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[2-45] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After the Yagya was finished, Vyaas Jee came. Seeing him coming, Yudhishthir got up from his seat, worshipped him with his brothers and offered him a costly seat. When Vyaas Jee had taken his seat, he asked Yudhishthir also to take his seat and said to him - "You have achieved a lot, so all the Kaurav have also prospered because of you. I have been duly worshipped by you, now I want to go." Yudhishthir bowed his head to his feet and said - "I have a doubt in my mind, nobody else can remove it except you. Naarad Jee said that [at the end of Raajsooya Yagya] three types of omens happen - celestial, atmospheric and terrestrial. Have they ended by the fall of Chedi?"

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this dark-hued Vyaas Jee said - "These omens will continue to 13 years. In course of time, making you the sole cause. The Kshatriya who assembled here will be destroyed for the sins of Duryodhan and through the might of Bheem and Arjun. You might see blue-throated Bhav, the husband of Umaa, or otherwise called Har or Sarv or Vrish, in your dream, at the end of this, fierce and terrible. You will see him gazing towards the land of Pitri. Maybe you will see this dream even tonight. Do not grieve seeing such a dream, as nobody is higher than the influence of Time. Bless you, now I will go to Kailaash. Rule your kingdom with steadiness."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After saying this Vyaas Jee went to Kailaash with his disciples, and Yudhishthir sat pondering over what the Rishi had said to him. He thought - "What the Rishi has said, must happen. Will we be successful in warding off these fates by our efforts alone?" He said to his brothers - "Did you hear what the Rishi had said to me? After hearing this I have come to the conclusion that I should die. If I will be the cause of the death of all Kshatriya, then why should I live?" Arjun said - "Don't be so depressed without any reason. Do what is most beneficial." Yudhishthir again pondering on Vyaas Jee's words said to his brothers - "Listen to me, today I take vow that for 13 years, I will not speak any harsh word to my brothers or anybody. I will always follow my vow. Thus I will not set any evil reputation in the world." Then he completed some more auspicious ceremonies and entered his own palace. Duryodhan and Shakuni continued to live there.

Duryodhan is Jealous

[2-46] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Duryodhan, while living there, saw the whole mansion of Yudhishthir with Shakuni. he saw many celestial designs which he had never seen before in his own palace. One day when he was going round the mansion, he came to a crystal surface and he thought that there was water there, so he drew his clothes for the fear of being wet, but when he had passed that patch, he realized his mistake. He felt embarrassed. Wandering around then he came to a pool of water in which there were beautiful lotus flower, and he thought it was the land, so he just walked on that piece, but fell in the water. Seeing Duryodhan falling in the water, Bheem broke into laughter as loud as the other menial people too. Seeing Duryodhan's plight, the King ordered for dry clothes. Along with Bheem, Arjun and the twins also laughed. Duryodhan was not used to such insult, that is why he felt very bad. He even did not look up at them and once again drew up his clothes to cross the dry land which was mistaken as water. Seeing this Paandav brothers again laughed.

After a while he came to a wall and thought it as a door. As he wanted to pass through it, he hit his head on the wall. After that he mistook another place as a closed door which was really an open door, so as he wanted to open it, he tumbled down. Thus wandering there the King committed many errors, and in this frustration he came back to Hastinaapur.

Duryodhan had seen the prosperity of Paandav, he suffered with jealousy. As he was going to Hastinaapur he was always thinking about the celestial mansion of Paandav, so much so that in spite of Shakuni's talking to him several times he did not speak to him. Shakuni sad - "What re you thinking of?" Duryodhan said - "O Uncle, Seeing that Yudhishthir has won the whole land, and he has performed the Yagya like Sakra, I am burning with jealousy day and night. See, Krishn killed Shishupaal and nobody could do anything. Because of the strength of Paandav all forgave that offence. I feel jealous with Paandav."

He further said - "I will jump into fire, or swallow poison or drown into water. I cannot live like this. What is there for the man whose enemies are prospering and he himself is suffering. I cannot acquire so much prosperity alone, nor I have my allies who can help me in acquiring it, that is why I want to die. Seeing his prosperity, I think that the fate is more powerful than the efforts. I am burning with that insult which was done by menials in the celestial mansion. Therefore I am very grieved and tell this to Dhritraashtra."

[2-47] Shakuni said to Duryodhan - "You should not be jealous with Yudhishthir. Paandav are enjoying their fortune. You could not kill them even after repeated attempts. They escaped from all those by their good luck. They have got Draupadee and Drupad with his sons also; and Vaasudev to help them in all kinds of odd situations. They have grown with the help of their own property, so why do you feel jealous with them? And since Arjun saved Maya from that fire, he built that mansion for them, so what is there to be sorry? Your saying that you have no allies, is not true, because all your brothers are obedient to you, Drone and his son Ashwatthaamaa, Raadhaa's son Karn, Kripaa, myself and my brothers, and king Somdatt - all are your allies. You can use them to conquer the whole world."

