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Daksh Yagya-1

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Daksh Yagya-1

Manu had two sons Priyavrat and Uttaanpaad; and three daughters: Aakooti, Devhooti and Prasooti. Aakooti was married to Ruchi Prajaapati according to Putrikaa Dharm; Devhooti was married to Kardam Rishi and Prasooti was married to Brahmaa's son Daksh Prajaapati. So this Swaayambhuv Manvantar was full of Manu and Shatroopaa's children.

Daksh Jee and Prasooti had 16 daughters. Daksh Jee married his 13 daughters to Dharm, one to Agni (Swaahaa), one to all Pitar Gan (Swadhaa) and one to Shiv Jee (Satee). Shiv Jee and Satee did not have any child as Satee left her physical body in youth, because her father misbehaved with her husband.

Enmity Between Shiv Jee and Daksh Jee

Once many Muni came to a Yagya done by Prajaapati. Daksh Jee also came. Seeing him coming, all Devtaa and Muni got up in respect of Daksh Jee, but Brahmaa Jee and Shiv Jee didn't. Daksh got very angry at Shiv Jee. He said - "Shiv is like my son. I married my daughter to him on the recommendation of Brahmaa Jee but He looks like A-Shiv, not Shiv. (A means not)

Shiv Jee didn't speak a word. This made Daksh angrier than before. He said - "Shiv should not get His share in Yagya." People tried to calm him down but he did not listen to anybody and went away after giving Shaap. When Nandeeshwar heard about the Shaap, He also gave Shaap to Braahman - "Whosoever is the enemy of Shiv Jee, he should remain without Gyaan (knowledge) and remain in the cycle of birth and death." Hearing this Shaap for Braahman, Maharshi Bhrigu also gave Shaap - "All Shiv followers may follow against Shaastra. Who are less intelligent, wear Jataa, ash, and bones, only they should be trained in Shaiv community. They should all follow the same way on which their master goes."  On hearing all this Shiv Jee went away with His followers from that place. Shree Hari and other Prajaapati finished that Yagya in 1,000 yeas and they also went away to their Lok.

An In-between Incident-Testing of Raam by Satee

After this, it happened so that Raam took Avataar on Prithvi. Shiv Jee is Raam's great Bhakt, so a desire rose in his heart just to see Him on Prithvi. So he and Satee Jee came on Prithvi to have His Darshan. At that time Raam and Lakshman had lost Seetaa and were wandering around weeping and searching for Her. When Shiv saw Him, he just looked at Him for a long time.

But Satee got very surprised to see Bhagvaan Raam crying like an ordinary man. She asked Shiv - "Is this your Dev who you worship?" "Yes" "How humanly He is behaving? I don't believe that He is Bhagavaan. I want to test Him." Shiv tried to explain Her several times that testing Him will not yield a good result to Her, therefore She should drop this idea, but Satee was so much astonished to see all that that she was not able to reconcile with the idea that He was Bhagavaan.

At last Shiv Jee said - "OK, You go and test Him and tell me also what did you find out. As Bhagavaan wishes." and sat down nder the shade of a tree. Satee went to test Raam. She waited for some time and thought that how she should test Him, then she changed Her form into Seetaa's and started heading towards Raam.

When Raam saw Satee coming towards Him, He asked - "How come you are wandering alone? Where is Vrishketu?" Satee understood that she had committed a blunder not to obey Shiv Jee, but what could be done now? So she silently came back from there. When Satee was coming back she saw Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa here, and there, and everywhere served by all Devtaa. She got frightened and came back to Shiv Jee. Seeing Satee coming Shiv Jee asked Satee smiling - "Tell me also, how did you test Raam?" Satee was so ashamed of herself that she didn't tell him the truth, she lied that she didn't test Raam. She just greeted him and came back. But Shiv Jee knew everything about her through his Yog power. He thought that now it is not possible to have physical intimacy with Satee in this life as she took his Dev's wife's Roop. So he took a vow of such action in his heart. He became extremely sad, saying "whatever Hari's wish".

The then Aakaashvaanee said - "It is only you who can take such a vow." Satee asked Shiv Jee about his vow but he didn't tell her about it. Satee repented on her women-like mind, but there was nothing she could do now. They came to Kailaash Parvat and Shiv Jee retired for a long Saadhanaa and Satee waited for his awakening. After thousands of years of Saadhanaa, when Shiv Jee woke up, He started telling some interesting stories to her. but Satee got no peace.



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