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Dates of MBH Events-1

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Dates of MBH Events

I found this chronology by Dr KNS Patnaik at Frankly speaking, it seems a bit strenuous. How much can it be relied upon, I really don't know?

Kali Yug: Kali Yug started on Pramaadi Chaitra Bright 1st day, Friday (BC 3102-2-20) at 2-27-30 PM.

Karn's Birth : Maagh Shukla 1. It is said that he was older than Yudhishthir by 16 years.

--Emperor Paandu reached Mount Saptashring in Paramodoot on Aashwin Shukla 5 - just one year after Yudhishthir was born.
--Yudhishthir' s Birth : Yudhishthir was born on Pajotpatti Aashwin Shukla 5, in Jyeshthaa Star, in Sagittarius Lagna, at midday Abhijit Muhoort. That was just years 127-5-25 prior to Kali Yug.
--Bheem's Birth : Bheem was born on Agniras Aashwin Krishn 9 in Maghaa Star, after midday. He was younger than Yudhishthir by 1 year and 19 days.
--Arjun's Birth : Srimukh Phaalgun Poornimaa Day during the day in Uttaraa Star. He was younger than Bheem by 1-4-21 years.
--Nakul and Sahadev's Birth : Bhava Phaalgun Amaavasyaa day, Midday, in Star Ashwinee. They were younger than Arjun by years 1-0-15.
--Lord Krishn was born on Shreemukh Shraavan Krishn 8, just after midnight in Taurus Lagna.

Duryodhan's Birth : Just one day after Bheem's birth. From that day onwards everyday the rest 99 Kaurav and their sister were born.
--Similarly, Hidimb, Bakaasur and Keechak were born in the same period between Maghaa and Swaati Stars.

Emperor Paandu expired on Sarvadhaaree Chaitra Shukla 12 in Uttaraa Star. Arjun was then 14-0-7 years old. Yudhishthir was then 16-6-7 years old.

Paandav were brought in Hastinaapur on Sarvadhaaree Chaitra Shukla 13, that is, 16 days after their father's death. Death rituals lasted for 12 days from Sarvadhaaree Chaitra Krishn 13 to Vaishaakh Shukla 10. Yudhishthir was then 16 years, 6 months and 28 days of age.

Paandav stayed in Hastinaapur for 13 years from Sarvadhaaree Vaishaakh Shukla 10 to Plava Vaishaakh Shukla 10. Yudhisthira was then 29-6-23 years old. They learnt archery under Drone.

Archery exhibition : Plava Vaishaakh Poornimaa Day.

King Drupad was taken captive : Fight with Drupad from Plava Vaishaakh Krishn 5 for a period of 1-4-5 years, that is, up to Shubhkrit Bhaadrapad Shukla 10. Yudhishthir Then was 31-0-5 years old.

Yudhishthir was made Crown-Prince on Shubhkrit Ashwayuj Shukla 10 when he was 31-0-5 years old.

Paandav stayed at Hastinaapur for 5-4-20 years, up to Plavang Maagh Amaavasyaa Day. Yudhishthir was then 36-4-25 years old.

Entered Baaranaavat : Plavang Phaalgun Shukla 8. Yudhishtir was then 36-5-3 ears old.
[Rohinee star was in ascendant - from KMG's MBH 1/147]

The Lac Palace was set on fire on Keelak Phaalgun Krishn 13/14th Day night in the third Jhamu or Quarter. (A day consists of 8 Prahar, 4 Prahar during day time and 4 Prahar during night.)

Paandav crossed river Gangaa on Keelak Phaalgun Amaavsyaa Day morning.

Demon Hidimb was slain : on Saumya Chaitra Shukla 1.

Ghatotkach was born on Saumya Aashwin Shukla 2, and he grew up as an adult immediately.

Paandav stayed in Shaalihotra Aashram for 6 months, that is from Saumya Ashwayuj Shukla 2 to Saadhaaran Chaitra Shukla 2. Yudhishtir was then 38-5-7 years old.

