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Chapter 86

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86-Subhadraa Haran, Krishn Goes to Raajaa Janak and Shrutdev Braahman Together

Pareekshit asked - "I am very curious to know about as how my grandfather Arjun married Krishn and Balaraam's sister Subhadraa." Shuk Dev Jee said - "Once Arjun went to Prabhaas Kshetra while doing Teerth Yaatraa. There he heard that Balaraam Jee wanted to marry my Maamaa's daughter Subhadraa to Duryodhan and Vasudev and Krishn etc do not agree with him on this matter. So he got interested in Subhadraa. He went to Dwaarakaa in disguise of a Braahman. He stayed there only to get Subhadraa for four months in rainy season. There Dwaarakaa people and Balaraam Jee welcomed him heartily, but nobody could recognize him as Arjun.

One day Balaraam Jee invited him for food at his home, so Arjun went there. Balaraam Jee offered him food very affectionately and Arjun also ate it very affectionately. At that time he saw Subhadraa there. She was very beautiful. Arjun got very happy to see her and he decided to get her as his wife. Pareekshit, Your grandfather was also very handsome. When Subhadraa saw him, she also got attracted to him and she also decided to have him as her husband, so she just cast a look at him shyly. Arjun knew that Subhadraa has also liked him, so now he started thinking only about her that how to kidnap her. Once Subhadraa went for Dev-Darshan, at the same time he kidnapped her with the permission of Devakee, Vasudev and Krishn. He climbed on the chariot and whosoever came to fight with him, he defeated all of them and started towards Indraprasth. Hearing this Balaraam Jee got very angry. Krishn and other people pacified him. After that Balaraam Jee sent elephants, horses, chariots, servants, maid-servants, wealth, materials etc to Arjun as dowry."

Shuk Dev Jee further said - "Hey Pareekshit, There was a Grihasth Braahman in Mithilaa - King Janak's capital. His name was Shrutdev. He was a great devotee of Shree Krishn. In spite of being a Grihasth, he didn't work for his living. Whatever he got, he was satisfied with that. Fortunately, he normally got according to his need, not more. The King of that Desh was also like him. The King of Maithel Vansh was Bahulaashwa [at that time]. So both were the great devotees of Shree Krishn. Once pleased with them, Krishn asked Daaruk to bring His chariot and started towards Videh Desh from Dwaarakaa. Naarad, Vaamdev, Atri, Ved Vyaas, Parashuraam, Asit, Aaruni, I (Shuk Dev), Brihaspati, Kanv Rishi, Maitreya Jee, Chyavan etc Rishi were also with Him Wherever He went, people worshipped Him with various materials. During that journey we went through Aanart, Dhanv, Kuru Jaangal, Kank, Matsya, Paanchaal, Kuntee, Madhu, Kaikaya, Koshal, Arn etc Desh. Thus Bhagavaan arrived in Videh Desh.

Many people came there to worship Him. Both Bahulaashwa and Shrutsen greeted Him together by bowing their heads on His feet and invited Him with all Muni to their houses. Bhagavaan fulfilled their requests and went to their houses simultaneously. And both of them did not know that He was going somewhere else also. Bahulaashwa offered them very beautiful Aasan, thinking that many evil people could not even hear Krishn's name and the same Bhagavaan has come to his house. He washed His feet and sprinkled that water on his own and his relatives' heads. Then he offered incense, Maalaa, clothes, jewelry, Dhoop, light (Deep or lamp), cow etc. When all have eaten their food then Raajaa kept His feet in his lap and prayed Him. Then he said - "Kindly stay with us for some time and make this Nimi Vansh holy." Krishn accepted his request and stayed there for some time.

Hey Pareekshit, As Raajaa Bahulaashwa was very happy to receive Krishn and Muni in his house, in the same way Shrutdev Braahman was also very happy to receive them in his house. He started dancing seeing them in his house. He offered them Aasan, mats, Peedhaa (lower stools) to sit and welcomed them. He along with his wife washed their feet and sprinkled that Jal in his whole house. His all wishes were fulfilled. Then he worshipped them with fruits and scented water, Tulasee, Kush and Sato Gunee food. He was thinking that how he could receive all of those people in his house because he was tied up with his Grihasthee.

When everybody was at ease after the meals, then Shrutdev prayed Him. Hearing His prayer Bhagavaan held his hand and said - "All these Muni have come here only to oblige you. They have been traveling with me to make people and places holy with the dust of their feet. Devtaa, holy places, make holy somebody after a long time, but Sant (saints) make one holy only by their glance. In fact whatever power Devtaa have to make one holy, that is also received from Sant. Shrutdev, Braahman is the highest among all living beings. And if he does Tapasyaa, he has got knowledge, he is contented and he worships, then he is of very high status. I do not like even my 4-arm Swaroop in comparison to Braahman, because they are Ved and I am Dev. Fools do not understand this and worship only idols and disrespect Braahman who are my Swaroop. Therefore you consider these Muni as my Swaroop and then worship them with all your heart. If you will do this then it means the you have worshipped me."

Hearing this Shrutdev worshipped them like he would have worshipped Bhagavaan and then became Bhagavaan Swaroop. Raajaa Bahulaashwa also got the same Gati. Krishn stayed with them for some time then came back to Dwaarakaa."



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