Indra's seat. What merits Arjun has done to get this seat?" Indra guessed what was going in Lomash's mind so he said to him - "Although he has been born on Prithvi, but he is not mortal. He is my son born to Kuntee. He has come here to obtain divine weapons. It is strange that you have not recognized him as the ancient Rishi. He is one of those two Rishi "Hrishikesh and Dhananjaya", known as "Nar and Naaraayan" are born on Earth for certain purpose. They lived in Badaree Van. Nivaatkavach Raakshas who are very mighty are now planning to destroy even Devtaa and even all celestial together are not able to defeat them. They can be killed only by Vishnu or Jishnu. So why to approach Vishnu when it can be done by Jishnu. So this brave hero will kill them. When you go to Earth tell Yudhishthir that he should not worry about Arjun because Arjun will come back to Earth after he has mastered all the divine weapons and vocal and instrumental music. Yudhishthir is living in Kaamyak Van. Tell him that he will visit several Teerth with his brothers and wash his sins and enjoy his kingdom later. You also protect him with your ascetic powers."

Arjun also spoke to Rishi Lomash - "Please protect the sons of Paandu and under your protection they will go to visit Teerth and make donations to Braahman." Hearing this Lomash Muni came on Earth and Kaamyak Van and to Yudhishthir. All Paandav surrounded him.

[3-48] Janamejaya said - "These acts of Prithaa's son were really marvelous. When Dhritraashtra heard about them what did he say?"
Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Dhritraashtra heard about Arjun's visit to Heaven from Vyaas, he said to Sanjaya - "Do you know about intelligent Arjun's feats in detail? My son is still busy in making evil plans. It seems that he will empty the Earth from people. Who has Dhananjaya to fought for him, he will surely win. I do not see any warrior on our side who can face Arjun's Gaandeev. If Bheeshm, Drone and Karn will fight then a great calamity will fall on Earth, but the victory will not be ours, as Karn is kind and forgetful, Drone is old and teacher of Arjun. Although they all are mighty but peace can be only at the death of these or on the death of Arjun, the slayer of Arjun has not been born on Prithvi. Vidhaataa has created Arjun as the destroyer of all. Who is there who can defeat him?"

[3-49] Sanjaya said - "Whatever you have said about Duryodhan, is correct. Paandav are very angry seeing Krishnaa's insult. And hearing the insulting words of Karn and Dushaasan, they are never going to spare Kuru at any cost. I have heard that Arjun has satisfied Sthaanu of 11 forms in the form of Kiraat in battle and all Lokpaal have given their weapons to him. Who else can have Darshan except Phaalgun? And who else can defeat him who himself was nor defeated by Shiv himself possessing 8 forms? When Duryodhan showed his both thighs to Draupadee Bheem vowed to break them. They all are mighty, they all are well versed in every kind of weapon and because these they all are infallible even by Devataa." Dhritraashtra asked - "O Sanjaya, What mischief Karn did by uttering cruel words to Paanadav? Was not the enmity enough to bring Krishnaa to assembly? Did my wretched sons think that since I was blind I was a fool too? His wretched counselors, Karn and Shakuni, have always been instigating him to do wrong things. Arjun alone can kill my all sons. Who has the Lord of the three worlds, Hari Himself, with them who can defeat him? Even Mahaadev had also embraced him. He even helped Agni Dev. With Bheem and Krishn together, they can kill my all sons."

[3-50] Janamejaya said - "When Dhritraashtra had already sent Paandav to exile, it was useless to be sad about them. Why did he permit his foolish son to behave in such a way with Paandav? Now tell me what Paandav ate while they were living in woods? Were they eating forest produce or farm produce?" Vaishampaayan jee said - "They were eating forest produce and deer. First they gave some part of it for Braahman and then the rest of that they ate themselves. They had 10,000 Snaatak Braahman with them whom Yudhishthir supported. They killed the animals and gave them to Braahman and no Braahman looked pale or sick. Yudhishthir was maintained his brothers like his children; and Draupadee also fed her husbands and Braahman as if she was their mother. She ate her food in the last. Yudhishthir used to go to east, Bheem to south and twins to west and north and collected lots of animals for the sake of meat. Thus they spent five years in the Kaamyak forest, praying and sacrificing.

[3-51] Vaishampaayan jee said - "Hearing the style of living of Paandav in the forest Dhritraashtra filled with grief and anxiety. He said to Sanjaya - "O charioteer, I have no peace even for a moment thinking about the terrible misbehavior of my sons and peaceful behavior of Paandav. Ashwins will not spare my people when they will come to battlefield remembering Draupadee's insult. Even the warriors of Vrishni race, Paanchaal Desh and Paandav under the protection of Vaasudev will never spare anybody in my army. Who can face Arjun's Gaandeev and Bheem's Gadaa? It seems that I will have to agree with my old counselors instead of listening to my son's words."

Sanjaya said - "It is all your fault, O King, that even being capable of doing that what you should have done you did not do it. As Vaasudeb heard about the exile of Paandav, He went to console them, even Draupadee's sons, headed by Dhrishtdyumn, Viraat, Dhrishtketu also went there. What did they say there, my spies told me. Arjun asked Vaasudev to be his charioteer in the war, and Hari Himself said "So be it." He further said that - "Whatever prosperity you collected during your Raajsooya Yagya, I will surely restore it after this exile period is over. I will kill everybody in a day whoever will come to face you and you will live in Hastinaapur enjoying that all prosperity they are enjoying now." Yudhishthir said - "I accept your words as true, that you will kill my enemies after 13 years of my exile are over." Then all others pacified Keshav. Dhrishtdyumn said to Draupadee - "Because of your anger your enemies will be killed. After the 13 hears are over, all heroes will gather in the battlefield and will kill your enemies."

Dhritraashtra said - "What Vidur told me at the time of the Dice game, that "if you will defeat the Paandav in the Dice game, a terrible blood shed will result." I think he was right, it will take place as their exile period was over."

3-Van Parv - Indra Lok Gaman Parv Ends Here


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