--Paandav lived in Ekachakraa Puram for 6 months from Saadhaaran Chaitra Shukla 2 to Ashwayuj Shukla 2.
--Demon Bakaasur was slain : on Saadhaaran Shukla 10. Yudhishthir was the 39-0-5 years old.
--Paandav stayed in Ekachakraa Puram for 1 month and 10 days more, up to Saadhaaran Maargsheersh Krishn 5. Then they headed for Paanchaal Kingdom, and in 3 days time reached at Dhaumya's Aashram. They stayed there for 15 days, and on the 18th day, reached the capital of Paanchaal Kingdom, that is, on Saadharan Paush 7.

--Princess Draupadee's Swayamvaram took place on Sadhaaran Paush Shukla 10th Day.
--Paandav stayed in Paanchaal Kingdom for 1-0-15 years, that is, till Virodhikritu Paush Amaavasyaa Day. Yudhishthir was 40-3-25 years old then.
--Paandav were received in Hastinaapur on Virodhikrit Maagh Shula 2nd Day and were granted half-Kingdom. They stayed in Hastinaapur for 5 years and 6 months, up to Pingal Shraavan Shukla 2nd Day.
Yudhishthir was yrs. 45-9-27 days old. Indraprasth City was being built during this period.
--Yudhishthir was coronated on Pingal Ashwayuj Shukla 10th Day. He was then 46-0-0 years old.
--Arjun went on pilgrimage for 12 years. He started in Kalayukti and returned in Pramodhoot. He married Subhadraa on Pramodhoot Vaishaakh Shukla 10th Day. Abhimanyu was born in the year Pramodhoot.

--Draupadee had one son each from her 5 Paandav husbands.
--The Khaandav Forest was burnt down after Pramodhoot Shraavan Shukla 2nd Day. Yudhishthir was 58-10-15 years old.
--Maya Sabhaa took 1-2-0 years for construction.
--Paandav entered Maya Sabhaa on Prajopati Ashwayuj Shukla 10th Day. Yudhisthir was then 60-0-5 years old.
--Paandav ruled in Indraprasth for 16 years, up to Sarvajit Ashwayuj Shukla 10th day. Yudhishthir was 76-0-5 yeas old.

--Wrestling started between Bheem and Jaraasandh on Sarvjit Kaarttik Shukla 2nd Day. It continued for 14 days, and Jaraasandh was killed on 14th evening.
--The Raajsooya Yagya began on Sarvdhaaree Chaitra Poornimaa. Yudhishthir was 76-6-15 years old.

--Dice Games : The two Dice Games were played between Sarvdhaaree Shraavan Krishn 3rd Day and 7th Day. Yudhishthir was 76-10-2 years old.
--So Paandav ruled for a period of yrs  36-6-20 days from Virodhikrit Maagh Shukla 2nd Day to Sarvdhaaree Shraavan Krishn 7th Day.

Forest Life :
--Forest life started on Sarvdhaaree Shraavan Krishn 8th Day. Yudhishthir was 76-10-18 years old. **(see the note-1 at the bottom**
--Demon Kirmeeraa was killed on the 3rd Day, that is on Krishn 10th Day.
--12 years forest exile ended on Sarvari Shraavan Krishn 7th Day.
--The 13th year of anonymity ended on the Plava Shraavan Krishn 7th Day.
--Keechak was killed on on Plava Aashaadh Krishn 8th Day at night. His brothers were killed the next day, on Krishn 9th Day.
--Since these are lunar years, there were two Adhik Maas every 5 years, and in 13 years there were 5 Adhik Maas and 12 days. But these were merged in the lunar years as Adhik Maas. Tithi wise and likewise, Bheeshm and Yudhishthir followed this calculation as correct, but Duryodhan insisted on anonymity on solar years, which was unacceptable in those days.
--Since the period was over the previous day, Arjun declared his identity.
--Arjun was carrying his bow Gandeev for 30 years from Pramodoot to Sarvari, and he told Uttar that he will carry it for another 35 years.
--The next day, on Krishn 9th Day, Paandav declared their identity. Yudhishthir was 89-10-9 years old.
--Paandav stayed in Upaplavya for 1-2-17 years. During these days, consultations, marriage between Uttaraa and Abhimanyu in Shubhkrit Jyeshth month, marshaling of armies, Peace talks by Draupadee's Purohit and Sanjaya took place.
--In Ashwayuj month, there were lunar and solar eclipses, portending evil and destruction.
--Shree Krishn's Peace talks : Shree Krishn started on Shubhkrit Kaarttik Shukla 2nd Day, in Revatee Star, reached Hastinapur on the 13th Day, and held peace talks up to Krishn 8th Day. On his last day, His Vishwaroop was shown. Since His peace talks failed, He started on his return journey the same day in Pushyaami Star, told Karn that in 7 days time, on Amaavasyaa in Jyeshthaa Star, all should assemble at Kurukshetra for the Great War, and returned to Upaplavya.
--So Paandav stayed in Upaplavya for 1-2-17 + 15 days =  1-3-2 years.

