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MBH Warriors

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MBH Warriors

Mahaabhaarat is a gallery of great heroes and all of them are great in their own ways. very good warrior ranking.

Bheeshm indeed was the greatest warrior ever. He was like a devastating tornado even in his old age in Kuru Kshetra and we can only imagine what an unstoppable force he must have been in his youth. Perhaps he is the saddest case of waste of talent and energy as he could have been the greatest emperor and warrior of all times. He even defeated his Guru Parashuraam Jee.

Bheem had defeated even Bheeshm quite a few times in Bheeshm Parv. How we should grade it as? Did he really do that?
Bheeshm ruled the first 9 days of the war No matter in this process even 16 yrs old Abhimanyu made him retreated once.
So if Bheem can trap Bheeshm on an 1 on 1 wrestling or mace battle on the ground, Bheem would easily break the grandpa's bones, but we're talking about chariot battle here, not of any other type of fight.

Karn was also very formidable with his divine armor and special weapons. Karn and Arjun may be held as equally gifted warriors, each could be deadly on their good days but Arjun had an overall better record over Karn.

Karn could not have been killed had the Lord not told Arjun what to do at the last moment of Karn. Arjun would not have been anywhere despite his pre-war boastings in front of Yudhisthir that he could kill all Kaurav alone in one day. The Krishn advised Arjun to propitiate Shiv in order to get the Paashupat Astra, which Bheeshm already had from Shiv. It was with the Paashupat Astra that Bheeshm could humble his Guru when challenged by the latter. Duryodhan also could not have been defeated by Bheem, had Krishn not advised him at the last moment what to do, albeit by gesture only. Bheeshm, Drone, Karn, Jaraasandh, Jayadrath and Duryodhan - all were killed by cheating.

Arjun consistently thrashes Karn and the Kaurav right up to Kuru Kshetra. The Virat war was fought with ordinary weapons and after individually defeating all the great warriors on the Kaurav side, Arjun uses the Sammohan Astra to make them all unconscious.

Perhaps Ang was a kingdom divided into two parts under the influence of the two great Empires of Hastinaapur and Magadh , something like Germany post second world war. Karn challenged Jaraasandh to wrestling and defeated him and so Jaraa gifted Karn with the other half of Ang thus making him King of the unified Ang.

Krishn Arjun Friendship
Krishn and Arjun relationship was a unique relationship. Here are some examples of it --

In the Khaandav Dahan episode, when asked to ask for a boon Krishn says that he wants his friendship with Arjun to be eternal.

At the time Arjun vows to kill Jayadrath by sunset or commit suicide, Krishn says that all his wives, sons and other relatives are not equal to his affection for Arjun. Says something about the character / virtues / abilities of Arjun that the Lord himself values his friendship with him above everything else, doesn't it?

The Greatest Mace (Gadaa) Warriors
(1) Balaraam, (2) Duryodhan, (3) Bheem, (4) Karn, (5) Jaraasandh, (5) Dushaasan and (6) Keechak. I am not sure about Bhishma , Drona and Arjuna's skills with the mace. Arjun was perhaps the greatest all round warrior because he had tremendous speed and skill so he was probably deadly with the sword too and maybe martial arts type close combat.



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