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Chapter 83

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83-Draupadee's Conversation with Krishn's Pat-Raaniyaan

Shuk Dev Jee said - "After meeting with Gopee, Krishn asked the welfare of Yudhishthir etc relatives. They all were filled with joy and happiness and said - "Great people worship your lotus feet. And they enjoy it, and while enjoying, sometimes that joy comes out in the form of Leelaa description. So we bow to your same feet. When other people were praying Krishn like this, Yaadav Kul women and Kaurav Kul women were talking to each other at another place.

Draupadee asked - "Hey Rukminee Jee, Bhadraa, Jaambvatee, Satyaa (Naagnjitee), Satyabhaamaa, Kaalindee and other wives of Krishn, Tell us how did He marry you?"

Rukminee Jee said - "Draupadee Jee, Jaraasandh etc many kings wanted that I should be married to Shishupaal, but Bhagavaan kidnapped me just like that. My only desire is that for all my lives, I should be His servant, and I remain in His service."

Jaambvatee said - "My father Rikshraaj Jaambvaan did not even know that He was his Swaamee Seetaapati Shree Raam, that is why he fought with Him for 27 days. But when he knew Him, then he himself offered me to Him with Syaamantak Mani. I wish that for all my lives I should remain as His servant."

Kaalindee said - "When Bhagavaan knew that I am doing Tap with the desire of touching His feet, then He came to the bank of Yamunaa River, with His friend Arjun and accepted me. I am only His maid-servant who cleans His house."

Mitravrindaa said - "Draupadee Jee, My Swayamvar was going on and Bhagavaan came, defeated all kings and took me from there to Dwaarakaa Puree. Although my brothers wanted to insult Him but He defeated them too. I wish that, I should get this opportunity of washing His feet for many many lives."

Satyaa (Naagnjitee) said - "My father kept seven wild bulls with sharp horns to test the strength of the kings. Even very great kings could not control them. But Bhagavaan controlled them in just a playful mood and put the rope in all the bulls' nose together [and that is how He married me]."

Bhadraa said - "Bhagavaan is my Maamaa's son, so I got attracted to Him. When my father came to know about this, then he himself invited Bhagavaan and gave me to Him with one Akshauhinee army and many maid-servants. I understand that wherever I take birth according to my Karm, I should always serve His feet. This is good for me."

Lakshmanaa said - "Hey Raanee Jee, Devarshi Naarad used to sing Bhagavaan's Avataar and Leelaa. Hearing that and thinking this that Lakshmee Jee chose only Him leaving all Lok-Paal; I also started desiring for Him. My father Brihatsen used to love me very much. When he knew my intentions, he found out the way. As your father planned to get Arjun for you, the same way my father did. In my Swayamvar, the fish was covered from outside and only its shadow could be seen in water. When Raajaa got this news, then thousands of Raajaa started coming in our capital. My father welcomed and respected everybody. All Raajaa picked the bow and arrow with the desire to marry me but could not even properly handle it. Among them were Jaraasandh, Shishupaal, Bheemsen, Duryodhan, Karn who could lift the bow but couldn't make out where the fish was. Arjun had seen the shadow of that fish and knew where it was, and aimed at it also, but his arrow just touched it, it could not pierce it.

Thus even the greatest archers dropped the idea to marry me. Then Bhagavaan came and lifted the bow, aimed at fish, saw its shadow in the water only once and pierced the fish. At the same time I entered the Rang Shaalaa (where Swayamvar was held). I was wearing new silken clothes, tiny bells of my Paayal (an ornament worn in feet) were ringing, flowers were in my plait and I was carrying a garland of gems. I cast a glance on Raajaa sitting there and put the garland in Bhagavaan's neck. When I put the Var Maalaa in Bhagavaan's neck, then all the kings present there got jealous with Him. Bhagavaan asked me to climb on the chariot, and He Himself stood on the chariot with His Shaarng bow.

Daaruk drove the gold decorated chariot towards Dwaarakaa. Some kings tried to stop us but they could not stop us, some lost their lives, some lost their body parts. My father was very happy to see me happy. Although Bhagavaan has everything, still my father gave elephants, chariots, horses, precious weapons etc.  Raanee Jee, All of us must have done great Tapasyaa, that is why we have got this opportunity to serve Him."

Rohinee spoke on behalf of Krishn's 16,000 wives - "Bhaumaasur had imprisoned the daughters of kings, whom he had won. Bhagavaan killed Bhaumaasur, freed us and married us. We always used to think about the One who frees people from birth and death cycle. We do not want any kingdom, Indra Pad, any Siddhi, Moksh etc, we want only that we should always get the dust of the feet our Prabhu."



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