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Chapter 87

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87-Ved Prayer

Pareekshit asked - "Bhagavan, Brahm is beyond Kaarya (action) and Kaaran (cause). He does not have even the Sat, Raj and Tam Gun. On one side He cannot be described through Man (Mind) and speech; on the other hand the subject of Shruti is only Gun. [because whatever they describe, they describe Him only through Gun (attributes), species, Kriyaa (action) etc]. In this situation how Shruti explain Nir-Gun (attributeless) Brahm; because the description of Nir-Gun Brahm is beyond their capacity." 

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Bhagavaan has created Buddhi (intellect), Indriyaan (senses), Praan (soul) for living beings. Through them they can attain Arth, Dharm, Kaam and Moksh according to their wish. [Through Praan they live, through Indriyaan they can sing or hear praise of Bhagavaan, through mind they can ponder about Bhagavaan's matter; and through Buddhi they can take decision]  So through all of them they can understand the Nir-Gun Roop of Bhagavaan which is hidden in description of Sa-Gun Bhagavaan in Shruti.

Upanishad also describe Him in the same way. Sanakaadi Muni have adopted this. Whosoever adopts this, he becomes free from all kinds of bondage. In this context, I tell you a story which is in dialog format, between Rishi Naaraayan and Devarshi Naarad. Once Devarshi Naarad went to Badrik Aashram to have Darshan of Sanaatan Rishi Bhagavaan Naaraayan. Naaraayan has been doing Tapasyaa for general welfare of people since the beginning of this Kalp in Bhaarat Varsh. One day He was sitting among Rishi of Kalaap Graam (village), that Naarad Jee asked Him the same question which you are asking me now. And Bhagavaan told him the story thus.

Bhagavaan said - "Naarad Jee, In olden days, once Sanak, Sanandan, Sanaatan etc Rishi exchanged ideas about Brahm. At that time you had gone to Shwet Dweep to do Darshan of my Aniruddh idol. So they expressed such views about those issues on which even Shruti are silent. They do not describe it explicitly, but they do it implicitly. Sanakaadi Muni are equally knowledgeable in Brahm Gyaan, Tapasyaa and nature. They are indifferent to friend or foe, still they appointed Sanandan Jee as their speaker and other became listeners. Sanandan Jee said - "As in the morning Bandee wake up the king by singing his praise, in the same way when Paramaatmaa is asleep with His powers and self-created Universe inside Him, Shruti wake Him up singing His praise in the end of Pralaya. 

They [Shruti] say - "Hey Ajit, You are the highest. Nobody can win you. Victory be yours. You have all kinds of wealth, so destroy your Maayaa which confuses these movable and immovable beings. Whatever powers are there - Saadhanaa (meditation power), Gyaan (knowledge power), Kriyaa (action power), only You wake them up, that is why until you destroy your Maayaa. it will not be destroyed. Although we are unable to describe your Roop, but whenever you take any Sa-Gun Roop through your Maayaa after creating the world, or you do Leelaa in your Sa-Gun Roop, then only we can describe your Roop, and that also very little.

There is no doubt that we describe Indra, Varun etc Devtaa, but our all Mantra consider this whole Universe as Brahm Roop. Because when the Universe is not there, then also You are there. As earthen pots are created from impure earth and then get mixed with earth after they break up; in the same way, this Creation and the whole Universe are also created from You and are also absorbed in You after destruction. Then are You Vikaaree (impure) like Prithvi? No, no, [You are not Vikaaree] but You are Nir-Vikaar (without impurity, means Pure), that is why this whole Universe seems not to be created from You. Therefore, the description of earthen pots is like describing Earth, in the same way describing Indra, Varun etc is like describing You. It will be your name, it will be your Roop only.

You are the true sincere, dear to Jeev, still these human beings do not worship You. You have no beginning, no end, then how can he who is limited with birth and death, know You? Even Brahmaa Jee is born after you. When You sleep, there is no means for a Jeev, who has slept with you, to know you; because at that time neither there is any physical world (Space, Fire etc), nor there is any subtle world (Mahat Tattwa etc). Even bodies and Kaal etc which are created from them are not there. At that time nothing is there, even Shaastra are also absorbed in You. In this situation. it is appropriate only to worship You, not to make any attempt to know you.

As lower kings collect taxes from their own people and give it to their emperor, in the same way smaller Devtaa accept worship from human beings and they themselves worship You. You are the immortal joy, so who are busy in taking pleasures only in small pleasures, then what is there in this world which can make them truly happy? Because all worldly things are mortal by nature and one day all will get destroyed, so which themselves are mortal, how can they give immortal pleasure to anybody?

Indra, Brahmaa etc could not know You, and the interesting thing is this that You yourself do not know yourself; because when there is no end of yours then how one can know You? As dust particles fly in the environment, in the same way innumerable Brahmaand wander around within seven layers, each ten times larger than the previous one. Then how can one guess your border?"

Bhagavaan Naaraayan said - "Thus they knew the oneness of Brahm and soul and worshipped Sanandan Jee. Hey Naarad, Because Sanakaadi Muni were born in the beginning of Creation, that is why they are the ancestors of everybody. They have known the gist of all Ved, Puraan and Upanishad. You are also the Maanas Putra of Brahmaa Jee like them, so you are also the heir of Brahmaa's knowledge wealth. You should also take this with love. This knowledge destroys man's all desires."

Shuk Dev Jee further said - "Devarshi Naarad is very disciplined, knowledgeable and desireless Brahmchaaree. Whatever he listens to, he knows it thoroughly. When Bhagavaan Naaraayan said thus, he took it with great love and said to Naaraayan - "You are Sat-Chit Aanand (Shree Krishn). You take Avataar for the welfare and Moksh of all living beings. I greet you." Then he went to my father Vyaas Jee's Aashram and told everything to him. Thus I told you as how Shruti describe Nir-Gun Brahm who cannot be understood by mind and described by Vaanee (speech). Only Bhagavaan's intentions create this Universe and stay at it from its beginning, through middle, till its end. He is the Swaamee of both Prakriti and Jeev. He first created the Prakriti and then entered it with Jeev. He then created these bodies and only He controls them. As a man does not know anything about his body in his sleep, in the same way when this Jeev attains Bhagavaan, it does not know about his this body [of this earthly body] ie becomes free from Maayaa. Bhagavaan is so pure that  Maayaa or Prakriti doesn't exist in Him at all."



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