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Naarad Describes Teerth-1

[3-80] Janamejaya asked - "Hey Rishi, When my grandfather Arjun had gone for penance, what other Paandav in the forest, because it seems they were very dependent on him. How did they pass their time?" Vaishampaayan Jeee said - "After Arjun had left, his brothers indeed looked like pearls who has been separated from a string. That forest also looked to them as the Chitrarath wood without Kuber. They daily went to kill animals for meat and gave them to Braahman, that is how they were passing time. One day Draupadee said to Yudhishthir - "This forest doesn't seem to me very good to me without Arjun. Even these blooming trees do not look pleasant to me without him." Hearing this Bheem said - "You have said very right, O Draupadee. Without Phaalgun, I also cannot find peace in this forest. Every place seems to be empty." Nakul and Sahadev also expressed similar views about Arjun that they were not happy without Arjun and they did not want to live there anymore.

[3-81] Hearing all this from Bheem, Nakul, Sahadev and Krishnaa, Yudhishthir became more sad.. The then he saw Naarad Jee coming towards them. He worshipped him and offered a seat to sit on. Naarad Jee consoled Yudhishthir and then asked - "Hey Raajan, What do you want to know and what can I do for you?" Yudhishthir said - "You are pleased with my worship, I have got everything, but still if you are pleased with me then remove my one doubt. Tell me the benefits of Teerth Yaatraa (pilgrimage) and visiting temples therein." Naarad Jee said - "O Raajan , listen to it whatever Bheeshm Jee had heard it from great Rishi Pulastya Jee. Once when Bheeshm was engaged in silent recitations, he saw Pulastya Jee. He worshipped the Rishi and the Rishi also got filled with joy.

[3-82] Pulastya Jee got very pleased with Bheeshm and spoke - "You have got your Punya from your ancestors, that is why you could have my Darshan. I can give you anything you wish for, ask for anything." Bheeshm said - "When you are pleased with me and you have obliged me by giving your Darshan and I am already blessed, but if you are really pleased with me, please tell me about Teerth in detail. What is his merit who goes around the earth visiting the temples therein." Pulastya Jee said - "Listen, I tell you the same. He, whose Karmendriyaan and Gyaanendriyaan and mind are under control, attains the merit of Teerth. He who is sinless, he who does not desire the fruits of his Karm, he who eats less, he enjoys the fruits of Teerth. Ved describes many Yagya for the Punya but those cannot be performed by poor people, but at the same time Teerth can be done by a poor man, a man without children, without wife and without any means and are even superior to sacrifices.

He is a poor man who has not fasted for three nights in a Teerth place, who has not given away gold, who has not given away cows. There is a great Teerth named Pushkar. One who lives there becomes one with the Deity. There live 100,000 millions Teerth during the three Sandhyaa periods. Aaditya, Vasu, Rudra, Apsaraa etc all live always there. He who eats only vegetable fruits and roots gets the fruits of Ashwamedh Yagya. Who visits Pushkar on Kaarttik Poornimaa attains Brahm Lok. For a long time there are three hills there in Pushkar, I don't know why. Who lives in Pushkar for 12 years, he attains the fruits of all Yagya.

After living in Pushkar for 12 days, one should go to Jamboo Maarg. Who lives there for 5 nights his all sins are washed away. After that one should go Tandoolik Aashram. he who goes to Agastya Lake, and fasts for three nights, he attains the fruits of Agnishtom Yagya. Then one should go to Kanva Rishi's Aashram. After that one should go to the place where Yayaati fell. he who goes there attains the fruit of Ashwamedh Yagya. Then one should go to Mahaakaal Teerth and take bath in Koti. he who does that attains the fruits of Ashwamedh Yagya. next one should go to the Teerth of Shiv known as Bhadraavat. Who go there, they are blessed with the status of Ganapatya and prosperity, peace and grace. There one should do Pitri Tarpan at Narmadaa River. he who goes to southern ocean and lives like a Brahmchaaree attains the fruits of Agnishtom Yagya. Then one should come to Charmanvatee where by the the grace of Rantidev one gets the fruits of Agnishtom Yagya. Then one should go to Arbud Mountain, the son of Himvant. There was a hole through the Earth in olden days. Here is the Aashram of Vashishth Jee. if one goes there he attains the fruit of donating 100 Kapilaa cows. If one lives here for one night, he gets the fruits of donating 1,000 cows.

