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Chapter 85

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85-Brahm Gyaan to Vasudev and Bringing Back of Devakee's Sons

Shuk Dev Jee said - "One day Krishn and Balaraam Jee went to greet their parents in the morning. Now since both Vasudev and Devakee had known about Krishn and Balaraam (that they were Mahaa Yogseshwar Krishn and Sankarshan), so they said - "Both of you are Sanaatan (Shaashwat, or immortal). I know now that you are Parameshwar. You are the Swaamee of this Universe. You are the enjoyer, and you are the pleasure to be enjoyed. You are the Praan (Kriyaa Shakti, or Action Power), and you are the Jeev (Gyaan Shakti, or Knowledge Power). Whatever things have whatever powers, all of them are you. I got this body, but still because of your Maayaa, I became careless and I wasted my life. You have bound this world with the idea [in the mind of the people] that "this body is me and all these relatives of this body are mine". I know that you are not my sons, you have taken Avataar to kill many kings. This you told me before also, that is why now I am in your shelter, because only you can save me from this world. I have enjoyed a lot of this world. Hey Prabhu, You said to us that "Although I am A-Janmaa (who does not born), still I have been taking Avataar through you to guard my Dharm borders."

Hearing this Krishn smiled and said - "Father, We are your sons only. You have given this Brahm Gyaan. We agree with all your points, You, Me, Bhaiyaa Balaraam, all Dwaarakaa people, all are Brahm Swaroop. Their souls are only one, but it creates its Gun itself, and in spite of being only one in Panch Bhoot created by Gun, manifests itself as many. It is itself illuminated, still it seems illuminated [through something else]. It is in its own Swaroop, but still looks different. It is Nitya (immortal), but still seems mortal. And it is Nir-Gun (without attributes), still it looks Sa-Gun (with attributes). As Aakaash, Vaayu, Jal, Prithvi, and Agni - these Panch Mahaa-Bhoot Tattwa seem appeared and disappeared, large and small, more and less and one and many, in the same way manyness is also seemed in soul according to their bodies. Therefore whatever I am, the same one is the other one also." Hearing this from Krishn, Vasudev left his manyness Buddhi, now he became silent from speech and intentionless from mind.

At that time, Devakee was also sitting there. She was already surprised to hear that Krishn and Balaraam brought the dead son of their Guru Saandeepan Jee back from Yam Raaj. Now she remembered her those six sons who were killed by Kans. Remembering them she moved with mother-like love, so she spoke to Krishn and Balaraam - "I know now who you are, so I am yours from the bottom of my heart. I have heard that your Guru Saandeepan's son died long time ago. To pay Guru Dakshinaa to him, you brought his dead son back from Yam Puree. You are the whole sole, therefore kindly fulfill my one wish too. I wish that you bring my those sons back whom Kans has killed. I want to see them at least."

So both Krishn and Balaraam went to Sutal Lok with the help of Yog Maayaa. When Raajaa Bali saw Krishn and Balaraam coming, he got very happy. He got up from his Aasan and greeted them in their feet. He offered them the very best Aasan to sit, washed their feet and worshipped them with many precious things. Then he prayed Krishn. Krishn said to him - "In Swaayambhuv Manvantar, Prajaapati Mareechi's wife Oornaa gave birth to six sons. They all were Devtaa. They laughed at Brahmaa Jee seeing ready for physical relationship with His daughter. Because of this Brahmaa Jee gave Shaap to them and they were born as Hiranyakashyap's sons.

Hiranyakashyap had only four sons - Anulhaad, Sanhlaad, Hlaad and Prahlaad; while Devakee's six sons were killed by Kans - 7th son Balaraam was transferred to Rohinee's womb and the 8th one was Bhagvaan Himself as Krishn. Certainly Prahlaad was not one of Devakee's sons. Any idea how this conflicting information came into existence?

Then Yog Maayaa kept them in Devakee's womb and Kans killed them as they were born. Daitya Raaj, Mother Devakee is very sad and wants to see them. And they are with you. Therefore we will take them to our mother to please her. After that they will be free from Shaap and will go to their Lok. Their names are Smar, Ugdeeya, Parishwang, Patang, Kshudramrit and Ghrini. They will get good Gati by my grace." Having said this Krishn got silent. Bali worshipped them again and Krishn and Balaraam came back to Dwaarakaa with those children and handed over them to Mother Devakee. She got very happy to see them. She kissed them, hugged them and breastfed them. She was confused with Krishn's Maayaa which runs this world. Drinking that milk they also knew about themselves and they greeted Vasudev, Balaraam, Krishn, Devakee and after that they went to their Lok.

Devakee was now more surprised to see that her dead sons came and went away too. She considered it a part of Krishn's Leelaa. He does so many surprising things that can surprise anybody and nobody can know them. Whosoever hears, tells this Kathaa, his whole mind thinks only about Shree Krishn."



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