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Chapter 88

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88-Shiv Jee is Sankatmochan

Pareekshit asked - "Bhagavaan Shankar has abandoned all enjoyments and pleasures, but it is seen that whosoever worship him, often they become rich and get most pleasures; while Bhagavaan Vishnu is Lakshmee's husband, but whosoever worship Him they do not get riches and pleasures. Both are opposite to each other from the viewpoint of riches and pleasures and their worshippers get opposite results of their worship. I am confused about this that how does somebody get riches and pleasures by worshipping a Tyaagee (who has left everything) and Tyaag (leaving something) by worshipping Lakshmee Swaamee?"

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Shiv Jee is always with his Shakti (power). He has Sat, Raj and Tam Gun and he is the Swaamee (Devtaa) of Ahankaar. Ahankaar is of three types - Vaikaarik (Saatwik), Taijas (Raajas) and Taamas. These three Ahankaar create 16 Vikaar - 10 Indtiyaan, Panch Mahaa-Bhoot, and one mind. Therefore if somebody worships the Devtaa of any one Vikaar then he can get all kinds of riches and pleasures. But Hey Pareekshit, Shree Hari is beyond Prakriti . He Himself is Purushottam and is attributeless, therefore whosoever worships Him he also becomes like Him - beyond Gun. When your Daadaa (grandfather) Yudhishthir finished his Ashwamedh Yagya, then he also asked the same question from Krishn while listening to various types of Dharm.

Krishn replied - "Raajan, Whoever I favor, I take away his all wealth, and when he becomes poor, then his relatives also leave him. So he works hard to become rich, but I don't let him succeed in his mission. Thus when he cannot get money, he does not make efforts to earn it and starts inclined towards me and my devotees. Then he gets my Parampad. Thus my worship is difficult and to please me is difficult, that is why ordinary people worship my other Swaroop leaving aside Me. One other Swaroop of Aashutosh (Shiv Jee) is that he is pleased very soon and gives wealth and pleasures to his devotees. After getting them, those devotees get mad with those pleasures and forget even their Var-giver and insult him."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahaadev - all of them are capable of giving Var and Shaap, but among them Brahmaa and Rudra are pleased very soon and give Var; at the same time they also get angry very soon and give Shaap. But Vishnu Bhagvaan is not like that. There is an old story in this context: "Bhagavaan Shankar once got in difficulty after giving Var to Vrikaasur. Vrikaasur was the son of Shakuni. He had a very bad mind. One day he saw Naarad Jee going somewhere, so he stopped him and asked him - "Tell me who can be pleased soonest among the three Dev?"  Naarad Jee said - "You worship Shankar Jee. He will get pleased with very little efforts at the same time he gets angry on small mistakes also. Raavan and Baanaasur said only a few prayers like Bandee people, and that is how they got so much wealth and power. Later he got in difficulty when Raavan lifted Kailaash Parvat and Baanaasur asked him to guard his city."

So with the advice of Naarad Jee, Vrikaasur went to Kedaar Kshetra and started offering his own flesh in the Agni assuming it as Shankar Jee's mouth. When he did not have Darshan even after doing thus for six days, he got very sad. So on seventh day, after taking bath, he decided to offer his head with wet hair by cutting it by an axe. So Bhagavaan Shiv saved him before doing this by appearing before him like Agni Dev from Havan Kund. With his touch Vrikaasur's all body parts became as they were before. Shankar Jee said - "I am very pleased with you, ask for any Var. I get pleased from my devotees when they offer me only Jal, then why were you giving so much pain to your body?" Evil Vrikaasur asked for "On whoever's head I put my hand, he should die immediately." Hearing this Shankar Jee was not very happy at first, but then he said - "So be it". And saying thus he gave Amrit to a poisonous snake. 

After getting this Var, now Vrikaasur wished that he should get Paarvatee Jee, so he wanted to put his hand on Shankar Jee's head to test that Var. Shankar Jee got afraid of his own given Var, so he started running and Vrikaasur followed him. Shankar Jee ran to the end of the Prithvi, then to Swarg, then to all directions but seeing Vrikaasur still following him, he headed towards North. Even the great Devtaa could not find any solution of this problem. In the end Shiv Jee went beyond the natural darkness, in the lighted Vaikunth Lok. There lives Bhagavaan Himself. Whoever Jeev goes there doesn't come back.

Bhagavaan found Shankar Jee in a great serious trouble, so He took the form of a Brahmchaaree and headed towards Vrikaasur slowly. Now He had black deer skin on His body, Rudraaksh Maalaa in His neck, scepter in His hand etc. A great Tej was coming out of His body. Seeing Vrikaasur He greeted him and said - "Shakuni Nandan Vrikaasur Jee, You seem to be very tired. Are you coming from a very far place? Take some rest. See, This body is the cause of all kinds of happiness and pleasures. Only through this body all wishes and desires are fulfilled so you should not trouble it in any way. You look all right, what do you want to do now. Tell me if I am worthy of hearing it, because many problems can be solved through the help of other people."

Every single word of Bhagavaan was very sweet, so first Vrikaasur took some rest, then he told his story to that Brahmchaaree from his Tapasyaa, through getting Var, to following Shankar Jee." Bhagavaan said - "Oh, So this is the reason, then I would also not believe him. Don't you know that he has become Pishaach because of Daksh Jee's Shaap. So he is the king of Pret and Pishaach. Daanavraaj, You are such a great man, still you believe on such small things. If you still regard him as Jagat Guru (Guru of the whole world), then test it on yourself by putting your hand on your head. And if you find it a lie then kill that liar Shankar." Bhagavaan told him all this in such a sweet words that his all logical power got lost and he put his hand over his own head. And as he did so, his head burst out and he died. Now Shankar Jee was free from that terrible problem."

So Bhagavaan said to Shiv Jee - "Devaadhidev, This is good that only his Paap destroyed him. Who is that being who commits crime to great people and does not get punishment. And this man has committed crime towards you, then why shouldn't he get punishment?" Whoever tells or listens to this Leelaa gets free from the bondage of the world and fear from his enemies."



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