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Daksh Yagya-2

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Daksh Yagya-2: Daksh Jee Performs a Yagya

With this drawn relationship between Shiv Jee and Daksh Jee, a lot of time passed. Then one day Brahmaa Jee announced Daksh Jee as the Swaamee of all Prajaapati. Daksh Jee became very proud of it. Daksh Jee, then, did the Baajpeya Yagya but did not offer the Yagya share to Shankar Jee, then he started Brihaspatisav Mahaa-Yagya. Many Devtaa came in that Yagya, but Shiv was not invited.

At that time Satee's mind was not at peace after testing Raam. It seemed to her that it was no use to keep this body alive. At the same time she saw many Dev Vimaan (airplanes) in the sky going somewhere. She asked somebody as where they were going. He told that her father was promoted to Swaamee of all Prajaapati's status and so he was doing some Mahaa-Yagya, they were going to attend the same Yagya. Satee got very happy to hear this news.

She said to Shiv Jee - "Hey Prabhu!  Your father-in-law is doing a Mahaa-Yagya, if you wish we should also go there. I very much want to see my sisters and mother. We can go even uninvited to husband's, parents', Guru's and well-wishers' houses."

Shiv Jee said - "Priye!  You are right, but it is possible only when their heart is full of love for us. If you say that I have insulted your father, then I would say that these actions are done only as a social etiquette. Whoever are wise and knowledgeable, do this in a better way, that is, they respect only Vaasudev who lives in everybody's heart, not to the person who is proud of his physical body. Therefore Daksh Jee who insulted me in the Prajaapati's Yagya, is my enemy and that is why you should not even think of seeing him in spite of being your father. If you will go ignoring my advice you will be insulted there. And if a respectable person is insulted, it is like death for him."

Satee Enters Agni

But Satee was very anxious to go and see her relations, on the other side she was scared of Shiv Jee's anger also. She thought something for some time, then she got up and started going towards her father's house alone. Seeing this Shiv Jee's Paarshad also followed her and offered the bullock to sit on and followed her to her father's house.

Satee arrived in her father's house. Nobody welcomed her because of Daksh's anger, and nobody spoke to her except her sisters and mother. They wanted to give her some gifts but she did not accept any. She had already seen that there was no share for Shankar Jee in that Yagya so she was filled with rage and fury and came out in the Yagyashaalaa and said to all present there - "All of you have committed crime against Shankar Jee, therefore I do not want to keep this body which is born from my father's body."

Then she put on a yellow cloth, sat down facing north,  and left her body the Yog process. Everybody got surprised at this. When Shiv Jee's Paarshad saw this, they ran to destroy the Yagya. At this Maharshi Bhrigu dropped an Aahuti in Dakshinaagni. This Aahuti forced thousands of Ribhu Devtaa to appear there. Shiv Senaa (army) got scared and fled away.

Destruction of Yagya and Killing of Daksh Jee

Mahaadev heard this news through Naarad Jee, He got very angry and in anger He picked a few strands of His hair and hit them on the ground. Immediately a huge man appeared out of those hair. He was very huge, had thousand arms and his head was touching Swarg Lok. Shankar Jee ordered him - "Rudra, you are my Ansh (part). Go as the leader of my Paarshad and destroy Daksh and his Yagya."

Veerbhadra did as he was told to do so. But when he was cutting Daksh's head with the sword, he could not cut it with the sword. So he had to cut his head as the head is cut of a Bali Pashu (sacrificial animal) for Yagya and then threw his head in the Dakshinaagni of the Yagya and came back.



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