Plan of Dice Game

Duryodhan said - "O King, If it pleases you I wish to conquer Paandav with the help of these allies. If I can win them now then the whole earth and the treasure will be mine." Shakuni said - "Arjun and Vaasudev, Bheem and Yudhishthir, Nakul and Sahadev, Drupad and his sons cannot be won in battle even by celestials, because thy all are great warriors having the largest bows. But I know a way by which Yudhishthir can be defeated, listen to it and adopt it." Duryodhan said - "If I can vanquish him without any danger to our friends, tell me the way." Shakuni said - "Yudhishthir is very fond of Dice game, although he dos not know how to play. If we will invite him to play, he will never refuse it. While I am skilled at Dice game, there is none who can win me in this game, not even in the three worlds. I can win both his kingdom and prosperity. But O Duryodhan, You will have to tell this to your father, then only I can win him." Duryodhan said - "O Uncle, You yourself present this case to him, I will not be able to do so."

[2-48] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Seeing the impressive Raajsooya Yagya and prosperity of Duryodhan, Shakuni went to Dhritraashtra to do good to his nephew Duryodhan. He said to him - "O King, Duryodhan has lost his color, has become pale, he is depressed and is stricken with anxiety. Ask him what is the reason of his grief and anxiety." Dhitraashtra asked Duryodhan - "O Son, Why are you grief stricken and depressed? If it is fit for me to hear, tell me. Shakuni says that you have become pale, I don't see any reason for that. My whole wealth is yours. Your brothers and other relatives are also under your control. You wear the best clothes, you eat the best food, you have the best horses, then why are you so depressed? You have costly beds, beautiful damsels, well-furnished palace as the gods have then why are you depressed?"

Duryodhan said - "I wear good clothes and eat best food like a wretched, because I am prey of jealousy. he is not the man who can tolerate the pride of the enemy. Contentment, pride, and compassion and fear - who acts under these can never reach high. Yudhishthir supports 88,000 Snaatak (graduates) - giving to each of them 30 slave girls. Besides, he feeds 1,000 Braahman daily the best food in golden plates. The King of Kaamboj has given him innumerable Kalaadee deer skins of many colors, and innumerable blankets, hundreds of thousands she-elephants and 30,000 she-camels. Many other kings have given him heaps and heaps of gems. I have never seen such a huge wealth. Since then I have no peace of mind. Even those Braahman who are supported by Yudhishthir brought 3,000 of million of gifts but the guards did not permit them to enter. Ocean himself brought the nectar in the vessels of white copper which is much more superior than the plants and flowers produce for Sakra.

At the end of the Yagya, Vaasudev brought an excellent conch to bath Yudhishthir with the water brought in thousands of olden jars. And from the Northern region where only birds can go, Arjun brought lots of tribute for him. I tell you another wonderful incident - when the 100,000 Braahman were fed, everyday a chorus from conchs was arranged to be blown; but I head it continually. The prosperity Yudhishthir has, I have never seen even with Yam or Varun, or the Lord of the Guhyak. Seeing all this my heart burns."

At this Shakuni replied - "Listen, How you can obtain such prosperity as the son of Paandu has obtained. I am very good at Dice game. I can now the opponent's every throw. Yudhishthir is very fond of playing Dice game, if invited, he will surely come to play and I can defeat him repeatedly and then winning his wealth which Duryodhan can enjoy." Dhritraashtra said - "I have always consulted Kshattaa, so let me consult him then I will let you know." Duryodhan aid - "If you will ask Kshattaa, he will never allow this. And if you will resist, I will surely kill myself and when I am dead, you be happy with Vidur. Enjoy the whole earth."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing Duryodhan's firm decision about it, he himself ordered his people to erect a beautiful palace with hundred doors and 1,000 columns. It should be decorated with costly jewels and precious stones, and report me when it is complete. Dhritraashtra did this to pacify Duryodhan and sent messengers to call Vidur, because he could not do anything without consulting Vidur. At the same time, in spite of knowing the evils of gambling, Dhritraashtra wanted to enjoy the game.

The intelligent Vidur knew that, Kali Yug was to come soon and the destruction was also destined, he quickly came to Dhritraashta and said - "I do not approve your decision, but still act in such a way tht both children do not fight just because of this gambling." Dhritraashtra replied - "If the God is with us, no dispute should arise between them. Let this friendly game should begin, and if fate has written something else, it will happen that way. When Bheeshm, Drone and I are there, nothing of that sort should happen. Ask somebody to bring the chariot with good horses so that you can reach Khaandavprasth even today and bring Yudhishthir with you. And Vidur, Don't tell me anything, as I regard the fate above all." Vidur had known that Kuru Vansh is now on the verge of destruction, so he went to Bheeshm.


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