War Details
--Both the Paandav and Kaurav armies marched to Kurukshetra on the Amaavasyaa Day. The period from Maargsheersh Shukla 2nd Day to 12th Day, was taken up by installation of tents, arranging Army rehearsals etc. etc.
--The Great Mahabharat War started on Shubhkrit Maargsheersh Shukla 13/14th Day, Tuesday in Bharanee Star. Yudhishthir was 91-2-9 years old. Just the previous day 11/12th Day, when armies were rehearsing Vyooh, Arjun fell into a gloom, occasioning Lord Krishn's famous Bhagavad Geetaa discourse with Arjun.
--Bheeshm's Fall : On Maargsheersh Krishn 7th Day.
--Abhimanyu's Death : Abhimanyu was killed on Maargsheersh Krishn 10th Day. He was aged 32 years (From Pramodoot to Shubhkrit). Since his marriage was in Jyeshth month, he led only 6 month's of family life, and Uttaraa was 6 months pregnant.
--Saindhav's (Jayadrath) Death : Saindhav was killed on Maargsheersh Krishn 11th Day.
--The battle was continued even in the night.
--Drone was killed on Maargsheersh Krishn 12th Day at noon.
--Karn's Death : Karn was killed on Maargsheersh Krishn 14th Day.
--Shalya was killed on Maargsheersh Amaavasyaa Day at noon.
--Duryodhan's Fall : He fell on Maargsheersh Aaavasyaa Day/Paush Shukla 1st Day in the evening. He died the next morning on the Shukla 1st Day.

--Balaraam started on pilgrimage on Kaarttik Krishn 5th Day, in Pushyaami Star. So, date-wise and star-wise also, the pilgrimage took 42 days.
--Ashwatthaamaa murdered Paandav's sons during the same night on Maargsheersh Amaavasyaa / Paush Shukla 1st Day night, and conveyed the dire information to the dying Duryodhan on Shukla 1st Day early morning. Defeat of Ashwatthaamaa : on Paush Shukla 1st Day.

Paandav Army: 7 Akshauhinee [6] = 1,530,900 people
Kaurav Army: 11 Akshauhinee      =  2,405,700 people
Total people : 18 Akshauhinee       = 3,936,600 people

Except Paandav, Krishn, Saatyaki and Yuyutsu on Paandav's side, and Kripaa, Kritvarmaa and Ashwatthaamaa on Kaurav's side, all were killed. Yudhishthir told Dhritarashtra that Great Warriors (Mahaarathee) killed in the War, were more than 94 crores (940 million).
--No clear details are available in the Epic of how the Paandav Warriors disposed off the Kaurav armies. Abhimanyu on the 13th Day, killed more than 0.50 Akshauhinee army, and Arjun on the 14th Day killed 5 Akshauhinee army of Kaurav.

Attacking on Paandav's side,
--Bheeshm killed nearly 1.27 Akshauhinee             =  277,749
--Drone killed nearly 1.00 Akshauhinee                 =  218,700
--Karn killed nearly 2.37 Akshauhinee                   =  518,319
--Shalya killed nearly 0.29 Akshauhinee                =    63,423
--Ashwatthaamaa killed nearly 0.09 Akshauhinee   =    19,683
--Rest of the warriors killed 1.98 Akshauhinee       =  433,026
--TOTAL 7.00 Akshauhinee                                = 1,530,900

After War
--Yudhishthir's age was 91-2-27 years. Paandav observed 12 days mourning from Paush Shukla 1st Day to 13th Day. Mass cremations were done on the 14th day, and the same evening, the Paandav proceeded to Hastinaapur.
--Yudhishthir was crowned on Shubhkrit Paush Poonimaa Day. Yudhishthir was 91-3-10 years old.
--Paandav called on Bheeshm (who was prostrate on a bed of arrows) on Paush Krishn 2nd Day, and stayed up to 8th Day, listened to Bheeshm's advisory discourse, returned to Hastinaapur, stayed there for 15 days more and then went to Bheeshm again on Maagh Shukla 8th day. On 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th day, Bheeshm was in meditation. He renounced his mortal coil on Maagh Shukla 12th day. Hence 8th-12th of Paush Krishn Paksh is called Bheeshm Panchakam.

