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Population of India in Mahaabhaarat Times

You must be wondering that how many people would have been living in India in Mahaabhaarat times. We do not have census of those times, but we can guess. The following statements and facts are presented here just to have an idea that how much population would have been living in Dwaarakaa and in whole India during MBH times - maybe during 40-50 years period of time.

For your information
--1 Akshauhinee army consists of 21,870 chariots; 21,870 elephants; 109,350 soldiers; and 65,600 horse riders - totaling 218,690 people and 109,340 their rides
--Dwaarakaa Puree was 48 Kos (62 miles) long and wide - Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u1

MBH-G, 0-prolog/13
Hundreds of thousands kings, whose names I cannot describe even in 10,000 years, came in MBH war to fight. Everybody knows that in MBH war, the whole 18 Akshauhinee army was killed       PLUS
all those kings who brought that army

Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u13
--Dwaarakaa city had 900,000 silver palaces PLUS more than 16,000 palaces for Krishn's queens built by Vishwakarmaa
--Krishn used to donate 13,084 cows daily to Braahman
[certainly they were not the same Braahman everyday, then where did they all live?]

--He freed 20,000 kings from Jaraasandh's prison
[Were these kings' kingdoms only equal to a village?]

Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u1
--Everybody knows that Jaraasandh attacked Mathuraa 17 times, with his 23 Akshauhinee army (more than MBH war army) each time and most of his people died in those wars each time. And certainly these were not all. Where were these people and their families living?
[23 X 218,690 people and 109,340 their rides]

Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u1
--Kaalyavan also came with 30 million Mlechchh army when Jarasandh came 18th time with his army.

When Duryodhan goes to Dhritraashtra to ask permission for playing Dice game with Yudhishthir, he counts - "Yudhishthir supports 88,000 Snaatak Braahman giving each of them 30 girls.", (means  88,000 X 30 = 2,640,000 heads). Besides, 1,000 other Braahaman also eat daily... I am sure these 1,000 Braahman are not all the same everyday. And these 88,000 Brahman must be coming from their families, and the 1,000 Brahman must be having their own families too.

When Draupadee and Satyabhaamaa talks, Draupadee tells her that - "Before, 8,000 Braahman were daily fed in the palace of Yudhishthir from gold plates and 80,000 Snaatak (Braahman disciple) leading domestic lives were entertained with 30 serving maids [80,000 x 30 = 2,640,000]. Besides, 10,000 Yatee had their pure food carried unto them in golden plates. I used to worship all of them with food and drink. Yudhishthir had 100,000 well-adorned serving maids with ample golden ornaments in their neck and arms and jewels etc were well-skilled in singing and dancing. I knew all about them - what they are, what they were. He had 100,000 maid servants who fed guests daily with gold plates in their hands. When Yudhishthir lived in Indra Prasth, 100.000 horses and 100,000 elephants used to follow him."
[Where did all these head live? They need lots of space to even stand. The serving maids, Vyaas Jee is consistent to tell this number, even if they do not have a family, need almost 10 cities to live - more than 26 Laakh maidens]

Here also, when Duryodhan goes to Dwait Van to tease Paandav, he takes with him - "8,000 chariots, 30,000 elephants, 9,000 horses and many thousand foot soldiers, shops and pavilions, traders and men trained in the chase by hundreds and thousands followed him."
I do not know how far this Dwait Van was from Hastinaapur, but the number of people were going with Duryodhan were surely going forming a very long queue. It might be possible that its length is from Dwait Van to Hastinaapur. And then where were all camping? Was that Dwait Van so large?

Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u9
--Everybody knows that Krishn had 16,108 wives. Now listen to the people who lived in Dwaarakaa - a land of 20 Yojan long and wide -
--His each wife had hundreds of maidservants
--His each wife had 10 sons each (here Bhaagvat is talking about sons only, not daughters - 10 x 16,108 = 161,080 sons. And they were also married and had children
--so the number of His sons, grandsons, great-grandsons were in tens of millions (means at least 10,000,000 - more than one Crore)

Bhaagvat Puraan 10/u10
--when Pradyumn went to Shonitpur, Baanaasur's place, to get his son Aniruddh back, they surrounded it with their 12 Akshauhinee army
--Baanaasur also came out with his 12 Akshauhinee army

Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u27
--"There were so many in Yadu Vansh that one can count them even for thousands of years. I have heard that there were 38 million (3 Crore and 80 Lakh) Aachaarya."
--Mahaaraaj Ugrasen himself alone had 1,000 Trillion (1,000,000,000,000,000, or 10 Neel) soldiers with him.
[Remember Dwaarakaa was only 62 miles long and wide. Even if many of these were living on the main land, still they need lots of land to live.]

MBH, G-4-Van/68
--The King of Kaashee, and Shaibyaa who were Yudhhishthir's friends also came there, each accompanied by one Akshauhinee army. Mighty Drupad, mighty sons of Draupadee and invincible Shikhandee and Dhrishtdyumn also came there with another one Akshauhinee troops. Seeing all of them coming there the King of Matsya respected and received and entertain all of them well. And he was highly pleased by giving his daughter to Abhimanyu. Then came Vaasudev and Halaayudh (Balaraam); Kritvarmaa, the son of Hridikaa; and Yuyudhaan, the son of Saatyaki; and Anadrishti and Akroor; and Saamb and Nishaath; and Abhimanyu and his mother; and Indrasen and others having lived in Dwaarakaa for one full year bringing with them well adorned chariots. And there came 10,000 elephants, 10,000 chariots, 100 millions horses and 100 billions of foot soldiers. And innumerable Vrishni and Andhak and Bhoj warriors also came there. Krishn gave Paandav numerous female slaves and gems and robes.
[This population was only a very small part of India. That king Viraat, where did he house all of them and how did he feed them?]

Can anyone think how so many people and animals were living in these areas of Bhaarat Varsh country?
And these are not the only people,
There were many others in southern area also,
They had their families also
And their cattle, horses, elephants etc etc
And they were only Kshatriya - there were other Varn - Braahman, Vaishya, and Shoodra people also
Besides, these Kings had hundreds of male and female servants also, and maybe their families too.



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