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Taken from    Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u25
See also   Bhasmaasur

Vrikaasur was the son of Shakuni. One day he was going somewhere that he came across Naarad Jee. He asked him as who was among the three Dev who could be pleased the soonest. Naarad Jee said - "You may worship Shiv Jee. He is very kind-hearted and can be pleased soon. Although he may get into trouble after giving Var, as he got into trouble after giving Var to Raavan (read "How Dashgreev Became Raavan?") when he lifted Kailaash Parvat on his shoulders; and to Baanaasur who asked him to be the guard of his city, but still he is pleased soon."

So he went to Kedaar Kshetra and started offering his flesh to Agni Dev assuming it the mouth of Mahaadev. He did this for six days but Mahaadev didn't appear before him. So next day after taking bath, he offered his wet head to Mahaadev. Mahaadev appeared before him and asked the reason of doing such a hard worship for him while he could be pleased only by offering only water. He asked him to give him a Var that "on whomsoever he puts his hand he should die immediately." Although Shankar Jee was not happy with this Var, but still he gave him this Var and said - "So be it".

Now Vrikaasur's mind was very evil. As he got the Var he desired for Paarvatee Jee and wanted to put his hand on Shiv Jee's head to test that Var. Shankar Jee got afraid of his own given Var and ran away from there. He headed towards the end of the Prithvi, towards Swarg but found Vrikaasur still following him. He turned towards North. Even the great Devtaa could not find the solution of his problem. In the end he came to Vaikunth Lok. There lives Bhagavaan Himself.

Bhagavaan Vishnu found Shankar Jee in a great trouble, so He took a form of a Brahmchaaree and met Vrikaasur on his way. He said to him in a very polite voice - "O Shakuni-Nandan Vrikaasur Jee, You seem to be very tired, are you coming from a very far place? Take some rest. See, This body is the cause of all kinds of happiness and sorrow. Tell me if I can do anything for you?"

Vrikaasur took some rest there and told Him everything from worshipping Shankar Jee, through giving him Var, to follow him. Bhagavaan said - "Oh, So this is the thing that you are following him? Don't you know that he has become Pishaach after Daksh Jee's Shaap? You are such a great man still you believed on such small things said by him? If you still regard him as Jagadguru (the Guru of the world) then test it on your own head; and if you find it a lie then kill that liar Shankar."

Bhagavaan told all this to him in such a way that he lost all his logical powers, and he put his hand over his own head. As he did so, he immediately died according to the Var. Thus Shankar Jee got free from this trouble. Bhagavaan said to him - "Who is that who has committed crime to great people and did not get punished. He did a crime to you, so he got his punishment."



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