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Story of King Nal

[3-52] Janamejaya asked - "Hey Rishhi, When Arjun had gone to Swarg to obtain Divine weapons, what other Paandav did in the forest? Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Paandav continued to live in Kaamyak Van with Draupadee. One day when Yudhishthir was sitting with Draupadee, he choked with tears remembering Arjun. They were all sad without him and without their kingdom. Bheem said to him - "Arjun on whose the death of our enemies depend, has gone on your command. Because of his might we can win even the whole Earth. That is why I stopped him to kill all the Kaurav. We are suppressing our anger as you are the root of our anger. We are still suffering because of your vice of gambling. You should know the duties of a Kshatriya, it is not the job of Kshatriya to live in woods, his duty is to rule, so let us not deviate from our path. let us call Paarth and Keshav and kill all the Dhritraashtra's even before our 12 years are over. Even I alone will kill all the Dhritraashtra's along with Shakuni and Karn. All this happened because of your gambling vice. Even Ved also say that one year is equal to one day when passed with certain vows, so if you consider Ved as authority, then consider your one day and something more as equivalent to 13 years. This is the time to slay Duryodhan. Do  not spoil our lives also. If you permit me, I go to Hastinaapur and challenge that wretched Duryodhan."

Hearing this Yudhishthir pacified Bheem - "Surely you will slay Duryodhan after the end of 13 years, but I cannot lie that our time has passed. You will kill him without any fraud." When Yudhishthir was consoling Bheem like this, that Maharshi Brihadaashwa came there. Seeing him Yudhhishthir worshipped and offered Madhupark. When he had seated Yudhishthir spoke in a very piteous voice - "O Maharshi, I have cunningly deprived of my kingdom and wealth in the Dice game. I am not very skilled in Dice game and do not know deceiving at all. My wife was brought in the assembly and was insulted there. They defeated me second time and sent me to exile wearing deer skin. I still remember their harsh and cruel words. Oh, when will I see my Arjun? Is there any other king who is more unfortunate than myself? Have ever heard of any such like that? I don't think so."

Brihadaashwa said - "You say that there is no such king who is more unfortunate than you, but I tell you a story of such a king who is more unfortunate that you." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "King Yudhishthir said - "I would like to listen to the story of such a king who is more unfortunate than me." Brihadaashwa said - "Once there was king named Veer Sen who was the king of Nishadh kingdom. He had a son named Nal. We have heard that he was defeated by Pushkar and he also had to live in forest without any slaves, chariots, brothers or friends. At least you have you brothers who are like celestials and Brahmaa himself. That is why I say "do not grieve." Yudhishthir said - "I wish to hear Raajaa Nal's story, please, do tell me his story."

[3-53-79] Brihadaashwa tells the story of Raajaa Nal to Yudhhishthir. Read Nal's story at Stories, 4-7-Nal.

After Brihadaashwa had finished the story, he said - "So do  not grieve even for the science for dice. I know it and I will teach you. I am very pleased with you." Hearing this Yudhishthir got very happy and he learnt this knowledge from him. After that Brihadaashwa went to Hayasheersh to take bath. Yudhishthir heard from many Braahman who had come there from various places that Arjun was engaged in a severe penance subsisting on air alone. Hearing this Yudhishthir again got very sad about Arjun. He started talking to many Braahman to get some consolation from them.

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