After that one must go to Prabhaas Teerth. Hutaashan always lives there in person. He is the friend of Pavan and the mouth of all gods. he who takes bath there attains higher than the Agnishtom and Atiraatra Yagya. Then one should go to the place where Saraswatee meets the sea. he who lives there for three nights shines like Moon. Next one should go to Varadaan where Durvaasaa gave a boon to Vishnu. Next one should proceed to Dwaaraavatee, where by taking bath in Pindaarak gets the gift of abundant gold. One can still see the coins marked with lotus  and trident there. There lives Mahaadev. Then one should come to the place where Sindhu falls in the sea and take bath in Varunaa, offer oblations to Pitri. If one worships Shanku Karneshwar there, he attains ten times fruits of Ashwamedh Yagya. Then one should go to the famous Teerth in the three worlds, named Drimee. All sins are washed away here, all gods including Brahmaa worship Sadaashiv here. Vishnu also came here to wash His sins after killing Daitya. Here, there is a lake of the Vasu, who takes a dip in it and drinks its water, he is regarded by Vasu.

Then there is a Teerth named Sindhuttamaa which destroys every sin. By taking bath in that Teerth one attains the fruits of donating gold. Then come to Bhadratungaa, then come to Kumaaarikaa of Indra. There live many Siddh people. There is another Teerth there, named Renukaa, that is also populated by Siddh. Then come to Panchnad Teerth where by living with control on senses, one attains the fruits of five sacrifices. After this one should to Bheem Teerth, there taking bath in Yoni Teerth one takes birth as a son of the goddess. Then come to Shreekund and worship Brahmaa Jee there. Then one should go to Vimalaa Teerth where one can still see golden and silver fishes. By taking bath there one attains the region of Vaasav (Indra). Then come to Vitastaa, have a bath there and attain the fruit of Vaajpeya Yagya. Then come Vadavaa Teerth and after taking bath in the evening offer Kheer to Agni Dev. people say that a gift made her in honor of Pitri becomes inexhaustible.

After Vadavaa, O Yudhishthir, one should go to Raudrapaad Teerth and have Darshan of Mahaadev. proceed from there to Manimat Teerth, stay there for one night, this gives the fruit of Agnishtom Yagya. Come to Devikaa Teerth from where, as we have heard, Braahman have sprung. Take bath in Devikaa, worship Maheshwar and offer him Kheer. By doing this one can fulfill his every desire. There is another Teerth of Rudra, called Kaamaakhyaa. If somebody takes bath there he gets success very soon. Rishi say that Devikaa teerth is 5 Yojan long and half a Yojan in breadth. Then one should proceed towards Deerghsatra. If only one goes there, he obtains the fruit of more than a Raajsooya Yagya or Ashwamedh Yagya. Then one should proceed to Vinaasan where Saraswatee River reappears at Chamasaa, Shivodbhed and Naagodbhed. One should take bath at all the three places. Then one should go to Kumaarkoti and Rudrakoti where once 10 million Rishi gathered to see Mahaadev and said "I will see Mahaadev first, I will see Mahaadev first", so to fulfill the wish of all Rishi Mahaadev appeared in 10 million forms and everybody said "I have seen the god first". Mahaadev bestowed them a boon that their righteousness will grow from that day." So one should take bath in Rudrakoti. After this one should proceed to the place where Saraswatee River falls in sea. There come all gods with Brahmaa to worship Keshav on the Chaitra Shukla 14th. After taking bath there one gets the fruits of giving away lots of gold and thousand cows."


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