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Chapter 84

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84-Vasudev Jee's Yagya Celebrations

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Kuntee, Gaandhaaree, Draupadee, Subhadraa, other queens and Gopee also heard this that how much Bhagavaan's wives loved Him. All became very surprised to see their Divine love towards Krishn. At the same time many Rishi Muni came to have Darshan of Shree Krishn - Shree Krishn Dwaipaayan Ved Vyaas Jee, Devarshi Naarad, Maharshi Chyavan, Deval, Asit, Vishwaamitra, Shataanand, Bharadwaaj, Rishi Gautam, Parashuraam, Vashishth Jee, Muni Gaalav, Bhrigu, Pulastya, Kashyap, Atri, Maarkandeya, Dev Guru Brihaspati, Dwit, Trit, Ekat, Sanak, Sanandan, Sanaatan, Sanat Kumaar, Angiraa, Agastya, and Yaagyavalkya. Seeing them all kings along with Krishn and Balaraam stood up and worshipped them. 

When they had sat on their Aasan, Krishn spoke - "We are blessed today that we are meeting those Yogee here whose Darshan is difficult even for Devtaa. Water ponds are not the only Devtaa, saints are also Devtaa, because those water Teerth give you results after long time, while you are blessed with saints' Darshan only. The Paap which are not destroyed by the worship of even Agni, Soorya, Chandramaa, stars, Prithvi, Jal, Aakaash, Vaayu, speech and mind's Devtaa, because their worship does not make your Buddhi better, rather it makes it worse; but if you serve Gyaanee people even for a Ghadee or two, they destroy your all Paap. Because they destroy your Bhed-Buddhi (mind which differentiates between Aatmaa and Param Aatmaa). Who considers his body, made of Vaat, Pitt and Kaph, as his soul; "I", woman, son as his own; and worldly things made of earth, stone or wood as his deity; and who consider water as Teerth, he is the greatest fool, not the Gyaanee."

Krishn is the greatest knowledgeable person. All people got silent hearing this. They could not understand what He was saying. Then they prayed thus - "Hey Bhagavaan, We are all getting confused because of your Maayaa,  In spite of being Eeshwar, you behave like Jeev. Your Leelaa is a great surprise for us. As Prithvi takes several Roop like tree, stone, pitcher etc, in the same way, you are only one but takes many Roop and create, sustain and destroy this Universe. Our life, education, Tap, Gyaan, all got blessed today by having your Darshan. Your knowledge is limitless. Other people have no way to know you; even the people who live with you, they also don't know you. We are your Bhakt. Please be kind to us, because only those people can get your Parampad whose minute body is destructed through your Bhakti."

Then they intended to go to their Aashram, so Vasudev Jee came to them and said holding their feet - "Hey Rishi, I greet you and I request you to tell me those Karm (actions) which destroy the Karm and the desire to do Karm." Naarad Jee said - "This is not a new thing, what Vasudev Jee is asking - the means of his welfare just for curiosity sake, considering Krishn as his child. Living very close also causes insult in the world. It is like living at the bank of Gangaa Jee, and going somewhere else to to do Teerth."

Rishi said - "The best way to destroy the Karm results and desires to do Karm is that one should worship Vishnu through Yagya. All Gyaanee people have suggested this to get Moksh and enjoy Dharm. Worship Purushottam Bhagavaan by your justified wealth is the only way for Braahman, Kshatriya and Vaishya Grihasth. Through Yagya alms destroy even to desire wealth, worldly pleasures and Swarg etc Bhog. That is why the sensible people used to take Sanyaas while living in the house, leaving all the three kinds of pleasures. And then they went to Tapovan (forest). All Braahman, Kshatriya and Vaishya are born with Dev, Rishi and Pitar Rin. These Rin are returned to them through Yagya, study and producing child. Who leaves this world without paying them, his fall is certain. You have paid Rishi and Pitar Rin, now you pay Dev Rin by doing Yagya, and thus after paying all Rin, you are free to leave this world. Vasudev, You must have worshipped Eeshwar with a great devotion that is why He has appeared in your house as your son."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Vasudev Jee greeted them by touching their feet with his head and selected them as Ritwij for his Yagya. Then they did Yagya for Vasudev Jee. Men and women wore beautiful clothes and jewelry and flower garlands and came to Yagya Shaalaa. Many kinds of instruments started playing. Gandharv, Apsaraa started dancing. Vasudev Jee applied Kaajal in his eyes, butter on his body, and got ready for Abhishek with his Devakee etc 18 wives, as Chandramaa got ready for Abhishek with Nakshatra. At that time Vasudev Jee was wearing deer skin but his wives were wearing all kinds of jewelry and silken clothes. Shree Krishn and Balaraam were also there with their brothers, friends, wives and sons.

In every Yagya Vasudev Jee donated lots of Dakshinaa, many cows, land and beautiful maidens. After that they did Yagyaant Snaan (end of Yagya bath) in Raam Hrad built by Parashuraam Jee. After taking bath, Vasudev Jee and his wives gave away all their clothes and jewelry, which they were wearing, to singers (Bandee), and wore new clothes and jewelry. Then they fed everybody - from Braahman to dogs. Then they gave farewell gifts to women, sons, kings of Vidarbh, Koshal, Kuru, Kaashee, Kaikaya and Srinjaya etc Desh, Ritwij, Devtaa, human beings, Bhoot, Pitar etc. They all went after taking permission of Lakshmee Swaamee Shree Krishn. At that time, Dhritraashtra, Vidur, Yudhishthir, Bheem, Arjun, Bheeshm, Drone, Kuntee, Nakul, Sahadev, Naarad Jee, Vyaas Jee were feeling bad and sad leaving them. Other people also went away from there. 

Krishn, Balaraam, Ugrasen worshipped Nand Jee and other Gop. Then Vasudev Jee said to Nand Jee - "Bhaaee, Bhagavaan has made a bondage for human beings, that is the bondage of love. What I understand that even the great brave people are unable to break it. We can never repay you, nor we can give you anything else in exchange of that. Still we will be maintaining our relationship. Before we could not do anything for you because we were imprisoned, but now we have so much money that we don't see anything else than that." Saying this Vasudev Jee started weeping. Nand Jee stayed there for three months to please them. Yadu Vanshee also respected them with lots of wealth, jewelry, silken clothes and other Bhog.

When all people went from there, Krishn knew that Varshaa Ritu (rainy season) was setting in, so they also left for Dwaarakaa."



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