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Mahaabhaarat has lots of information scattered throughout. Some related information has been condensed here on these pages.

Notes-a-m - General terms.
Notes-n-z - General terms.

Astrology in MBH -
Ashtaavakra Geetaa - Spiritual knowledge given by Rishi Ashtaavakra to Raajaa Janak
Daksh Yagya - Story of Daksh Yagya and Satee's immolation.
Epic - How to decide a long poem as an epic?
Hastinaapur in Argentina - Read about this strange city
Krishn Existed - Did Krishn exist?
MBH-18 - Number of 18 in MBH
MBH-Characters - List of characters in MBH
MBH-Facts - Some interesting facts about MBH
MBH-TV-Serial - Names of some main actors and actresses working in this serial
Saagar Manthan - Story of Saagar Manthan.
Sarp Yagya - Some extra information about Sarp Yagya
Shiv-Vishnu - Shiv and Vishnu worship in MBH
Trees and Animals - Some names of trees and animals in MBH
Vaalmeeki in MBH - Vaalmeeki is described in MBH
Vimaan in MBH - Some most known Vimaan in MBH
War and History - History of MBH war
Warriors - About MBH warriors

Baaranaavat - Incident of Baaranaavat, Laakshaa Griha
Bhaarat Varsh - Read about its people, mountains, rivers, and kingdoms.
Bheeshm's Prayer - Meaning of some words from Bheeshm's prayer to Krishn, because these words can also be understood in other contexts. One must read this page to understand Bheeshm's prayer.

Drone - Why it was necessary to lie to kill Drone?
Karn - Some unusual facts about Karn
Kuntee - What does she represent?

Do You Know - Some very important and unusual information about Mahaabhaarat collected at one place - a must-read very interesting page.

Baaranaavat Incident - Baaranaavat incident, Laakshaa Griha
Laakshaa Grih Incident - - Baaranaavat incident, Laakshaa Griha

MBH: Events - Dating of MBH events

MBH: Army - About Kaurav and Paandav armies
MBH: Boons - Some odd boons in MBH
MBH: Misconceptions - Some misconceptions about MBH events
MBH: Naag - Naag in MBH - read also  "Naag"
MBH: Names - Etymological meanings of some MBH names
MBH: Names-3 - Names in Indonesian MBH
MBH: Names-4 - Comparison of Kaurav names given at various places in Ganguli's Mahaabhaarat English translation
MBH: Population - Guess what was the population of India in MBH times?
MBH: Shlok - Number of Shlok in MBH and its various Parv
MBH: Timeline - Some dates in MBH
MBH: Vows - Vows in MBH
MBH-Vyooh - Names of Vyooh in Mahaabhaarat
MBH: War - Description of 18 days of war.
MBH: War-Dates - Possible war dates

Odds from Mahaabhaarat - some odd information from MBH

MBH: Pearls - Gives some quotes from MBH Serials
MBH: Quotes; - Gives some quotes from MBH book by Ganguli

Destiny and Free Will - Quotes related to Destiny and Free Will
Arjun and Bheem - Why Bheem was not given a chance to pierce the eye of the fish?
Why was it necessary to lie to kill Drone?

MBH Film Proposal - a satire
If MBH War Had Happened Today - a satire
Geetaa-Humor - a satire



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