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17-Boons by Shiv-2

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17-Var Bestowed by Shiv-2

Shiv's most devotees are demons and the demons are described as Dushkritaan, miscreants, because although they have brain power and merit, they use their merit and brain power for abominable activities. Sometimes, for ex­ample, the materialistic demons discover a lethal weapon. The scientific research for such a discovery certainly requires a very good brain, but instead of using it for something beneficial to the human society, they will use it to accelerate the death which is already assured to every man. There are only two Asur who worshipped Vishnu - Prahlaad and Vibheeshan. All other Daitya were the worshipers of Shiv Jee.

Since Shiv's most devotees are Daitya or Asur, they will always put him or the society in trouble and then Vishnu has to save him or the society from the troubles of that boon. Let us see here, what Vardaan Shiv Jee gave to whom and how their troubles were removed by Vishnu?

(1) Andhakaasur
Once Paarvatee Jee came from behind and closed Shiv's eyes with her both hands. Paarvatee Jee started sweating and her the drops of her sweat started falling on the ground. A demon was born out of those sweat drops, but because Shiv's eyes were closed, he was born blind. He was named Andhakaasur. Shiv declared him Paarvatee's son. But since Hiranyaaksh had no children and wanted one so he gave that blind Daitya to him and instructed to bring him up. After some time Hranyaaksh was killed and Prahlaad was crowned the King. His cousins started teasing him for his blindness. Frustrated he started doing a Yagya in which he offered his flesh as Aahuti. Brahmaa Jee appeared and granted him the boon of sight and victory over Indra. But Andhak asked for immortality too, Brahmaa Jee showed his incapability to grant this boon, and suggested him to ask for such a boon by which he decides the time of his death himself. He said - "When I aspire for a woman who has never been aspired for, I should die."

Once he saw Paarvatee Jee and got attracted to her. Shiv's guards fought with him, Vishnu and Brahmaa also came to fight with him. Andhak used his Asur Gilaa to swallow them all, but the Shiv lifted him up on his Trishool and kept there for 1,000 years. He sang Shiv's 108 names for 1,000 years, then Shiv got him down and touched him. He shone very bright and then he started serving his parents.

(2) Baanaasur to Guard His City
Baanaasur was the son of Raajaa Bali (Prahlaad -> Virochan -> Bali -> Baanaasur). Once Baanaasur did severe Tap for Shiv Jee and asked him 1,000 arms. He gave them to him. After getting those arms he got very proud and started looking for people with whom he could fight. Once for long time he did not find anybody to find, so he asked Shiv Jee, "What should I d these arms without war? Will there be any war when these arms will be used?" Shankar Jee said - "When your peacock marked flag will break, at the same time that war which will give you pleasure, will break. Baanaasur came back to his house and at a later time, he was very happy to see the flag broken. Then he had the war with Krishn who came looking for His grandson Aniruddh, because Chitralekhaa, friend of Ushaa (the daughter of Baanaasur), brought him to her. That was when Vishnu in Krishn form and Shiv fought together, but in the end Shiv was defeated then Shiv asked His mercy to spare his Bhakt Baanaasur's life. Krishn said - "I could not have killed him anyway as I have already promised Prahlaad that I will not kill anybody of your Kul." So He cut his all arms leaving his only two arms. Baanaasur married his daughter to Aniruddh and Krishn came back to Dwaarakaa with His grandson and his wife Ushaa.
[Vishnu Puraan, 5/12]

(3) Bhasmaasur
Once there was a Raakshas named Bhasmaasur, Once he did severe penance for Shiv Jee and asked him the boon that to whoever he touches, he should reduce to ashes immediately. Shiv Jee conferred him this boon. Now who was the better candidate to test this boon. Shiv Jee had guessed this so he ran away from there. He ran in all the Lok but Bhasmaasur was following him everywhere. So he proceeded towards Vaikunth Lok where Vishnu lived. When Vishnu saw Shiv running like this, He understood that Shiv was in trouble. Immediately He disguise Himself in a beautiful damsel and stood in the way from where Bhasmaasur was coming. Seeing that Mohinee, Bhasmaasur got attracted to her and made advances to Her. Vishnu asked him to go to a spring first and take bath before embracing Her. In this process first he touched his body and then his head, and as soon as he touched his head, he reduced to ashes. Thus Vishnu saved Shiv Jee once again.

