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Chapter 89

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89-Testing of Tri-Dev and Bhagavaan Brings Braahman's Dead Children Back

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Once many great Rishi sat to do Yagya on the bank of Saraswatee River. They had an argument that who is the highest among the three Dev - Brahmaa, Vishnu or Shiv? So they sent Bhrigu Jee to test this. Maharshi Bhrigu, first went into the court of Brahmaa Jee. He tried his patience but neither Brahmaa Jee greeted him, nor he prayed him. At this he felt that Brahmaa Jee was illuminating with his own Tej. Brahmaa Jee got angry. But when Brahmaa Jee saw that that was his own son only, he suppressed his anger. From there Bhrigu Jee went to Kailaash Parvat where Shankar Jee lives. When Shankar Jee saw that my brother Bhrigu has come, He spread his arms to hug him. But Bhrigu Jee did not welcome his hug and said - "You disobeyed the world and Ved, that is why I don't hug you." Hearing this Shankar Jee got extremely angry and he wanted to kill Bhrigu Jee with his Trishool, but Satee Jee requested him not to do so and pacified him.

Now Bhrigu Jee went to Vishnu Dhaam - Vaikunth Lok. There Bhagavaan was resting putting His head in Lakshmee Jee's lap. Bhrigu hit His chest with his foot. Bhagavaan got up immediately from His bed and greeted Muni bowing His head and said - "Brahman, You are welcome. Please sit on this Aasan and take some rest. I didn't know that you were coming, that is why I could not welcome you properly. Please forgive me. Muni, Your lotus feet are very soft (He caressed them saying thus). The water from your feet makes even Teerth holy, so you make us holy. My all Paap are washed away with the touch of your foot. Now Lakshmee will stay here on my chest marked by your foot." When Bhagavaan spoke thus seriously, then Bhrigu Jee got very satisfied. Tears of satisfaction came out of his eyes and silently he came back from there. He told everything to everybody. Since then they regarded Vishnu the greatest, they felt very satisfied. His favorite figure is Sat and His Isht Dev are Braahman. His Gun Maayaa has made three figures - Raakshas, Asur, Devtaa. Among them His Sat figure is the means to attain Him."

Shuk Dev Jee further said - "Once a Braahmanee gave birth to a son in Dwaarakaa. Unfortunately he died as he touched the floor. Braahman went to the King's palace carrying his dead body and cried and said - "There is no doubt that because our Raajaa does not respect Braahman, is stingy, and is lusty, that is why my son has died. Wherever such Raajaa rules, his people always have to suffer so much grief and pain." In the same way he brought his second, and third child's bodies at the gate of palace and said the same thing. When he brought his ninth child's body, at that time Arjun was sitting there with Krishn. He said - "Is there no Kshatriya archer in your Dwaarakaa? It seems that these all Yadu Vanshee are Braahman and are not caring for their people; as if they are sitting for some Yagya. In whoever's kingdom Braahman have wealth, woman and children and still are sad, they are not Kshatriya. Their life is useless." Then he said to the Brahman - "I will protect your children. And if I could not protect them then I will die jumping in fire and thus I will do Praayshchit of my Paap."

Braahman said - "Arjun, Here when even Balaraam Jee, Shree Krishn, Pradyumn, and Aniruddh are not able to protect my children, then how will you protect them? This is your foolishness. We don't believe you." Arjun said - "I am not Balaraam, or Shree Krishn, or Pradyumn, I am Arjun whose Gaandeev bow is world-famous. Hey Braahman, Please do not disrespect my bravery. You don't know that I have satisfied even Shankar Jee. I don't want to say much, but I can bring back your children even from the hands of death himself."

When Arjun had convinced him like this, then he admired him and went back to his home. When the next delivery time came then that Braahman came to Arjun and said, "This time you save my child". Hearing thus Arjun did Aachman from pure water, prayed Shankar Jee, meditated upon his Divine weapons and took his Gaandeev bow. He surrounded the delivery room with many various types of Abhimantrit arrows. Then the Braahmanee gave birth to a child who was continuously crying, but he disappeared in the sky along with his body. Now that Braahman started abusing him in front of everybody and said - "It was my foolishness that I believed on this fool's words. Who could not be saved even by Shree Krishn, who else can save him? Look at him,  he wants to bring back that child who has been separated from us by our fate."

At this Arjun went to Sanyamanee Puree where Yam Raaj lives, with his Yog power. He didn't get the child there. Then he went to Puree of Indra, Agni, Nirriti, Som, Vaayu, Varun, Atal, and Swarg etc Lok but he didn't find the child anywhere and thus he could not fulfill his vow. So he thought to enter Agni, but stopping him from doing so, Bhagavaan said - "Arjun, You don't degrade yourself. I will show you all his children. Then whosoever are defaming you today, the same people will admire us."

Then Krishn climbed on His divine chariot with Arjun and headed towards West. He crossed seven Dweep (islands) with seven mountains each, seven seas and Lokaalok mountain and entered the dense darkness. This darkness was so dense that his horses - Shaivya, Sugreev, Meghpushp, and Balaahak - went astray because of not being able to see anything. Then Krishn ordered His Chakra to lead them. The Chakra went leading those horses with its wonderful light piercing that dense darkness. Then the chariot arrived at the border of that darkness. Beyond that darkness was limitless bright light. Seeing that bright light Arjun closed his eyes. Their chariot entered then Divine Jal (water) and there was a beautiful palace. In that palace there were thousands of gem-studded pillars and Shesh Jee was sitting there. His body was very vast and surprising. He had one thousand heads and each head had two eyes. They were also frightening. His whole body was as white as Kailaash Parvat and neck and tongue were of blue color. And on that Shesh Shayyaa Bhagavaan was sitting. His complexion was like water-filled clouds of rainy season. He had put on yellow cloth. Nand, Sunand etc His own Paarshad, all His weapons - Shankh, Chakra, Gadaa, and Padm, and His four powers - Pushti, Shree, Keerti, and Ajaa were serving Him in person.

Krishn greeted His own Swaroop, seeing Krishn greeting Shesh Naag, Arjun also greeted Him. Both stood joining their hands. Now that Bhoomaa Purush said - "Krishn and Arjun, I got those children of Braahman to see you here. Both of you have taken Avataar on Prithvi with my Kalaa to protect Dharm. Now you come soon after killing all Daitya. You are Nar and Naaraayan." Then both took Braahman's children and came back through the same way. Braahman children had grown up according to their ages. Krishn and Arjun gave them to Braahman. Arjun was very surprised to see Vishnu's Paramdhaam. He felt that whatever is in the human being is only because of Krishn's grace."



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