--Bheeshm fell prostrate on Maargsheersh Krishn 7th Day.
--From Maagh Shukla 8th Day to  11th Day - 48 days elapsed. "Ashta Panchasatam raatryassayana syasyama gatha" that is, Bheeshm said that he completed 58 (10+48) days on the battlefield. "Sarashu nisitagresu yatha varsha satam tatha" meaning, by lying on pointed arrows, it appeared as if it was 100 years. Tribhaga seshah pakshyam shuklo" meaning, it is Shukla Fortnight, and still 3 parts remained. (By dividing Shukla Paksh into 10 parts, 7 parts = 10.5 days or 11th day is in progress, and still 3 parts = 4.5 days remained up to Poornimaa)

--Ashwamedh Yagya began on Shubhkrit Maagh Shukla 12th Day. Just earlier, Pareekshit was born to Uttaraa as posthumous premature, stillborn male baby at 8/9 months, but was revived by Krishn.

--15 years later, in Kaarttik month, Dhritraashtra left for the forest.
--3 years later, Paandav went to the forest to see Dhritraashtra etc. Vidur's death.
--After 1 month, Dhritraashtra, Gaandhaaree and Kuntee got killed in a forest fire.

--36 years after the Great War, that is in Bahudhaanya year, evil omens in Dwaarakaa were observed. Saamb became pregnant and an iron rod (Moosal) was born to him.
--Yudhishthir ruled for yrs. 36-2-15 years - from Shubhkrit Paushya Poornimaa to Bahudhaanya Paushya Pornimaa, it was 36 years and adding 0-2-15 days, it was Pramadi Shukla 1st Day, when Kail Yug started and Shree Krishn finished his Avataar.
--7 days later, on Shukla 7th Day, Dwaarkaa city got submerged in the Ocean. Saptarshi were in Maghaa Star, 75 years prior to Kali Yug and remained there for 25 years after Kali Yug.

--Yudhishthir Shak started from his coronation day that is, Krishn finished his Avatar in Yudhishthir Shak years 36-2-15.
--Paandav started for their Final End after 0-6-11 days, that is, on Pramadi Ashwayuj Shukla 12th Day. Yudhishthir was aged yrs. 128-0-6. Pareekshit, 36 years old, was coronated on the same day at Hastinaapur.

--Swargaarohan is not clearly stated in the Epic. It may be 26 years afterwards. Sage Ved Vyaas dictated the Great Epic to Ganapati only after Swargaarohanam of the Paandav, that is, after 26 years of Kali Yug.
--Pareekshit ruled for 60 years, coronated his 25 year old son Janamejaya, and died.
--Bhaagvat Puraan was written by Sage Ved Vyaas soon after Mahaabhaarat was over, and before the 60th year of the Kali Yug.
--In Dwaapar Yug, human beings lived up to 400 years. There are four stages in life - Baalya, Yauvan, Kaumaar and Vriddha. In Dwapar Yug, Baalya stage was up to 40 years, Yauvan stage was up to 120 years, and later came Kaumar and Vriddha stages. But now in the Kali Yug, Baalya stage is up to 15 years, Yauvan up to 45 years, Kaumaar stage is up to 60 years and Vriddha stage is beyond 60 years.


--MBH G-4-Van, 150-175 says that Arjun spent 5 years in Swarg, and Paandav spent 4 years in Kuber's Garden.
--MBH G-4-Van/30 (ch 175) says that Paandav mentioned that it was their 11th year. It means that before Arjun went to Swarg Paandav had spent only 2 years in the forest (then 5 years in Swarg + 4 years in Kuber's garden)
--MBH G-4-Van/30 (ch 176) says that after returning from Kuber's place they stayed in Vishaakh Yoop Van for 1 year (5+4+1)



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