(4) Gajaasur
There was a Daitya named Gajaasur. He was in the form of Gaj, means elephant. Once he did severe penance for Shiv Jee. Shiv jee got pleased and asked him to ask for a boon. he said - "You stay in my belly." It was a strange request, but since he had given him the word, he entered in his belly. Gajaasur went to his home happily. Now some time passed and Paarvatee Jee did not see Shiv Jee so she went to Vishnu and told Him her saga. Vishnu came out in search of Shiv, He took Nandee along with Him. He assumed the form of a flutist and Nandee used to dance on His flute. They came to the city of Gajaasur and showed their skills there also. Gajaasur got very pleased to see dancing Nandee, so he asked Vishnu to ask for a boon. Vishnu asked him to release Shiv. As Shiv came out of his belly, his belly burst out and he died. That is how Vishnu saved Shiv.

(5) Madhu Daitya
Madhu Daitya once did a very severe Tapasyaa for Shiv Jee asked for such a weapon which could always protect him, so Shiv Jee gave him a scepter and said that "It will protect you all the time and till you will have it with you, you will not be killed." So that scepter protected him all his life. When he died he gave it to his son Lavanaasur. Till Lavanaasur ket it carefully, that scepter protected him, once he was without it, the then Shatrughn killed him. The scepter went back to Shiv.
[ V-Raamaayan, 7/25]

(6) Makaraaksh
Makaraaksh, the son of Khar (Khar had two sons - Vishaalaaksh and Makaraaksh), Raavan's brother, got a Shool from Shiv Jee. he used it to kill Raam but He cut in two parts and aimed an Agni Baan at him and killed him.
[ V-Raamaayan, 6/31/79]

(7) To Raavan
When Raavan lifted Kailaash Parvat on his hand in pride, Shiv lowered it by pressing it only by his little toe of left foot. This pressed Raavan's hands and he cried and then prayed. Shiv got pleased with him and he gave Var of longer life than Brahmaa gave it to him and named him Raavan from that day on as he wept a lot.

(8) To Raavan
Once Raavan asked Shiv his Aatm Ling thinking that if he would have Shiv's Aatm Ling, he would have Shiv under his control. So according to his words, he had to give it to him. Although he gave it to him with a condition that if he would keep it on the ground, it would stuck there only and he would not be able to lift it up. Devtaa got very worried hearing this that now Shiv will stay in Lankaa. They approached Ganesh Jee and he helped them out to take his father Aatm Ling back from him.
[Ganesh, Stories/9]

(9) To Raktbeej
Raktbeej was the incarnation of Rambh was the Minister of Mahishaasur. He did penance for Shiv Jee and pleased him. When Shiv Jee asked him to ask for a boon, he asked him - "I wish that whenever even my one drop of blood touches the ground, it should converted in to another Raktbeej." Shiv Jee granted the boon and disappeared. The same Raktbeej then was killed by Devee. As Shiv gave this Var to Raktbeeh Daitya, his power increased by a thousand times as every time a drop of his blood would drop on the ground,  it will grow in a blood spawn and another Raktbeej was born from it. Because of this Var he was called Raktbeej. So how can one kill such a Raakshas without spilling his blood on the ground? Thus he became invincible. Then the Kaalee in Paarvatee was invoked who drank his whole blood so that no blood could fall on the ground and threw his body on the ground. That is how that Raakshas was killed.
[Devee Bhaagvat, 5th Skandh]

(10) Vrikaasur
Vrikaasur was the son of Shakuni Daitya. Once he did severe penance for Shiv Jee. When Shiv Jee was not pleased by his penance, he started offering flesh in the Hom Fire considering it the mouth of Shiv. he did this for 6 days. On the 7th day he offered his wet head, so Shiv appeared and asked him to ask for the boon. Blinded by power, he said - "I wish that on whoever's head I put my hand, his head should split and he should die." Shiv Jee granted the boon and disappeared. Now as he got the boon he desired for Paarvatee Jee and wanted to kill Shiv Jee to get her. he ran after Shiv to put his hand over his head. Shiv understood and ran away from there. After being in all Lok he proceeded towards Vaikunth Lok. Vishnu saw him running and thought, "It seems he has granted some boon to somebody and now he is in trouble. Let me see." So he went to Shiv Jee and asked him what happened. Shiv Jee told Him the whole story. He consoled him and went to Vrikaasur assuming the form of Mohinee and deluded him saying that Shiv has been insane for sometime, do you believe him?" Vrikaasur got very surprised to hear this. Vishnu then again asked him to test Shiv's boon by putting his own hand on his own head. Deluded he did that and died immediately.



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