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Shishupaal Vadh

[2-44] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing Bheeshm, Shishupaal addressed Krishn - "O Janaardan, I challenge you, come and fight with me, I will slay you today along with all Paandav. Because Paandav are also worthy to be killed as they have worshipped you who is not a king." Hearing this Krishn spoke in a soft voice - "O kings, This wicked son of a daughter of Saatwat race is a great enemy of Saatwat race. We never wish for his bad but he always wants to do our bad. Hearing that we had gone to Praag Jyotishpur, this wretch came to Dwaaakaa and burnt it, although he is the son of my father's sister. Once when King Bhoj was on Raivatak Hills, he came, killed his attendants and took away many of them to his own city. He stole the horse of my father from his Ashwamedh Yagya. He sinfully behaved with the innocent wife of Babhru (Akroor) when she was on her way from Dwaarakaa to Sauveer Desh. Another time he disguised himself in the guise of the king of Karoosh, stayed with innocent Bhadraa, the princess of Vishaalaa, the intended bride for King Karoosh. I have been tolerating him just for the reason the he is my father's sister's son. This is very good that all this is happening in the presence of all the king. You can see his hostility done misbehavior behind my back and in front of me. Because of his too much pride, he should be killed by me. He even desired for Rukminee, although he could not get her."

When the kings present there heard this they started insulting Shishupaal. Shishupaal laughed loudly and said - "Are you not ashamed of saying all this in this assembly? Only you can say this, otherwise who else can say this that his wife was intended for somebody else. Krishn, If you wish you can pardon me or if you don't wish, you don't, but let me know what can you do to me? And while Shishupaal was speaking thus, Krishn thought about His Chakra and it came in His hands.

Krishn said to all the kings present there - "Listen, Why he was pardoned by me for all this time. As asked by his mother to pardon him one hundred offences, this was the boon asked by her and this was the boon I gave to her. His number is up, so I slay him in your presence." After saying this Krishn cut his head by His Chakra, and he fell on the ground with the sound of thunder. Everybody saw that a brilliant light came out of his body and entered Krishn's body. Many kings just sat stunned tight-lipped, some were still angry, some praised Krishn. Great Rishi praised Krishn and went away. Yudhishthir immediately ordered his brothers to make preparations for Shishupaal's funeral - the son of Damaghosh with proper respect. His brothers complied with his orders and Yudhishthir installed his son as the king of Chedi Desh. [See the Note on "When Draupadee tied her cloth on Krishn's finger?"]

After this Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya started and finished under Krishn's guidance and care. On the completion of the Yagya, all the kings went to Yudhishthir and said to him - "You have completed this Yagya successfully. You have attained imperial dignity. O the son of Ajameedh race, You have spread the name of your whole race. Now we wish to go back to our kingdom, lease grant us the permission."

Yudhishthir worshipped all of them and said to his brothers - "These kings have come ere at their own pleasure, now they want to go back, please leave them up to our borders." So all followed the kings as each deserved. Dhrishtdyumn followed Viraat, Arjun followed mighty charioteer Yagyasen, and Bheemsen followed Bheeshm and Dhritaashtra. Sahadev followed Drone and his son Ashwatthaamaa. Nakul followed Subal and his son. And the sons of Draupadee with the son of Subhadraa (Abhimanyu) followed the kings of mountain warriors. [It means that at the time of Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya, Draupadee's children and bhimanyu were so old that they were sent to see the kings off to their places.]

After all the kings and Braahman went away, Krishn also said to Yudhishthir - "By your permission, I also want to go to Dwaarakaa." Yudhishthir said - "By your grace I have completed this Raajsooya Yagya, all Kshatriya are now under me. Without you I don't feel comfortable, how can I give you permission to go? But you should go to Dwaarakaa." Pleased by these words, Krishn with His cousin, went to Prithaa (Kuntee) and said to he - "O Buaa, Your sons have completed the Yagya, have got imperial sovereignty, and have got lots of wealth too. Now please permit me to go to Dwaarakaa." Krishn bade farewell to Draupadee and Subhadraa, came out of the inner apartments and went away to Dwaarakaa worshipped by Yudhishthir in His chariot driven by Daaruk.

Only Duryodhan and Subal's son Shakuni continued to live there.

Here there is no reference of Ved Vyaas Jee saying, as the TV Serial has shown, that Yudhishthir asked him about his future and Vyaas Jee said - "There is a bad time for you for the next 14 years." and said to Draupadee that she should take care of her hair.

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